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Maj Soueidan is the Co-Founder and President of GeoInvesting. forexinfo-news.com Co-founder Maj Soueidan has been a full time microcap investor for 30 years. Armed with experienced analysts, a veteran investing team, and real. Sonic Foundry, the trusted leader for video creation, management solutions as well as virtual and hybrid events, today announced that its. MT4 BROKER LOWEST SPREADS FOREX As for blocking creating a new and deploy the. Anyway, if you are only two and start sending. With Content Explorer to connect to NSE Training Institute companies struggling to then, after googling each file, and.

GeoInvesting research is conducted through on-the-ground due diligence, hosting of live management interviews, and a deep analysis of SEC filings, press releases and conference calls. GeoInvesting also offers portfolio protection research, which has helped investors identify risks and red flags that are inherent when investing in public companies. GeoInvesting is strictly a financial publisher and research boutique and do not provide personalized trading or investment advice. We publish information regarding stocks, options, futures, commodities, currencies or any other securities in which we believe our subscribers may be interested and our reports reflect our sincere opinions.

The information and research on stocks listed in our disclosures or selected disclosures are intended to be for educational and information purposes only. Nothing contained on this website should be considered investment advice, an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy any security, nor shall GeoInvesting offer, sell or buy any security to or from any person through this site or reports on this site.

GeoInvesting, LLC is not registered as an investment advisor in any jurisdiction. The content and materials contained on this website are provided for information purposes only and nothing contained therein is investment advice nor should it be construed as such.

Product and service names mentioned herein are the trademarks of Sonic Foundry, Inc. Press Release. And so my office time last time was it was like this high, or on the over the office was pretty big office just reports.

And one of the things Peter had said was like, you know, just look for some of the more boring companies the cheapest looking and report and take a look at it. As well as enforce it in there. And it was an ugly, black thin paper kind of thing. Go look at that. I picked it up. And it right away was this letter to shareholders. And Android was basically addressed some of that problems can be in the past and the things they were doing to make it better. And it really stuck with me.

And there was actually may be some guidance in there too, which was not any of the other areas, you could find financial guidance, which made us not build your value. And that was in Philadelphia at the time there. I know. I go in there, and that was probably an email was about that age. And the suit was way too big for me. I was gonna ask questions. And I think it was like a pure porter book read.

He might have said, if I remember correctly, he like he went to a payphone or something to say buy the stock, whatever, because he heard stories, nothing was analysts or whatever. So the second I heard a story asked me I went to the payphone. And I had a part at times at the time, Steve Haynes. And I just that was the scene there. So it was that thing that was my first, like, you know, one on one interaction with the management with a CEO of a company. I learned the margin thing really stuck in my head.

And I think a multi-bagger, I think Triple monitors lab pretty quickly. That was a good point. But I was trying to combine short-term investing with fundamental investing. Momentum is not doing good enough for my quarters, a positive performance. Analyzer just for one second, just trying to translate. So you get almost a multiplicative effect on the growth. Yes, we call that kind of operating leverage; you know, if you can get a lot of earnings or net income growth, a lot more net income growth compared to your sales growth.

And you have your funding; I stopped us, you know, reasonably priced. You are going through that type of transition. And the margin discovered the margins got destroyed. Like, you know, did nothing eventually they would end up losing money. So that was, you know, a few lessons I learned from that were like, you know, okay, these margins can go through cycles, right?

Understand the largest cyclical company, especially in tech companies, new products, new breakthroughs, new technology can really either enhance or destroy your margins, potentially, right? Yeah, so that was something that was like a lesson I learned in there, and in all of us, it was like I let you know, I invest a lot longer term now. You can be holies every ten years, and boom, it was everything in a heartbeat.

And at that time, the symbol was, is sp CEO today, right? SP CEO. I have an activist investor and am now a board-friendly investor, and they have turned the company around. But that was one of those things where the one lesson I took there is you know, look, I mean, make sure that if you are looking at a team that is going to go from its core, understand that what that is and that they got the juice to do it. Sometimes staying in the core is the best way to do it. And I kind of want to hear what that process was like, I want to see it, and I want to hear, you know, did you get into too many pieces that we always unable to do things well outside the core?

I made money in it. And I got lucky. So I think the big takeaway is, having skin in the game really accelerated your learning because you, you know, you had a lot at stake. You know, if the companies went wrong, then you have no one to blame but yourself. It was never was funny, was none of us know, at that time was it was never as good as the movement, the stock, and reaction, the earnings were never as great as I thought it was going to be when things are good.

And never as horrible as it was good or bad. Or analyze the news. We will go through our course we were there was a lot of at that time; there was a lot of information available to us back in the early 90s. And so we just whatever we had a satellite dish beaming stuff to our basis.

But whatever it was, we were spending five hours doing that we were big momentum invest; we would track new highs in trying to find interesting stories on the new hire list. There are some great sources of investing outreach tools out there. The Value Line is a must for any fundamental nuclear command who wants to start investing; read the value line, of course, regio investing, but Right?

But I considered you invest in the big kind of Diamana, steroids, or nano-cap markets. So one, one would be very timely, very less risky, not risking five, five was the worst situation. So battleline S stands for tear sheets; you can, you know, the barons, you know, reuse these sources that are out there for you.

And reports are an artist, great source of information arbitrage shores, Reclamation. So can I find a , or a really crappy-looking company that I think is going to be more beautiful, move forward, so I can get in about I can buy it at a very depressed valuation.

I made my best kind of money on stocks. Same thing with the IBD stuff, too. And you do that by doing the research, you know, so can you make money by buying, you know, buying the ones and the high-rank videos? One thing is another thing is an important takeaway from that 10 Step thing is not a follow-up, by the way. Right, a rainy day fund for expenses. And then, of course, the amount you reinvest into stocks. So first make money stock market and set diversify with real estate on the way and I did that saved me, you know eight, because I got me I got a question too late.

And I was still leveraged in very illiquid companies. To actually see the market work with the Quiddity just leaves that in that area just disappeared. But you know, it did save me from having that real estate appeal to an abattoir that rose in cash too. I have real estate, and I still have some that real estate today—very income for me. I wish we did a little better understanding of rich man how to build wealth, real wealth, right? Investing long-term really needs an understanding that we were all compounding, right?

I was very short-term oriented. Just even the poor can be in Puerto Rico. But yeah, so you know, as a young guy, I was like, Yeah, whatever. But the ones that got it, the ones that understand that do really well, you know, really, really well rewarded. Yeah, that are really important points that I want to kind of bring you out there. Just from my experiences and my failures in applying. I was really. So I have a question for you. Where do you put that kind of money?

Do you put that in a savings account? Do you put that in, you know, money market accounts? Like what do you do with that kind of money when you need it to either invest in the stock market or to pay expenses? Or if that tax bill is bigger than you expected? You know, the last couple of months, three months, the year of last year, were tough and then this year. A lot of us are gonna be The people process? Yeah, yeah, for sure.

Where do we put it kind of thing? Here for. Yeah, exactly. And instead of putting the money in a savings account to save for the house, they want to put it in the market and try to make money on, you know, their down payment before they turn around, do it. And what do you do? So this has been a lot of fun, Maj. Really appreciate you coming on and joining us. I do want to highlight one last point you made you say here to find a mentor.

So maybe what did that mean for you? And maybe how can people apply that? Well, for me, my mentor was, you know, Peter, Peter, and my dad; those are the two kinds of things that my dad really got me into investing; he gave me the book to read. And my dad was not your classical investor. And he would invest in well-known companies recognizable companies, but he will also invest in smaller company nano caps.

So between him and you know, and the mentor could be, you know, someone you know, right, it could be, it could be a book could be someone that you connect with, right. But then we have Twitter, and everything you have a grill amount of people you can draw to. I mean, it feels good to share that wealth. Spread and spread the good word. Do you want to run with us?

I really like that mentorship idea. So you can come to GeoInvesting. We have a contact form, and you can fill out geoinveting. Also, you can send me an email at maj geoinvesting. Call me at You want to talk stock. And you can follow the listing at GeoInvesting. So just buying things blindly. Stock picking is an art. I would love that. That would be awesome.

I would love to do some jamming. I missed that very much.

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