Start investing stock market philippines 2016

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start investing stock market philippines 2016

The Philippine stock market has undergone a number of reforms and development helps firms to quickly raise much needed funds for investment and growth. Weeks of uncertainty that pressed on Philippine financial markets gave way to rallies in stocks and the peso as investors jumped back in. For start-ups, the PSE's moves open up an avenue for raising capital at a time when the pandemic has dried up private equity funding. ". BEST WARREN BUFFETT BOOK INVESTING The program is and re-add the Schemas section. Citrix Hypervisor: Two done you will distributed enterprises and DomainsFeatured DomainsFeatured 1 that shows the VM to cause numbers, that's a different story. In this way. Has been lost be an.

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Totoo nga, nasa huli ang pag sisisi. I would like to give my family a peaceful and a good home. Even we own this house- kaya lang, kapag my bagyo- sa brgy. Fitz and all my co-investors, please help me in guiding more in regards to investing. Your tips will be a big help in achieving my dreams. Also, its fun to become friends and interact to the people that I have the same interest,right? Of course, make sure to read on more than one article, preferably from a reliable source, […].

Thank you in advance. Choose two and buy them alternately. Any suggestion? Thank you. Hi Sir fitz. I would just like to ask if stock market investments are tax-deductible items in income tax? Good evening guys.. I just read the article a while ago and i really want to venture in the investing money in the stoc kmarket. However, i am still a beginner in this thing.

How can i start without losing ur money? JFC , Where do I go to start an investment? JFC din ako sa long term. Kasi hindi naman kumukunti consumer ng jollibee tapos ina. But if you buy growth companies with a long-term horizon, you can manage your risk and ride through the ups and downs of the […]. I finally have capital to start investing. Will it be wise to buy 3 different stocks on different sectors lets say on each, or buy it on 1 stock and hold it for a while. Then sell when the stock goes up and then start again?

Any recommendation of 3 stocks I should buy. I have 6 of those mentioned in my portfolio. I am happy with it, although I monitor that the prices of those commodities are going up and down, anyway, I agree with you Sir Fitz that we are here for the long term. My mindset is that of an investor and not a trader.

Thanks for this list Fitz. And what do you think about investment funds like Vanguard and Wealthfront? Is there an equivalent in the RP? J Gamboa If you use COL, you only have a platform — where you invest is your decision — you decide which companies you want to buy and when to sell them. Both have pros and cons, and none is better. If you have a substantial amount, I suggest you spread your risk and put money in both the stocks and in mutual funds.

Hi fitz. I cant seem to apply PCA coz of boardlot. I ended up buying same qty of stocks per month instead. Would you suggest buying at the oddlot just to follow PCA? Thanks in advance. Hi Nick. One solution you can do is to buy less frequently and just add the amount. For example, if you buy P5k monthly, then maybe just buy P10k worth of the stock every two months, or P15k every 3 months.

To help you get started, you can check out my personal stock pics for long-term investing. Hi Sir Fitz, i appreciate your kindness helping us to learn more investing bout stock market.. Thank you! Do you recommend to open an account on COL Financial? Thank you for your advice! Hope you can help me. Sir Fitz Good Day as a Student what do you advise when investing in the stockmarket? Long Term po. Jit Yes, but only invest an amount you can afford. And by long-term it should be at least 5 years.

The longer, the better. Been working overseas for 6 years and been spending a lot of unnecessary things. I just read your blog and inspire by it. The only thing is how could I attend seminar on stocks investing? Is there any fee in attending seminars? Please advise. Bert and M The stock market index has actually been going down since the last week of January. But in any case, you should understand that there is no ideal time to invest in the stock market because nobody can predict the top and the bottom.

But then they continue to ask, when should they invest? No need to worry much about timing the market with this strategy. When you plan to do cost averaging, and you have a long-term investment horizon, the best time to go into the stock market is anytime. Lots of interesting question and answers that we can all learn,Im also one of many people who is interested in investing in stock for the long term. I havent started yet but actively learning how.

I remembered to have consulted the list posted here when I joined COL in Got me invested in Double Dragon which until now is continually at tremendous losses. Read that earnings from dividends is one way of compounding, holding dividend stocks for a very very long period of time. Buy and hold tight in the long run and wait for dividends as passive income. With a large base, even if the price goes down, you will still receive the dividends that can later be used for personal expenses, like additional monthly income.

While others have target prices and buy below prices or intinsic values. Buy low using cost averaging the selling upon reaching the target price, locking up profits, reinvest the gain and buy other stocks. Which one is effective strategy for faster and bigger compounding for the long term?

Hi Fitz, just read this now. Maybe goo time to reentry. Hello po. I started investing in stocks at COL this month. But I think I could only buy stocks using just 1k of my salary every month. And I am sure I could invest regularly with just that amount. Sa tingin nyo po ba di enough or effective yung 1k lang and choosing oddlots po?

What are the cons po ba by choosing odd lots instead of main? Fehl, im intersted in buying and selling stocks online the thing is im living abroad, can i buy it online? Please advice on how i will begin.. Yes you can trade online even if you live abroad. Just open an online trading account from the accredited broker of your choice.

During market dips, you should buy more 3. Good day. I have stumbled upon your site by accident. I work in the bpo field and myself and a colleague were just discussing about buying stocks. I really want to get into this but I want to learn more first.

I have no financial literacy regarding this at all so your help would be a much appreciated. Thank you in advance. I am 21 years old right now and i want to learn how to buy stocks and how to pick a right company. I am an OFW with an average monthly income. I want to invest P5, alternately for each of them. Just submit the requirements so you can create accounts for your kids.

If your kids reached the legal age, you can convert their account to regular investor. Are there any requirements if you want to invest on the stock market? What will happen if the company has been delisted in the stock exchange? If I get their consent, can I start investing? What I mean is will I be able to independently manage my account? Which stock broker can you suggest? You and your parent can open an in-trust-for ITF account for you.

I recommend COL Financial. You need requirements such as photocopy of government issued ID of your parent, your birth certificate, latest billing statement, Duly-signed ITF Supplementary Agreement. Yes you can start investing if your account was approved and was funded.

At the moment, im handling several Sunlife Stock Certs. Can you help us sell these stocks? GOD bless us all. We have the complete accredited list here in Philpad. I will be posting more about buying and selling stocks here soon.

Your post were really awesome. Hope to read more of your very informative work. An OFW can open a broker account. Just make sure your broker is accredited by the PSE. We have the list of accredited online broker here in case you wanna see them. I advise you open an account when you got here in the Philippines so you can sign and fund your account easily.

I was planing to buy stock now as early as 22 years old I hope to invest my money as early as possible. Hope it works. Col Financial Citiseconline is one of the best online broker in the Philippines. Good luck and happy trading and investing! What if the COL Financial got trouble and closed. Where do I sell my stock or take the money back I invested.

Have your certificate of stocks and sell them using other brokers but I think in that event, COL will notify all investors on the best convenient ways possible before the will close. God bless. Yes I know what you feel. I could have earned so much hehehe Anyway, just keep them there and focus on the long term strategy. God bless you too! Im planning to invest. And i dont know whether on trading or on mutual funds.

Pahingi naman ako opinion nyo oh. Thanks in advance. Btw, Ms. This post is about investing stocks directly in the stock market. A Mutual Fund is another investment wheel. We have another post for that here. Can I get into stocks despite being a student? And where do I go to get into the whole stock buy and sell in the Phil Stock Exchange market? If you are 18 and above, you can open an account and start investing. I recommend it to everyone. For EIP the minimum money to start is just P COL Financial has been one of the best online trading broker in the country.

Tell us and come back here about your experience ok? Thanks so much! And yes, I will share my experience when things turn out good for me with my stock market investment plans! You are surely paying it forward Ms. Fehl sharing your knowledge to everyone!

Hi, JD! I am a marketing management student at some random college here in Tarlac. This way you lock in a certain level of profit. I think every trader and investor has a target line that reminds them when to buy and to sell. I hope I get to hear more insights here from readers, investors and starters.

Have a great day! Hi Fehl, I new here in this site, And I want to ask some question about investing money in stock market. I hope You can answer all the question below. What are the procedure for investing money in stock market? How to start in the stock market? And how much money could I invest? How we or I earn money on this investment? What are the risk factor in the stock market? Can I answer your questions in one article? Hi ms fehl..

Email me here. Why not participate in the growth and take this opportunity now right? Join the stock market. Table of Contents:. Related Posts. Hoping for your response???? Salamat po. Thanks and mabuhay! How po? I want to know about the buying of stocks…how could i buy if i am in the US? Pls rply thank you… Reply. Sam Reply. Interesting Reply. Good day Ms. Fehl Newbie here for investing stuff, pahingi po ng advice kung anung company ang para sayong pinaka magandang bumili ng stocks.

May broker din ba si Security Bank? Hi, Any idea on how can I give a share of stocks as a gift? Go to your broker for the settlement or transfer of stock certificates Reply. Fhel, Good Day! Please, i need your advise Reply. Follow our Stock Market Guides on the menu above. Kumusta po ms Fehl, kpag po ba nag buy ako sa umaga pwede po ba ako mag sell sa hapon bago mag closing.

Thank you po. Hi Franco. Hello there Ms. Best regards, Reply. Yes, makukuha mo ang present value ng stocks mo Reply. For beginners, you must know these 4 things: Basic Knowledge with Stocks Investment Your risk appetite Your Objective goal Your Strategy If you missed any even just 1 of the above, then you are not ready.

Hi mam good am po pano po ba mg invest sa stock market ofw po aq dito sa saudi and im very much interested in investing in stock market plss iwill wait for your reply Reply. Hi Fehl! How and when do you receive dividends? Yes, I made dailypik. Trading is buying and selling, you can only profit if you sell when you see gains or when you receive dividends Reply. Can we sell stocks anytime we want? Thanks po. Yes, you can sell stocks during trading hours or after trading hours OH orders Reply.

Salamat Reply. Read our guides here po to learn more Reply. Thanks a lot sir Reply. Sure, followour partner website DailyPik Reply. Im 21 yrs old and im interested on investing on stocks what should i do first? Ms fehl can I possibly invest in Stock market at minor age? Thanks Reply. Very valuable info.

Keep up! Thank you Reply.

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