Muggers favor deflation investing

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muggers favor deflation investing

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A Texas woman pleaded guilty to voter fraud, including counts for illegal voting, unlawful possession of a mail ballot, and running a vote-harvesting operation. A hiker who was suffering from severe hypothermia on a New Hampshire trail near Mt. Washington died at a hospital hours after rescuers faced driving rain, blowing snow, and winds gusting to over 80 mph to reach him, conservation officers said. American Airlines will eliminate service for three cities following the Labor Day holiday weekend as a result of staffing shortages, marking the latest hiccup for the airline industry amid thousands of cancellations and cuts in recent months.

An airline spokesperson said the company will drop service to Toledo, Ohio; Ithaca, N. The Jumbo Floating Restaurant, almost 80 meters feet in length, had been a landmark in Hong Kong for over four decades, serving Cantonese cuisine to over 3 million guests including Queen Elizabeth II and Tom Cruise. Kim shared pics in the same skimpy silver bikini she wore earlier in the week while posing with her Saturday Night Live star boyfriend.

Porsha Williams is making the most of summer. The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum sizzled in a teeny black bikini while recently soaking up some sun by the pool, as captured in a sultry new photo on Instagram. On June 18, Porsha took to Instagram to show off her stylish swimwear. In the series of sexy snapshots, the Pursuit of Porsha author can be seen striking several cheeky poses in the barely-there two-piece.

Porsha looked radiant while lounging poolside in the black string bikini, which feat. Officials said "Ukrainian forces have likely suffered desertions in recent weeks," but "Russian morale highly likely remains especially troubled.

Trump in recent weeks has told confidants that he sees no reason to defend the lawyer who tried to help him overturn the election, sources tell Rolling Stone. Friends of Prince William and Kate Middleton anonymously shut down rumors about their relationship struggling.

Close this content. Read full article. Surbhi Jain. February 8, , PM. Story continues. Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting. Recommended Stories. Rolling Stone. Yet we can minimize the risk and capture higher returns by selecting companies that are on track for big growth. I don't own any gold stocks because I'm cautious and boring.

Gold exposure comes in different ways, and the simplest way to take advantage of what one believes is a long-term bull market is just physical gold -- actual physical stuff, not even GLD or silver via SLV. Buying gold miners takes on a whole new level of risks, including management, political pressures, shareholder issues, disappointing news about assets not holding as much gold as thought, plus just good old exposure to the ups and downs of the gold market.

And no, just because one is trying to pick a stock on track for growth, because that's far easier said than done, the market will typically price a lot of known or predicted future growth in, and all the above risks don't magically disappear.

This doesn't mean these are bad investments -- they can certainly be part of a well balanced portfolio. The most notable alternative for a low-risk portfolio would be the permanent portfolio. It has exposure to cash, bonds, gold, and stocks. It's done well over the last decade and hasn't lost money since In the end, lowering risk isn't about just picking one thing and dumping money into it -- it's about balance, rebalancing, and diversifying.

I don't hate gold, I love it. I probably like it a little too much, because emotional attachment is generally a bad idea when discussing and analyzing assets, because emotions can be blinding. Still, just because I like something doesn't mean I'll bet my mother's life savings on it. Not even remotely close. And I would absolutely never promise someone that gold mining stocks could ever be a "low risk" way of investing, especially not if I was selling a subscription to my gold mining stock newsletter.

This is especially true, because the future of gold could include some strong crashes before we see the gold mania so many are expecting -- never underestimate the power of politicians to delay the inevitable. That's bad form, bad advice, and hopefully the great folks at Casey Research will keep publishing great content like they have in the past, and fewer articles like this one. Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

I own physical gold and silver and plan on buying more in the near future. Shaun Connell Followers. The investment is labeled "low risk" in the description, and includes the following words: "I have a strategy that will both reduce risk and hand us big gains when our industry turns around.

What to Do Instead? I Must Hate Gold, Right?

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Trader's Edge: Trading Inflation vs. Deflation

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