Growth investing ideas for 2016

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growth investing ideas for 2016

If you're looking for growth stocks for , here are a few ideas from some of our contributors. Steve Symington (Ambarella): Though its. These are the top stocks for EPS, sales, and combined EPS and sales growth for June which they empower employees to think creatively and bring new ideas to the table. Innovation and growth go hand in hand, but many investors. WHAT IS ONE REASON COMPANIES SHOULD INVEST IN STRATEGIC HR Vino to ensure will be mapped your right to. Necessary cookies help. To have the all of the same functionality at Google Chrome on.

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SCHD ETF Review – Is SCHD a Good Investment? (Dividend Stocks)


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Founded in by brothers Tom and David Gardner, The Motley Fool helps millions of people attain financial freedom through our website, podcasts, books, newspaper column, radio show, and premium investing services. Become a Motley Fool member today to get instant access to our top analyst recommendations, in-depth research, investing resources , and more. Learn More. On the heels of a historically painful start for the stock market this year, it might be tempting to stuff your cash into the nearest mattress and hope for the best.

But even apart from the risk of inflation eating away at the value of your mattress' contents, history shows pullbacks like these offer long-term investors the perfect opportunity to put their money to work. In light of this, we asked seven of our top contributors to offer their best ideas on where to invest money in Read on to learn which investments they chose and why. Dan Caplinger : is already shaping up to be an extremely volatile year for the stock market, and investors know when the market threatens to fall, defensive-minded companies can be the best investments.

The iShares dividend ETF holds nearly stocks that have at least a five-year history of paying healthy dividends to their shareholders. Historically, those stocks haven't always performed well during bull markets, but they've often outperformed broader market benchmarks during bear markets. By contrast, the ETF has only small allocations to high-volatility technology stocks.

The dividend income these stocks pay also helps offset any capital losses the stocks suffer during a general market downturn. Dividend stocks won't entirely protect you from downturns, so you shouldn't view them as replacing the fixed-income component of your portfolio.

Still, they've generally done a good job of reducing volatility, so considering an investment like the iShares Select Dividend ETF is a smart move for conservative investors in Steve Symington : It might seem counterintuitive given today's global economic uncertainty, but I think now is a great time to selectively invest in beaten-down luxury fashion and apparel companies.

In particular, consider Coach TPR 5. In , however, Coach kicked off a multi-year transformation plan involving updating its global store fleet, realigning inventory, closing underperforming retail locations in North America, implementing various other organizational efficiencies, and debuting well-received product collections from new creative director Stuart Vevers. Last year, Coach also made a bold move to complement its existing offerings by acquiring luxury footwear company Stuart Weitzman Holdings.

Fast-forward to today, and Coach is enjoying accelerated momentum in that turnaround on the heels of its impressive fiscal second-quarter results. Even more significant, Coach marked its first quarter of achieving year-over-year revenue growth since the middle of Tim Green : One area hit hard in was retail. The continued growth of e-commerce, unseasonably warm weather, and concerns about tepid consumer demand all conspired to send many retail stocks tumbling last year.

The wholesale sell-off of retail stocks during and the beginning of has pushed prices down indiscriminately, leading to shares of solid companies selling at bargain prices. Investors need to be careful: Many retailers are facing fundamental problems that are unlikely to be resolved anytime soon. Best Buy and Kohl's have kept costs in check, spending less than their peers as a percentage of revenue operating their stores.

Both Best Buy and Kohl's also generate a ton of cash. With low costs, ample cash generation, and the benefit of scale, both Best Buy and Kohl's are well positioned to ride out the retail storm, surviving, and even thriving, as smaller competitors struggle. Biotech is of particular interest to me because brand-name therapy demand tends to be inelastic regardless of how well or poorly the economy and stock market are performing.

As long as you can find a profitable drug developer with a somewhat diversified product portfolio and pipeline, your chances of outperforming appear good. My suggestion among the publicly traded biotech stocks? Amgen AMGN 1. Of particular interest within its pipeline is its move into cardiovascular, a therapeutic indication in which it had no presence prior to , the approval of two immunotherapeutic drugs to treat select types of cancer, and its nine biosimilars in development.

Keep a particularly close eye on ABP , a biosimilar for Humira, the current best-selling drug in the world, which is set to go before the Food and Drug Administration for approval later this year. If you want to put your money to work in a high-growth, but relatively safe place in , look no further than established biotech blue-chips like Amgen. Tyler Crowe : I can't say with any certainty that this is an investment that will pay off in , but this year looks like a great time to load up on equipment manufacturers that have a high exposure to commodities.

For close to five years, basic materials such as iron ore and copper have been on the decline, and we're more than 18 months into oil's plunge. During this time, miners and drillers have been doing everything they can to cut costs, and one method that has been quite popular is cannibalizing idle equipment for parts to keep the current equipment going.

It has been a handy way to keep operating expenses a little lower, but that drawdown of inventory can only go on for so long before new parts and new equipment will be needed just to keep operations going at current rates. That doesn't even include the gains that could come from when mining and oil production activity pick back up and require more new equipment.

Three companies that really look intriguing from this angle are General Electric GE 1. All three are the best in the business when it comes to industrial manufacturing, and their high exposure to energy or mining over the past year or so has weighed on share prices, making valuations look their best in the past couple of years. Again, an investment in any company with ties to commodities probably won't pay off big time in The chances of these markets staying low throughout the year is pretty good.

However, those with some patience should be able to accumulate a position in these companies for a while at deep discounts that will be rewarded down the road. That's not to say there aren't some great stocks out there for cheap right now.

Add to this the fact that solar energy has currently achieved market price parity to fossil fuels in much of the world and in about half of the U. Additionally, the investment bank Lazard issued a new report on renewable energy November 18 that is its most upbeat to date, linked here. Renewable energy investing has been an extremely volatile undertaking and there remain sentiments that it is not cost effective and may never be.

However, the cost of renewables, especially solar, continues to decrease with ongoing innovation that will continue unabated, which supports the thesis that renewable energy remains in the very early stages of development. As least for the foreseeable future, renewable energy investing will likely have a much better footing than fossil fuel investing. While hedge funds have reduced their share holdings of SUNE, many continue to believe and support the story.

The author completed an SA article November 24 with a discussion of the company linked here. As the article states, and as several analysts have acknowledged, the trouncing of SUNE shares has very likely been overdone. SUNE management has begun to address debt concerns and has begun several initiatives to reduce cash flow concerns.

The author has followed the SUNE story for several years, taking a long position in early and believes that its development of scale in renewables will ultimately benefit the company and shareholders. The performance of the foregoing five stocks discussed is compared to the Nasdaq chart below over a two year period.

As noted, all of the stocks have significantly under-performed the index which, according the thesis presented, offers the most potential for gain. With the market trading at historically high levels, there are few bargains when it come to growth. The foregoing has led to a search for potential growth which adds risk, but possibly with the greatest potential for gain.

An illustration of key metrics for the companies covered in this article is given below. Due to the special situation nature of the companies, market capitalization should be a significant consideration with a view toward its potential coming off a very small base. Negative market sentiment on secondary issues, along with. At some point market sentiment will change to the upside. To achieve the greatest gain from stock picking in low-priced secondary issues, a review of fundamentals which apply to all stock investing can be of value.

Most importantly, investors must keep the following guidelines in focus:. The author intends to track this portfolio in and report results at the end of each quarter to get the actual picture of how the strategy performs. All of the stocks covered in the foregoing discussion are currently trading at low valuations due to events occurring both within the companies and in the market.

The current market prices of some of the stocks are near penny stock valuations but all have important differences. All have solid businesses that are on the threshold of much bigger things to come. All continue to add new products and book new customers.

All participate in secular growth areas that should not only bring good results, but for a long time to come. All have been beaten down to low valuations and have not participated in the current market high valuation metrics. Since the companies presented have been out of favor for various reasons, some of those reasons will likely persist for some time, which points to the overriding need for diversification when investing in high-risk assets.

Due to low current valuations, when they move, they will likely move big. Not all could work out but the odds appear favorable. It will be exciting to watch in and beyond. Editor's Note: This article covers one or more microcap stocks. Please be aware of the risks associated with these stocks. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it other than from Seeking Alpha. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

Additional disclosure: The author believes the information presented to be correct but makes no warranty as to correctness at time of publications. Arthur Frentzel 1. The historically high levels are reflected in a 2-year chart of the Nasdaq below: Courtesy: Stockcharts. The remainder of the article will focus on the following criteria: Stock selections that have solid potential and that been beaten down to attractive levels.

Stock picks with potential for long-term, out-sized returns participating in a secular trend. As an important aspect of taking on additional risk with speculative secondary issues, diversification will be a key element of the strategy. Five secular growth trends will include the following, which will include a stock pick for each category: Specialty pharma, self-administered injection drugs. LED lighting. Healthy, sustainable foods which can be produced economically for an exploding global population.

Global manufacturing innovation. Renewable energy. Specialty pharma, self-administered injection drugs Identified as "specialty pharmacy" self-administered injection drugs have been growing for some time as patients with chronic illnesses can administer injections at home for routine medications without having to go to a health professional.

Source: Company presentation Most notable in the pipeline is Vibex QST quick-shot testosterone , which is an auto-injector therapy to treat men with low testosterone. Source: LED Magazine The problem to investors is in finding how to invest in the secular trend at a reasonable price. The illustration below shows how Orion utilizes basic LED components in their fixtures to enhance output in multiple Source: Company presentation applications across their product offering.

Healthy sustainable foods The American public continues to not only demand increasingly healthy foods, but also more information on the foods they are eating. Global Manufacturing Innovation There has been a great deal written about the decline in U. A description of the company's business taken from their website is give below: "Perceptron supplies a comprehensive range of automated industrial metrology products and solutions to manufacturing organizations for dimensional gauging, dimensional inspection and 3D scanning.

Renewable Energy World leaders and major global economic groups are currently meeting in Paris to adopt a price on carbon dioxide emissions. Source: BigCharts. Negative market sentiment on secondary issues, along with Stock Mkt. Essential Ingredients for Success To achieve the greatest gain from stock picking in low-priced secondary issues, a review of fundamentals which apply to all stock investing can be of value. Sell only if the fundamentals change significantly negative, negating the original reason for purchasing the shares.

Stay tuned with your holding including news, research, and financials to strengthen your conviction. Stay diversified with at least stocks fitting the foregoing criteria. Conclusion All of the stocks covered in the foregoing discussion are currently trading at low valuations due to events occurring both within the companies and in the market.

This article was written by. Arthur Frentzel. I have been investing in common stocks for over 50 years. With all the opportunities and information that is available today, it is more exciting than ever. However, due to extreme current valuations of many stocks, it is increasingly a stock pickers game to find names that have not yet been recognized in the market.

The foregoing entails a great deal of work and greater risk, but also the potential for outsized returns. Readers should understand that companies I write about are mostly speculative opportunities that should not represent core holdings in a diversified portfolio.

Your comments and input on my articles are greatly appreciated which enhance learning for everyone. Is this happening to you frequently? Please report it on our feedback forum. If you have an ad-blocker enabled you may be blocked from proceeding. Please disable your ad-blocker and refresh. Acuity Brands AYI.

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SCHD ETF Review – Is SCHD a Good Investment? (Dividend Stocks)

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