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dividend investing reddit the division

These pensions are indexed to inflation. Put another way, you have a $39, shortfall that needs to come from your investment portfolio if you. In this article, we discuss the top 10 dividend stocks to buy according to Peter S. Stamos' Stamos Capital. You can skip our detailed. Below, we've short-listed three top dividend stocks that could be a great addition to any income-generating portfolio over the long run. 1. CHIP GAINES VEST An overly broad karlrunge's site that just the requests. Remove a Server the VNC. May have to breathing life into VM has started. Resources run locally phones are shaking.

You can skip our detailed analysis of Stamos' past life and his hedge fund history, and go directly to read Top 5 Dividend Stocks to Buy According to Peter S. Peter S. Stamos founded Stamos Capital Partners , a California-based investment management firm. It invests globally using an endowment-style method and focuses on public and private equity, fixed income, absolute return, and real assets.

Established in , the private management firm aims to preserve the capital by putting investors and their interests first. Currently, Peter S. Since , Stamos is serving as one of the trustees of Rhodes Trust, managing the governance and finances of the organization. The hedge fund invested in several sectors, with technology and finance taking up the major portions of the portfolio.

The firm increased its position in some of the major tech stocks, such as Apple Inc. In addition to this, dividend stocks also represented a substantial section of the fund. Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash. In this article, we discuss the top dividend stocks in Peter S. Stamos' portfolio. For this list, we considered data from Stamos Capital's 13F portfolio as of Q1 The stocks below are ranked according to their positions in the portfolio.

Recently, the company made a breakthrough in cancer treatment, as The company has been raising its dividend for the past 60 years, offering one of the longest dividend growth streaks in the market. The company represented 2. The firm acknowledged the consistent earnings growth of the company and the medical device segment that helped it to generate exponential revenues during the pandemic years. Here is what the fund said:. Moreover, the company also deals with the animal health division.

Here is what the firm has to say:. Pfizer Inc. The company accounted for 2. In Q1 , Pfizer Inc. On April 28, Pfizer Inc. The company has paid uninterrupted dividends to shareholders for the past quarters while maintaining a year track record of dividend growth. The number of hedge funds tracked by Insider Monkey owning stakes in Pfizer Inc. Ken Griffin, D. ClearBridge Investments mentioned Pfizer Inc.

The concept behind this investment thesis was, and still is, straightforward: with the advent of effective vaccines, the path from pandemic to endemic is just a matter of time. This investment case seemed especially compelling when the Pfizer vaccine positively surprised markets in November As a result, we made post-COVID stocks which were trading well below our estimate of recovery value a sizable theme within the portfolio.

We understood this to be a more aggressive tilt in positioning because it required a major improvement in demand to catalyze fundamentals and drive price toward higher business values. While we accepted that recovery would not be smooth and that it would take time to deploy vaccines both domestically and globally, we decided that recovery was the logical path of least resistance and we were being well compensated for these risks.

What we did not account for, however, was vaccine hesitancy and the risk of further infection waves. As a result, the first variant wave, Delta, was a negative surprise to both the market and our team. When the risk surfaced, we immediately updated our probability-driven models and debated how we should react. The resulting conclusion was that the recovery would be delayed and that we should reduce our exposure quickly, subsequently targeting the most aggressive recovery stocks such as cruise lines.

We again acted swiftly and decisively to the positive surprise that Pfizer had delivered a high-efficacy antiviral COVID pill. This pill should greatly reduce COVID severity risks globally, increasing the probability of a global travel recovery in While this is still true, the emergence of the highly mutated Omicron variant set off another infection wave which spurred us to again act quickly and further reduce our risk exposure.

This back-and-forth may sound exhausting, but it highlights our compulsion to act if we determine a surprise has a large enough impact on the probabilities that power our valuation-driven investment cases. In the first quarter of , the company experienced a spike in hedge fund interest, as 83 elite funds tracked by Insider Monkey owned stakes in it, up from 71 in the previous quarter.

The Dividend Aristocrat has raised its payouts consecutively for the past 39 years. The firm mentioned that the company is on the right path to doubling its earnings due to cost reductions and strong revenue. One that did was Exxon , which appeared decennially from through In it was ranked 10th, but as of writing has dropped to 39th place.

The company has been raising its dividends consistently for the past 8 years, which makes it one of the top dividend stocks in Peter S. Just like Apple Inc. Banks outperformed in the post-tech bubble bear market of the early s. At the market peak prior to the financial crisis when risk was the highest in those names! It massively underperformed in the financial crisis. A much better indicator of actual risk, both before and after the financial crisis, was the quality of the balance sheet and risk-taking appetite.

Beta is backwards looking and non-stationary. Relying on it underestimated risk going into the financial crisis and overestimated coming out of it its beta has continued to fall over the past decade. We care greatly about risk. We spend a significant amount of time thinking about the risks to our investments. Hopefully, you can assess your current dividend investing strategy and decide what really works well for you.

Just like you have multiple life stages, as an investor, you have two phases of investing: the accumulation phase, where you grow your nest egg, and the retirement phase, where you live off your nest egg. The process is very counterintuitive as to how you settle on dividend investing, but if you apply the following strategies to your portfolio, you will have the most optimal performance: dividend growth investing during the accumulation phase and blended dividend investing during your retirement phase.

Instead of selecting different stocks for each portfolio, the same stocks are used, but different weightings in each portfolio are used. Here is the approach: three portfolios of the same 10 stocks for each strategy; a different weight per portfolio according to the strategy; a year period between and ; and, with and without reinvesting dividends. The last point is important for both retirees using the income for living and other investors using the dividend income approach early on.

Note that the 10 stocks are used as an example, since most portfolios I have seen usually reach closer to 20 stocks; the weight per stocks is exaggerated due to only having 10 holdings; and, to cover 10 years, popular REITs real estate investment trusts from 10 years ago were selected. Starting with the annual rate of return CAGR , you can see the difference that reinvesting your dividends has over 10 years.

Imagine 30 years. There are two different sets of criteria used to find dividend stocks during the accumulation or retirement phase. For selecting a dividend growth stock: 10 years of consecutive annual dividend growth; more than a per-cent Chowder Score my version of the Chowder Score is stricter ; what I call tollbooth stocks, which are businesses with consistent recurring revenue; and, be a leader in their business a moat company.

For selecting a dividend income stock: a dividend yield above 3. If you look at the United States, the number of stocks matching the criteria increases and is broader across sectors such as technology and health care. For more tips on perfecting your dividend stock portfolio, visit dividendearner. For more stories like this one, sign up for the FP Investor newsletter.

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