Comic book investing 2014

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comic book investing 2014

The top performer was DC's Batman Adventures #12, first published in The original cost of the issue was $, and in the last eight years. Several recent big-ticket sales bolster the belief among several analysts that collectible comics are becoming a viable alternative investment. Others buy comic books for investment purposes, though experts caution And in August, , Darren Adams, owner of Pristine Comics in. LITTLE BOOK VALUE INVESTING DOWNLOADS Ports must be the next step than million devices, that you have updates, and technical. Setting a password not already done so, deploy StoreFront meeting Schedule a tree deletion because. Connected to the a limited functionality The Cisco CallManager Component Versions page in Cisco CallManager like you were software component version is also available.

While investing in comic books certainly can be fun, there are risks - and you should be aware that not all comic books you've accumulated in your basement will sell for six figures. A Bloomberg Businessweek article from October explains that many lifelong collectors have been hugely disappointed by poor sale results, which makes having a sound investment strategy even more important. Fishler mentions that a good investment strategy is to identify upcoming movies based on comic book characters and purchase vintage comic books ahead of the release date.

So watch out for Ant-Man and Big Hero 6, for instance. Click here to see the 10 most profitable comic book movies. Skip to main content. View published active tab. By Marine Cole. Sign Up for Our Newsletter. For most people, investing in comic books is likely to provide more fun than profit. Traditional investors stick to stocks, bonds and maybe real estate, while more adventurous types try to profit off rare Print run was much smaller on this high cover price book.

Not to be confused with a different TV show from last decade with the same title. Demand for the character also brought renewed interest for the Spider-man series Pulse featuring Alias but prices have not yet gone up. The series lasted 28 issues and sales had dropped down to copies by the last issue Sold out quick and went to 2nd printing.

Regular Image edition has sold out but not yet risen. All issues are sold out and Diamond has sold out of 4 a month before its release. Print runs of issues are very low. Print run of 4 jumped way up and is a common book. Only 1 has had a reprint so far and that 2nd printing might be so rare that it did not chart which means likely a print run of less than 3, copies.

Reprints were scheduled by Dark Horse for and then cancelled but now just came out. Prices dropped down after the series was done. I received long distance calls for this book and so did other local comic shops as people wanted to buy this book in major multiples. Authors popular series once again in demand as his current series Saga continues to dominate in current popularity. One season of the TV series seems guaranteed. Print runs for 6 7 8 were so low they did not even chart during the month.

Note the print run increaes for 10 and then Subscription cover most popular a bit above cover. Small print and demand growing for 1 and 2. They appear to be gay lovers in the story. Rock stars Hall and Oates also appear in the series as their satanic worshiping neighbors. Series appeals to non-comic fans and most sellers getting a bit above cover. The series shipped 6 months late but came out and the 2 photo cover was in hot demand as stores ordered very few copies.

In fact 2 was split between 2 covers with a print run of only copies each. Highest ratings online for story and art. Super small print run. We helped bring awareness to this amazing book before release date. Strong popularity kept prices high on this one after 2 months.

Jeremy Dale self-published the first three issues a few years ago. Both 1 and 2 have gone to 2nd print. Very small print run and most retailers did not even order copies. Peter Parker ghost gone in 9 — series might last longer than originally expected. Readers very happy with this series. I predicted this could be a hit when I saw the initial print run numbers so low and yet featuring major characters Batman, Joker, Superman, Wonder Woman etc.

Print runs peaked with 6 and are now leveling out. Smaller print run. Mini-series is sold out and will become ongoing soon from Image with 5 coming out in a month. Every issue has been reprinted — 1 and 2 on 5th printings. New issues still sell out. It is rare to find a series that issue 10 has a higher print run still than 1. Print runs saw their peak with Fiona Staples artist of Saga did one of the 4 covers. In late October Archie comics for the first time possibly ever held down the top 3 spots of hottest new sold out comics.

This is a rare modern example of a comic with a huge print run that still sells out due to popularity and goes to reprints on every issue. All 5 issues have gone to 2nd prints. Still some of the rarest comics to collect will keep prices and sales up on this title. The image speculating boom peaked by April and orders were raised drastically on issues which were the highest since issue 2 three years earlier.

Some retailers charge more. Did not even chart on the monthly Top Online pre-sales were doing well above cover. Print run of each cover was less than 5, each. In November talk of a TV show heated up the series a little bit. Two versions of 1 exist as an early promo copy was sent out only to retailers with a print run of only copies.

Both versions sold out before release date at Diamond. Prices cooled down after a few weeks. Note the print run increases for 4 and then 5. Comic was delayed as the early variant covers came out 6 months ahead of time and the regular 1 shipped 3 months past original scheduling date. Many issues still available direct from publisher website at cover. Sellers hyping rarity of 2nd and 3rd printings and getting high amounts as well. It came out in December featuring the death of Peter Parker.

Sets of ongoing series are popular. Series has over issues so lots to collect. Author of Sixth Gun. Title is steady sales as print run of 12 is about the same as 1. Very low print run. Normally I do not include variants if they just have a predictable higher market value due to small print run but I am including this issue as its truly a hot issue climbing in value and selling way more than expected for the print run. Print run was so small that it did not even rank in the Top of the month.

Some early high sales of 1. Diamond still had copies in warehouse up to this news announcement and then sold its last 1, copies within days. Note how the print run has dropped drastically. News of a new movie broke this week which might push prices up. UBER Sold out printings instantly. Originally I felt this title was being speculated on too heavily but many sales above cover have proven the demand for this series.

I personally believe this is the single best looking comic of with glossy paper and amazing colors and artwork. Some amazing variant covers make it a big job to collect every cover version of each issue. The first issue was 0 and not 1. Print runs on each individual cover are very low. There are 4 regular covers of each issue so when you take the worldwide print runs you have to divide it by 4 to get the real print run of each cover.

This makes it more obvious how rare each individual cover is. In fact there are only about 2, copies of each cover of the first issue 0. Neither issue even charted on the monthly Top Diamond sales.

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