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antonacci absolute momentum investing

Gary Antonacci has over 30 years experience as an investment professional focusing on under exploited investment opportunities. In , he founded Portfolio. Gary Antonacci is an industry veteran with over 35 years of experience as an investment professional. Gary published the Dual Momentum strategy in his book. only investing (Antonacci ()). The next section of this paper describes our data and the methodology we use to work with absolute momentum. MERCADO DE ACCIONES DE BOSTON DYNAMICS App preview [ see all 15. I have personal be spreading rapidly. If you do.

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A final fight against the risk of overfitting is if the strategy makes logical sense. Although there are more and more machine-generated trades — the market is still full of human participants. So did we get lucky? They also have a different sector breakdown with currently more industrials and less defensive sectors. Holy smokes, maybe I should have used the Oppenheimer fund in my original post!?

The market returned 7. Missing just a few good days can have a significant impact on performance which is why trying to time these days is particularly risky. There are many posts out there that discuss why market timing is a fools game.

One from Schwab discusses how even picking the best month each year is barely better than just investing at the start. Market timing typically leads to this second guessing back-and-forth internal debate as shown that can have serious negative consequences on your investments. The key to long-term gains is compounding the gains which are exponentially helped by minimizing the losses.

Although they are fairly diversified on their own and they work well in concert with the other two assets over the long haul, on a day-to-day basis there can be quite a lot of volatility. With a president who chooses to govern via Twitter posts, we are susceptible to very volatile days. This strategy is not a hedge fund trying to minimize volatility — its main task is to maximize returns.

Then in the remaining portion of your portfolio that you feel comfortable with, adopt this momentum strategy. That way you can benefit from some of the long-term potential opportunity this strategy presents without being subjected fully to the day-to-day volatility… unless of course you are fully aware of it and want it.

Get some! I was ready to publish this post about a month before I finally did. I needed monthly data going back over years! Thankfully Robert Shiller publically posts data going back to that I found. I compiled this data, added in MSCI index data , cleaned it a bit, and calculated the momentum signals in this google doc. I was a bit nervous to find the data to then do the calculations and realize that my backtest on the last 20 years was an anomaly. The true test of a quantitative strategy is if it does well in out-of-sample testing.

But another effective way to see if it has been overfitted is to try it on data not seen before. And now I had an extra years of data… how did it do? I was extremely relieved but even more excited to find that the accelerating momentum signal had worked very well going all the way back to ! Some tidbits of summary from the historical data that deserves its own future post this one is already getting quite long! Another way to measure risk is to plot the trailing year return to see how the strategy does in any given investment period.

Who knows? You can use this link to check monthly at Portfolio Visualizer which asset you should be in. Go to the timing periods tab and scroll all the way to the bottom. This updates daily. Should take all of 5 minutes a month. A caveat between this and the portfolio visualizer method, however, is that in portfolio visualizer it uses total returns with dividends.

It also takes into account the length of the month. Last but not least — Chris and I can get off our butts and make a real service out of all this analysis. Longer term though we envision a software service that will connect directly to your Robinhood investment account to do the trades for you. I can do the monthly email for free though. The author s of this site have no formal financial investing training or certifications.

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I live in Charlestown with my wife, dog, and son. When not spending time with family or working, I enjoy golfing. Investment Strategy. May 6, at am. I am a long time reader of your blog. Always educational and informative. Thank you for another great post. I would like to implement this with part of my investment capital. And I have a question. Since both osmax and vinex are now closed, are there any funds, in particular etfs, that you recommend for global small cap?

Like Liked by 1 person. May 6, at pm. The only trouble with using the mutual fund as opposed to an ETF is if they have any short term trading fees. But I would recommend VSS as you mentioned. From to now US stocks have crushed every other asset class. But thankfully I found and compiled that data going back to that still shows the strategy to be effective. May 9, at pm. Thanks very much for the reply. As a substitute for treasury mutual fund, there are many etfs that track treasury, such as iei and tlt.

In your opinion, which etf would most closely track the vanguard vustx? May 10, at am. Yeah TLT is basically the same thing. May 19, at pm. Regarding the software to run trades automatically, please consider the tax ramifications.

Most of the trades well be short term capital gains, which will decrease the returns. Most of the short term trades turn out to be losses which have favorable tax ramifications. May 24, at pm. Awesome work! One of my theories is that the lengths used in momentum strategies should be determined by factor growth, value, mid, small, large, etc. Large, total market, and certain sectors tend to do better with longer periods. With that in mind, I wanted to see what would be the case by switching between a large growth fund and small growth fund.

I also used the sum of 1, 2, and 3 month returns instead of 1, 3, and 6 months. May 30, at pm. Have you ran a simulation accounting for capital gains tax when exchanging from one asset to another? I am currently implementing Dual Momentum in all tax-free accounts. June 8, at am. What do you think of this method? Like Like.

June 11, at pm. Considering interest rates will rise and so long-term Treasuries might actually be going down too during future downturns, would you still recommend it or perhaps use intermediate-term Treasuries? July 2, at pm. Thanks for the effort you are putting into this blog. Great work and great analysis. Obviously results would not be exactly the same, but would that be a good proxy?

July 25, at pm. Does anyone know why this strategy works better with just two stocks? When I add a third stock the performance suffers. July 31, at am. Thank you for explaining this system. Do you trade the 3 mutual funds or the ETFs. August 1, at pm. August 4, at am. August 8, at pm. Thank you for this great info. August 14, at pm. This is the day we will be trading. August 15, at pm. August 30, at pm.

Afraid that you might have an issue. A quick out-of-sample test shows some problems. Over that time period, DM: Accelerated had: September 3, at pm. First, thanks for making the model available!! We then check to see if our selected index has done better than U. Treasury bills. If it has, we invest in that index.

If it has not, we invest instead in U. September 13, at pm. September 15, at pm. September 19, at am. September 14, at am. September 14, at pm. I emailed Gary regarding his blog and lack of ability for 2 way dialog and he gave me some very good reasons. Also I subscribe to a paid subscription site called Allocate Smartly. I highly encourage folks to check them out as AS provides a framework for tactical most and static some asset allocation.

May 5, at pm. Hi Kevin, I have built a platform for backtesting, i create it for myself and realised why not making it available to everyone. Im planning the launch soon, would love your input on it since you already use other platforms. September 17, at pm. May 13, at pm. November 2, at pm. Thank you for this interesting read!

I like the step by step comparison approach. To me, it validates that accelerated dual momentum makes sense. I already use it for quite some time myself. Gary Antonacci. Antonacci reveals how momentum investors could have achieved long-run returns nearly twice as high as the stock market over the past 40 years, while avoiding or minimizing bear market losses--and he provides the information and insight investors need to achieve such success going forward.

His methodology is designed to pick up on major changes in relative strength and market trend. Gary Antonacci has over 30 years experience as an investment professional focusing on under exploited investment opportunities. In , he founded Portfolio Management Consultants, which advises private and institutional investors on asset allocation, portfolio optimization, and advanced momentum strategies. He writes and runs the popular blog and website optimalmomentum. Antonacci earned his MBA at Harvard.

Finance Nonfiction Loading interface About the author. Gary Antonacci 1 book 27 followers.

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Gary Antonacci of Momentum Investing says, 'Dual momentum combine relative \u0026 absolute momentum'

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