Worm guard basics of investing

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worm guard basics of investing

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You can use the fabric of the gi as a tool to keep your opponent at bay. You can also use it as an extension of yourself to sweep and submit opponents from many positions. Since you can manipulate the gi in various ways, knowing many techniques using it will give you a massive advantage over your competition. The lapel guard is characterized by using the structure of the gi to create opportunities for attack.

Note that this is a blanket term, meaning many guards can be coined as such. This creates a strong control point where you can isolate a side to create attacking opportunities. Lapel guards become especially useful if an opponent does not know how to defend and remove the initial grips. This is why the worm guard was highly effective when first used in competition.

Even now, years after it was first introduced, it can still create many problems for those who face it. If you are looking for a guard that can cause many problems to your opponents, the worm guard should be included in your shortlist. Keenan is a decorated BJJ black belt and is known for his analytical approach to the game. He is a critical figure in the development of the lapel game in BJJ.

He is credited for creating the worm guard and has then developed a system connecting the worm guard to his other gi-based guards. From a young age, he has been exposed to high-level instruction. He is known for his incredible run in the lower belt ranks , in which he won the Grand Slam Worlds, Pans, Euros, and Brazilian National.

Due to this accomplishment and his contribution to the current meta, Keenan Cornelius is considered one of the most respected and influential grapplers in the history of BJJ. The configuration of this guard establishes a strong connection between the two BJJ players, allowing for a variety of sweeps and submissions. This is also a very powerful position to unbalance an opponent. Other versions of this guard are also available and are basically the worm guard with slight changes in grip and foot position.

In this video, Keenan demonstrates how the worm guard is set up. Keenan shares his story and philosophy, so you can learn exactly [ Feeling lost when they counter your sweep, step over your leg or shut down your grips? Well, this is your lucky day. Do you shy away from playing lapel based guards because you think your legs are TOO short? Do people call you Frodo on the mats?

When you buy a new gi, do you look like a 4-year-old wearing their dad's robe? Sick and tired of having your guard and your ego smashed? The Toreando.. Blog by not-Keenan. Who is Keenan? Blog , Blog by not-Keenan.

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Here's a brief instructional tutorial on how to set up a crucifix for BJJ. This is a critical skill to master if you want to checkmate your opponent on the mat. Struggling with the toe hold? Here's a basic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tutorial on how to set up and finish the toe-hold leglock submission.

Wondering how to pass the butterfly guard? Find out how to touch up on the basic armbar from the guard and make the finish much tighter in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. A brief tutorial on how to use butterfly guard in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. How to get into X-guard from butterfly and deep half guard. A brief BJJ tutorial on X-guard and how to use it to set up submissions off the sweep.

This article contains a brief BJJ tutorial with a video and descriptions on how to set up the triangle choke from the scissor guard. Struggling with guards? Here are two completely different approaches to setting up the triangle choke for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, both from the open guard. This is an advanced tutorial about passing guard. A brief tutorial on how to set up heel hooks from the bottom of deep half guard.

Team Sports. American Football. Individual Sports. Competitive Cycling. Martial Arts. Competitive Swimming. Pro Wrestling. Fantasy Sports. Different types of investment products carry varying risks, so when you're deciding what to invest in, you first have to consider what your risk appetite is like. Think of the risk you're taking when you're hanging off a climbing crag at Lion Rock with your bare hands, hundreds of metres above ground. And then compare that with the risk of climbing an indoor wall with cushioned mats below.

Does hanging off a cliff sound like the best day ever? Or do you prefer the security of a climbing gym? Or maybe you've got a fear of heights and being anything higher than 1 floor up scares you? The point is: everyone has a different risk tolerance and the same principle applies to investment risk. If there's a secret to investing, it's that you need to come to terms with the risks — and also the potential returns — involved. You'll then be able to work out how much risk you're willing to take on and choose investments accordingly to help you clinch your goals.

Market risk is the possibility of experiencing losses due to factors affecting the overall performance of investments in the financial market. These include changing interest and foreign exchange rates, inflation levels, political instability or a global pandemic, which we saw in the form of COVID These things affect most companies and the performance of their stocks. It's ultimately quite challenging to hedge against market risks, and even diversifying your investments might not ward off the full impact of such over-arching macroeconomic factors.

Financial risk refers to a company's ability to manage its debt, while business risk involves whether the company will be able to generate enough revenue from its operations to cover all of its expenses. You can help mitigate both of these investment risks by diversifying your portfolio. When investing, you can't have returns without risk. It's often true that the lower the potential risk an investment carries, the lower its potential returns; and the higher the risk, the higher the possible returns.

Finding a good balance between the highest possible return and lowest possible risk will depend on your risk tolerance and how long you can hold your investment for. Now let's move on to look at 4 types of asset classes to see which investment tools are more suitable for your risk appetite and financial goals.

A unit trust will involve your money being invested in a diversified portfolio alongside other investors by a professional fund manager. The risk levels for unit trusts vary from fund to fund, but generally, your capital and your exposure is spread over all of the different investments in the portfolio, instead of just one. FX investments essentially involve transactions in different currencies, where your returns depend on exchange rate movements.

It's the world's largest market, carrying enormous liquidity, with an average of well above USD6 trillion being traded daily. Exchange rates are impacted by constantly changing macroeconomic and global sociopolitical factors. Is the currency you're investing in pegged to another, like the US dollar? It could then be impacted by what happens in that country, so you'll have to monitor for the effects of elections, quantitative easing and other events that happen there.

Securities are tradable financial investments that carry monetary value, such as stocks , bonds, mutual funds and exchange traded funds ETFs. Generally, there are 2 types of securities — equities and debt — and hybrid securities that are a blend of both.

Investing in securities brings with it market risk — take stock prices that could move up and down for instance. There are also business risks associated with the companies behind these securities — an announcement of a CEO stepping down might push share prices down, while a confirmed takeover by a reputable buyer may see prices climbing.

Bonds are investments where you loan money to a corporate or governmental bond issuer, who then use capital raised from bond offerings to fund their operations or to purchase assets.

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Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu requires you to learn many essential concepts and techniques.

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