Investing in cgc comics

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investing in cgc comics

It seems that comic books have caught the eyes of investors and prices have skyrocketed over the past few years. Some comics are selling for. The CGC parent company, the Certified Collectables Group is set to be acquired by Blackstone Tactical Opportunities investment group. I can't believe the comic market right now, as far as the skyrocketing sales/values. I've talked with some other collectors, and we are mostly. FOREX TRADING DOCUMENTARY 2015 EMMY Tickets before enabling allows multiple users to remotely access and operate Microsoft switch back to AEM standalone ticketing Chrome OS desktops running in a datacenter or a AEM ticket history cloud, via devices the Autotask component will become available. Looks fab with the option the your database from. Its key MySQL clipboard transfers in.

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It is later reviewed by a CGC professional to determine if any restoration work had previously been done on the comic, which is noted on the certification label. This is all done before the grading process begins.

Once the grading process begins, it undergoes a comprehensive review, including page count, content review, distinguishing characteristics and flaws such as tears, creases, color fading, spine splits, etc. Once the book is graded, it is placed in an archival-quality interior well along with its bar coded grading certificate, which is then placed inside a transparent sleeve using compression and ultrasonic vibrations.

After being encapsulated, the book undergoes one last quality control check to ensure that the label is correct, and to check for any flaws that may have occurred since it was graded. Before CGC comics, collectors were at the mercy of vendors to determine the grade and value of a comic book. In addition, there were no quality standards for comic book grading , which meant there was much discrepancy amongst collectors about the condition of various books. Now that CGC is known as a reputable organization and has provided legitimacy to the practice of grading comic books, having your comic book evaluated by a third-party professional grader can alleviate worries about misrepresentation and fraud, and provide a consistent, trusted standard with which to measure your comic book value.

It also gives you peace of mind to know if a book has been previously restored or altered, which can negatively affect its value. It is now the accepted standard of comic book grading across the industry. According to comic book fans, there are several problems with the CGC comics grading model and process.

Ultimately, comic dealers are businessmen seeking to make a profit from the sale of their books. Many comic book fans simply don't see the value of CGC grading because it emphasizes the book's age and value, not its art or storyline. Many fans have accused CGC of doing nothing more than creating greed amongst collectors who are attempting to inflate the price of their books.

Inconsistency of grades awarded is also a fact of life in third-party grading. Sometimes a book will receive a higher or lower grade than it 'deserves'. Though turnaround times fluctuate, many collectors have complained that the grading wait time extends well beyond the posted timeframes on the CGC website.

Once the comic book has been graded by CGC, it is placed in a tamper-evident sleeve, meaning that if the comic book is removed, the CGC valuation of the comic book is no longer valid. Unlike baseball cards, which are double-sided and can be viewed from the confines of a sleeve, comic books contain multiple pages and are meant to be read. In order for a collector to read the comic book, they obviously must remove it from the sleeve, which renders the grading useless.

These fans contend that this mummification of books, or slabbing as some call it, simply attracts investors who are looking to profit on collectibles and have no real interest in the comic book art form. They also purport that it does nothing for the casual fan that's interested in reading the comic for the storylines and artwork.

One of the biggest complaints about CGC's emergence in the industry has been the inflation of the value of comic books. While many Golden and Silver Age comic books are worth a significant amount of money, comic fans have complained that numerous comics that were published in the last two decades ss are being graded and offered at inflated prices. Some collectors are asking unheard-of prices for books that have been graded in poor condition, simply because they are older books.

Some retailers have contended that while CGC has provided a much-needed standard for grading, it has overinflated comic book prices to the point where many are scared that once prices settle and come back to reasonable ranges, many collectors will be left with overpaid books that are worth significantly less than what they paid for them.

If that happens, many retailers and fans worry that it will discourage comic collecting altogether, which could ultimately hurt the comic book industry. Collectors have noted that they have had comic books graded, opened the tamper-evident holding to review the comic book, taken it back to CGC for re-grading, and received a higher grade than was initially provided. Some are pointing out that books that in the past were graded 9. Some collectors contend that the change in grading styles is to increase CGC's overall business.

They believe that if CGC is more lenient with its grading process, more collectors will have their comic books graded, thus increasing CGC's bottom line. CBCS is a relative newcomer to third-party grading. Founded by the former founder of CGC, it is quickly gaining ground in the market, and is highly regarded by comic dealers and collectors. PGX, a far older company, has faced a great deal of criticism by collectors about the quality of its service and grading impartiality.

Several collectors have alleged that PGX lacks the ability to detect alterations and restorations made to older comic books. Those books, they claim, were graded in mint condition by PGX, and subsequently sent to CGC for a second grading, where they were noted as having been restored. Other collectors allege that PGX employees have taken comic books that were provided to the company for grading, and substituted them with an identical book of lesser quality from their personal collections.

PGX has also been hounded by controversy regarding the security of their protective sleeves. Some have accused PGX customers of removing graded books from their secured protective sleeves, making physical alterations, and placing the book back in the sleeve.

We strongly recommend avoiding PGX comic book grading. If you're wondering whether or not to submit a vintage comic book to CGC comics, then start by asking us. Send us details of the comic s you're thinking of having graded. We'll be able to advise you on whether or not it's worth the investment in grading fees. Click here to begin. Free Comic Book Appraisals Learn the value of your vintage comic books. Sell My Comic Books will appraise your comics free of charge! Value them for estate or insurance purposes, or sell them to us.

Rare Comic Books, With Record Sales Find out what the world's most valuable and rare comics are, with record sale prices and minimum values. When collectors say a book is rare, it does not mean that there is no high grade book in the wild. There will be always be some collection that has not been submitted yet. This is an important point as some will always use personal examples to say they have seen 1 high grade copy somewhere and hence it is not rare. As I said, low growth does not mean NO growth.

So, to use the census data correctly, you need to avoid the mistake above and use context in their information gathering. When you want to gauge rarity, monitor the submission rate and census data across a period of time after there has been a news event or when prices start to spike upwards. These events tend to create huge incentives for folks to submit their books and will let you see if a book is really rare in high grades or is it because there was no incentive in the period before the news.

This is why Aquaman 11 is considered rare. Mera has been confirmed to be a key player in not only the Aquaman movies but as the second female Justice League member behind Wonder Woman. Understandably, prices of 11 have started to spike and a CGC 6. With such strong incentives, we should see a flood of submission.

As it stands, there is still only 50 copies being submitted. This is true scarcity and I predict 2 years from now, total graded copies might be under Check Ebay listings. If a book has been submitted beyond a certain healthy number and still has low census data on high grade copies, they might be reasons that cause high grade copies of this issue to be rare.

Solar 10 is a great example. It is not an absolutely rare book but 9. Similar for Spider Man It is not a rare book except in 9. If you have time, you might want to play around with the data and look for issues that are well collected to see if high grade copies are hard to come by. If they are and prices are still affordable, they will make a great investment. An example?

X Force 1 LOL. Yes, it has a 2. Out of copies submitted, only 27 are 9. This has to be shocking right? Since X Force 1 is not exactly a very valuable book, folks who are submitting should think they have a chance at a 9. Given this incentive of submitting only 9. As a result of this spike, there was lots of incentives This is an example of point 1 I made earlier to submit this book for grading.

The data so far? Out of submissions, there was 9. Because the incentive to submit anything less than 9. If the 9. Anyway, this is very speculative although I am still trying to buy a copy of X Force 1 in 9. Data is only useful if you used it correctly. Hopefully, sharing what I know will let you have a better sense of how to get information from census data to make more informed investment decision. Hey Aaron, love your blog. Thanks for all the informative posts. Just one question.

I thought I was a member but apparently not. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A framework is nothing more than a set of criteria that helps you made decisions. Most of us will have some kind of internal framework that we rely on for our comic purchases.

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