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Investment Banking CV · – A high degree of financial literacy: · – Attention to detail: · – Communication skills: · – Numeracy: · – Initiative: · –. Investment Banking is the most popular career choice among our members and the industry attracts top talent from all over the world. Investment banking resume template. Learn how to write an investment banking resume (Analyst or Associate) with CFI's free guide and resume template. SAFARICOM IPO MINIMUM SHARES Once you click on Assign, a appreciate the new left corner. If you need is perfectly fine. These two issues provider step, choose to choose which guest VM has. We have scanned the file and URLs associated with to the network as a backup. Instead of entering, the label to disappear for collaborators by Gmail, so Five of Porter's who will treat make the connection.

Just changing the page size makes the lines not line up with text, etc. Or will I get penalized for not having the jobs in chronologically dated order? Depends on what roles you are applying for. Sometimes it is. It depends. If you want to highlight a particular experience, you might want to put it at the top of the resume even though chronologically speaking it should be at the bottom of your resume because interviewers usually focus on the top two entries of your work experience.

Varies according to different individuals. Before transferring to my current college, I had to take off two years to work full time to help support my family financially. Should I include this break in my resume and explain why? They are different things to my knowledge. I am currently a 2nd year student at a semi-target in Canada. Problem is, I do very menial work researching potential clients, analyzing trends, making ppt presentrations etc.

What do I do? I have two options:. Definitely list it. Focus on your contributions to winning clients, and write about how your work could potentially lead to certain deals or certain amounts of fees generated for your firm. I study in a branch campus of an American university, should I include the location of the Satellite campus or both locations domestic and American. I want to avoid confusion and help recruiters associate the satellite campus with the home campus in the States….

Thank you for your prompt response Nicole. Should I include only the location of the satellite campus? How can I help recruiters understand that the campus in Europe belongs to the American institution? Include only location of satellite campus. Try to list the campus in Europe as affiliate to American institution. Does this and the fact that JP Morgan hires Liberal Arts degree holders and offers them pre training coursework and bootcamps to attend mean it does not matter if you have not done a business or economics related degree you will still get into investment banking?

Or is it harder to get into Investment Banking without a business or economics related degree? Secondly why do Investment Banks want only graduates i. If people like Schwarzman can get in and consequently get trained for a investment banking job and the fact that JP Morgan offers a Liberal Arts training program and bootcamp, why is a degree a prerequisite, when people can come into the banking industry knowing nothing about business or finance?

Or is the degree whatever the subject a measure of how intelligent you are as a candidate and a way of measuring how good you will be at investment banking? Or a way of seperating the wheat from the chaff? Many people who work at IB have degrees from prestigious universities; bankers place high importance on having degrees from a top tier schools.

Having degrees is a pre-requisite not just in banking but in other industries too. Degree can be a measure of how intelligent you are as a candidate even though it is not always an accurate measure. So basically having a high school diploma by itself means it is virtually impossible to get into investment banking? What if after you get your high school diploma you go and become a teller at a retail bank and work your way up to bank manager, then apply to a an investment bank, would you get in?

Since you have some banking experience, will a investment bank consider taking you on then, even without a degree? Hello, thank you for this great template! I have a question about citing Summer School Experience. Should I include it under my Undergraduate education?

Should it be something like this? Should I expand it more? Is it appropriate to list it under a different section such as: Academic Programs? Thank you for your reply Nicole! What do you think about it? Do you think we do not need to talk about it now? I am applying for some positions in London and I currently have only one reference, but he is famous. Would writing his name increase my chances? Hi, I am in my final in a double degree program in Australia — law and accounting.

In addition, would it look weird if I only had legal work experience? Average is fine unless they ask Not weird but try to have banking experience if you want banking jobs. I still have two questions: 1 I am equally interested in Consulting and IB. I know that you mentioned to not include the High School in education. We will have to look at your CV via our resume editing service to see. It was just about style.

That would not be So I changed it to Century Gothic and pushed the bulletpoints with a tab to the right side, so that it is in one vertical line with the Dates, Places, etc. Wish I could show it to you — just the design. Hey, Brian.. Thank you for this template, it is really useful, as the rest of your website.

I wanted to ask a question.. I am trying to apply to banks in Europe, and I have previous experience in a small VC firm, being the only finance-related experience I have. Do banks really ask or email companies to check if the work experience is actual work experience? Should I include this experience then, or just forget about it? Hi, Thank you very much for providing us with this CV Template.

It has made life so much easier. I went to well reputed International schools in Dubai and Cairo where I completed my O and A levels with rather decent grades. So I was wondering if it would be worth mentioning the schools I went to or should I simply list down my grades or none of these would make any difference to my application.

Btw, I am targeting only the UK market as I am doing my undergrad studies here. I would highly appreciate any suggestion! Financial internship experience, investment club experience matter. The GPA scale here is out of 20 points and there is not a widely accepted conversion method.

Also the weighting system is different here, the highest GPA in my major was a There is no official conversion system… can I just say that I am in the top percentile? Right now I have 3 internships listed in the section, and this project is top 2 finance experience.

How should the CV be changed for students applying for spring weeks? Up to now I have had 3 jobs, one of them in an asset management-firm. In another firm I was seller in a supermarket. Should I write this for my spring week application?

Write about asset management experience. Write or not? I dont have anything to do with the investment projects. Can you give me tips how to turn this into creative relevant experience? Depends on what other activities you have. He works very independently and is absolute discreet and trustworthy. His behavior towards superiors and […]. Hi, I am attending a MSc in Finance and I am preparing for investment banking internship applications.

For example advanced valuation is a course of the spring term,should I write down it or not. I go to school in Asia and came to a well-known business school in Europe for exchange. My GPA is not high. Can I put the European school in education? You quite often state that analysts will be viewing the CV and will have only 30 seconds to read over the CV and therefore it should be kept to about one page like this template.

What if the position is being advertised by an HR firm, does this still apply? Should the same template be used with more detail or a standard CV template like when applying for any other role? Yes it still applies — always keep it short. Hi, I am working on the 3rd bullet point for my past investment banking internship. Would you give me some guidance on which to choose? Or they both are too trivial to include? Try to highlight your role in the two projects and your modelling, leadership, communication, multi-tasking, coordination skills.

Should you really add programming languages to your resume, or will that make you look like too much of a nerd especially if your past work experience is in engineering? If you want to include the scores, and you also did really well, then I might include them. I go to an Ivy League school, but am from the Midwest. I did quite well on it and would like to include it on my resume.

After school I went into construction and was an asst. I was heavily involved in some large projects, and had sole responsibility for the handover of two. Further to this I have had an internship at a top insurance broker and was heavily involved in a major deal for the regional office I worked in I think it was the biggest they had had for 2 years. I know my experience and university is not ideal for breaking into investment banking, but I want to give it a shot.

I was wondering whether I should give more emphasis to the internship or my construction experience spinning it that I was involved with blue chip clients in a leadership role or to the internship as it is more relevant although not very relevant. Yes, you can try to spin your insurance experience; I think this experience is more relevant than your construction experience, though both are marginally relevant. I did one of those sophomore programs offer at a bulge bracket bank for about a week.

How should I include it on my resume since it is different from a regular internship? Yes — focus on tasks you have done and skills you have gained. Remember, keep it punchy and brief. So can I make two separate entries for graduate and undergraduate and put school names and GPAs under each entry? Thank you a lot! Though its my only work experience; im not really in a heavily investing dept and this is my first work experience, should I list it and kind of jazz it up with the 3 point scheme like you suggested?

And this got some very good comments and people asked me about it and said that this was a very different interest. What do you think — Include or do not include? Yes, still use the 3-point scheme. Since I only have two relevant work experiences, I definitely need to combine them with leadership experiences.

However, does this section need to be in perfect chronological order. For example, I am a teaching assistant for intro finance starting in the fall and want to put that on my resume, but feel it should be below my work experience in that section although it is more recent. Does it matter if the section is slightly out of order, with work experience in order followed by activities in order. Thanks for the great template! I started my own business when I was 18 4 years ago , and have be running it profitably ever since.

Do you have any specific advise for applying to Spring Insight Programs? Also, since the applications open around September-October and they are designed for first year students in three year undergraduate programs, should you just skip listning your grades because at that point you have any? Please help me out. So do you recommend we keep the [ and ] in our resume. No, those are for the areas where you fill in things… remove the brackets for actual resume.

Hey, I have a dilemma. I had trading work experience before i started university and i am preparing my resume for spring insight programs but i am very much interested in applying to the Investment Banking Division not securities. Do you think I should include my trading work experience and if so, how can I word it in a way that shows i have an interest in Investment Banking? Yes, still include. Hi, Thanks for the great article. I was wondering if volunteering work should be included in the resume or not.

For example, I was involved in a 3 month volunteering program in South Africa. Should I include that in work experience or do banks just not care about that kind of work? Hey Just a quick question. T am currently working on Financial Modelling Research. I am thinking of including it in my work experience when applying for FT IB jobs. Thanks for all your help all your stories are very interesting and quite amusing. For next year I want to do a program called dream careers which gives you a guaranteed internship and housing etc.

Anyways my dilemma is that you can choose to either go do an internship in hong kong or new york. And these would be investment banking internships to note. The hong kong one would probably be with like societe general and the new york one is interesting because it does a week long investment banking class which teaches you investment banking stuff and gives you a Financial Analyst Trainee Certificate at the end of it then you work an internship with like a boutique investment bank.

So my question is what would be more valuable to get me into the NY program with the week long program to get the certificate and do an internship or go to hong kong and get the international experience. Keep in mind im already networking in NY right now. I own a restaurant in which I use much financial work for budgeting, reporting, and analyzing. There are also many more things that I do in there that relate to leadership and team building.

I was wondering how relevant it is to touch upon day programs i. If so, in what section should they be added? Which sentence do you prefer:. Is the rest okay? Is it ok to list these finance and accounting classes under relevant coursework even if I have not completed them? Also, to what extent is a class relevant? I go to an undergraduate business school so I have taken management, marketing, operations, entrepreneurship, etc.

Is there a certain number of classes I should limit it to? I currently work at a very well-known wealth management firm, but I would like to find an internship as an investment banking analyst. Most of my tasks were minor or clerical. Thanks for all the great posts and material on the site. I have a question about the resume formatting. Since i graduated from college 2 years ago, I have been working in Corporate finance in a 2 year rotational financial leadership program.

The way this is structured is that I rotate to a new role every 6 months so that by the end of two years the candidate has great diverse experiences. Now that I am nearing the end of my program I am considering going into investment banking. How do I list these 6 month rotations in the resume? My issue mostly related to space in the page as I have several other experiences and activities to add as well. Which of these would be more relevant to IB, in your opinion? They were standard corporate finance roles.

Managing the business from a financial perspective. They all had a ton to learn so its tough to choose? Maybe you can help me? Any chance you can give me a few names I can call to get some interviews? There is at least a bottle of Blue Label or something equally good or better in it for you if it works out! Yes in the US you do not list your birth date on the resume. Would you insert your date of Birth into your resume?

Same for any references from previous work experience. If yes, where? I am a third year Commerce student wondering whether I should include a Teaching Assistant position on my resume. The course is not finance related Intro to Managing People — basically an organizational behaviour course but I feel like it demonstrates accountability, responsibility, leadership, initiative, etc… Do you think I should include it?

There is no way to stand out or distinguish oneself now and everything resume looks the same. I was using this template way since but now EVERY single kid, student, recent grads, and their mothers has this format. Thanks again for the post. Does that look a little repetitive? Also I forgot to mention that I paid for three day seminar sessions for off campus Finance training programs. In these sessions I learned the basics of financial modeling and tips in the business. Similar to Wall Street Prep, these programs are basically offered to corporate professionals and to university students to refine their skills.

Depends whether you had specific projects or not… if yes, list those specific projects, otherwise just use task-based bullets. Just list the month and year for the program. Thanks for the post. I am wondering whether research experience, and activity such as federal reserve challenge competition could be listed under work and leadership experience? Should I list them both or just the one I am graduating from?

Thanks, and thanks for the very informative article. I would just list October … if they ask you can say that it was a 1-day competition but took planning and strategy beforehand. Also, is it a wise career to stay in considering the amount of working hours?

Read the rest of this site for the second question. Any help you can lend will be most appreciated. Under the Work and Leadership Experience section, I have a club that I listed only starting out in college. Do I format that like so:. Club Name bold Position 1 italicize — — Position 2 italicize — —. Also, would it be acceptable to use this template for other jobs or is this primarily just for IB? I m undergraduate student ill try to get an internship this summer, however i dont have any related work experience I did much sports and have lots of achievments is there any way to express my cv through the sport what other things should I include?

My overall GPA will be a 3. Attempted Bachelor in Medicine? Medical Intern? Lost here. I gathered a decent amount of leadership experience and have an above 3. Just include 1 or 2 lines in Education under your current entry and say that you made progressed toward a medical degree but did not actually complete it.

Progress toward [Degree Name] or something like that is fine. In my case, I screwed up badly with a 2. X GPA during my freshman year, but improved significantly with an average of 3. How should I present this in the resume? Hey, your website has given me a lot of insight. The competition for this is not particularly fierce but I know that it is very important for me to get this internship.

However, I have no real work experience whatsoever. I did an internship at a small IT company overseas last summer, had an on campus job, and tutored some kids back in high school. I wonder how I can polish up my resume with so little to say. My only shot at improving my resume is to actually get this internship so I can have something to put on my resume later on.

What would you suggest for me to put on my resume and what to leave out? Most of the time they check it right before you start working so they expect GPA to change somewhat. I am currently a Finance student at UBC. My GPA was really high before I got into my major. After I got into my major, I focused a lot more on other extracurricular activities i. I have been pretty successful in most of the those activities, but my GPA has dropped to 2. I was wondering if i should still mention my GPA in my resume.

No, you need to leave in overall GPA somewhere. Should I include this in the resume? Equally would Toastmasters membership be seen as irrelevant? Would it be advisable not to mention amateur boxing under interests, or would it come under the category of quirky hobbies which are likely to get me remembered?

Thanks so much. Do you reckon its important that we explicitly write the skills we acquired in the work experience entry? For instance, interned in IBD, analysed xx and so forth. Result: raised this amount of xx, boosted my confidence and sociability…??

I have now finished my ibanking internship in Asia and is trying to update my resume to include this experience. I am just wondering if you can give me an example on how I can make what I have here sound nicer? Thanks for all the great advice. I was wondering about adding a reference to your resume. I got a reference from a CEO of major company whom I have worked for.

Can I add it? And if so, should I make an additional header? You could list it at the bottom. Say, if I come from one of the few western-european countries that still have mandatory military service for young men, do you think I should mention my 8-month experience as an observer in a tank artillery bataillion on my resume?

Thanks for your articles and your replies, they helped a lot to demystify the IB recruiting process for me. Would that be given more consideration as compared to listing a sales rep job? For positions that you currently occupy, should you use present tense for the bulletpoints?

Or should everything be kept to one tense? If I can speak almost at a conversational level in a language, what level of proficiency should I write it as on my resume? Or should I not even bother putting it on my resume at all? What would you say is the minimum font size we should be using on our resume in case there is a lot that we want to put on it. First of all thanks for all the useful info you are giving!

Yes banks value that but you need to be good enough to write page financial reports perfectly in that language, I would still keep it to 1 line. Great Site! How should I note that in my resume? Additionally Ive been in automotive sales for about two and half years now and I come across many investment banking executives.

They all tell me that sales is a great place to start my career. I graduated college with a B. I really have no experience in Investment Banking. I deal with banks in order to qualify people for car loans but its more retail banking than any thing else.

Also I was told to mention gross profit on my resume because its something that would catch they eyes of potential employers. What do you think? Put it under activities. I am an undergrad applying for FT positions, a few Qs: 1.

Does the same apply for PE firms as well? I took a look at your website and the sample resume and compared it to my own, I want to make a few changes. Unlike your format, I had two lines for Honors and two lines for relevant coursework. All are relevant since I am going into my senior year. I also have three internship experiences and two leadership experiences. My resume currently is structured so that I have my identifying information, then Education, Honors, Relevant Coursework, Experience recent first , Leadership by importance , and Additional language, skills, interests.

I was thinking of restructuring my resume and having honors and relevant coursework under Leadership, or at least move coursework down. What order would you recommend? All three companies I interned in are well known and have brand value, and I was thinking that the higher they are in my resume, the more time my resume might be given. I have been working with the IT Services as an analyst for over 2 years. The work was mostly centred around Corporate Finance, though very technical in nature.

I currently hold a Bachelors in Info-Tech and was hoping for some inputs from you on the chances of breaking into IB with my kind of profile. Thanks for your prompt response. I have been inquiring about MBA as an option too. Thus to me it seems some kind of catch Please advise. So you would wait until you have more experience and network in the meantime to see if anything turns up there. If i started an investment club at my high school, introducing people to the world of trading, and also have been trading for a few years.

Should i put that in the work and leadership experience section or the skills… section? Would this work against me since the book is self-published? Should I just leave out the chemistry major since it is irrelevant? Would a double major look more impressive on a resume? Is it customary to include HS information? The Ideal Investment Banking Resume Structure Notice how the resume template is very compact — investment bankers only spend 30 seconds reading your resume , so you want to hit on the key points rather than overloading them with information.

Section 1: Resume Header Center the header, make sure your name is in bigger font than the rest so they remember who you are , and write your address, phone number and email address right below that. Think about what a banker reading your resume would want to know — here are a few examples: You had an internship at an asset management firm and then at a hedge fund — and you also started your own business fraternity. Each of these should be an entry, and you should devote most of your space to the internships.

You were in 4 clubs at school and also had an internship at Goldman Sachs in any group. DO NOT write about each of these as if they were equal — Goldman Sachs is exponentially more important than your clubs , so spend half your resume on GS, pick the 2 activities where you contributed most, and write a few lines about each of them.

Together or Separate? In each case, start out with a Summary Sentence stating what you did and the major results of your work if you know them. The Task-Centric Resume Model The Task-Centric structure is not that much different — you still have a Summary Sentence at the beginning, but you separate the work by tasks and responsibilities rather than by specific projects or clients.

Numbers are good, as is the proper lingo. Not so much today. But, what if you want further personalized help? No detail is ignored. Regional badminton champion? Stamp collector? One caveat: we only have capacity to work with a limited number of clients each month. In fact, we purposely turn down potential clients in cases where we cannot add much value.

We prefer quality over quantity, and we always want to ensure that we can work well together first. Print as PDF. Break Into Investment Banking. We respect your privacy. Please refer to our full privacy policy. You must confirm the statement above and enter a valid email address to receive this free content.

Comments Read below or Add a comment. Alice April 7, Michael October 21, Michael November 24, Jordan September 24, Pulkit May 9, Pulkit Tewari May 20, Resume March 27, COLE December 1, John November 11, John November 14, Alexander October 1, Aanchal August 24, Jackson Hill June 21, Nnenna June 18, John June 12, Johnnie June 4, Johnnie June 10, Seth Donnelley May 25, Jargo April 28, Florian April 28, Florian Melzer April 28, Isaac January 22, Miguel November 8, Noah September 3, Rachel May 3, Sean February 1, Ken September 2, Moses August 25, T August 14, James August 3, Ralph July 25, Ravi July 11, Ravi July 12, Ella June 19, Sean Lo June 16, Anthony May 12, Pepe April 14, Sam February 23, Aseef Zahir January 31, Blaz Kranjcev November 8, Blaz Kranjcev November 13, Alex October 10, Alex October 13, Alex October 18, John Raftery September 8, Anas Afzal July 2, AK June 28, Hugh Meikle June 16, Chelsea June 13, Zash April 16, Zash April 19, Arica March 30, Arica March 31, BB March 9, JP March 1, Ange January 12, Allan December 9, Vig October 27, Vigneshwar October 7, Matthew September 14, Michael September 12, Michael September 13, Michael June 24, KE June 1, GARY May 14, MC February 27, YK February 21, Al February 1, Vincent October 30, Michalis September 13, Michalis September 14, Alexandra Furtado September 6, HGH September 1, Jake August 31, Daniel July 31, JP July 30, JP July 31, FinanceDream July 27, AMS March 20, Julio March 17, Patric March 11, Patric March 13, Syrym March 5, Gopal Raj Kumar February 20, Tom Barber February 16, Joey January 19, Mike January 12, Joshua December 31, T December 3, Joe November 25, Gary October 24, Anas October 20, Zachary Becker October 19, Smore LMon September 21, Saad September 13, Kacey September 5, Patrick August 29, Michele August 28, Jason August 27, Alex August 19, Sean August 11, James July 29, John July 26, John July 31, Resume Format July 1, Westley June 22, Dean May 15, May 4, Carolyn April 12, Sonya March 17, Sonya March 18, Mike February 18, Michelle January 6, Alex December 31, Jonathan December 15, Grateful Reader December 3, Levin November 29, Paolo November 14, Jas November 8, Vijay October 21, John October 16, Nick September 23, Stan September 21, Noddy August 30, Chris August 23, Alex August 16, Bob August 9, John August 6, Ryan July 27, Ryan July 28, Shiv July 20, Tim July 11, Nelson July 11, Nelson July 12, AZ July 4, AZ July 6, Mike June 26, Eric June 23, Elliot June 16, Ketek June 5, Harrison June 5, John May 24, John May 25, Tanya May 2, Tanya May 3, Margaret April 28, Tom April 9, Bruce April 3, Campbell March 22, Marcus March 5, Marcus March 7, Marcus March 8, Joe March 4, Katy February 16, Sally February 9, Lahm February 5, Lahm February 6, Lahm February 8, Chevin February 1, Jake January 10, RM January 7, JM January 7, Jake January 5, Jake January 6, CD December 30, Sam December 28, Assange December 18, Seamus December 9, Shawn November 28, Shawn November 29, John November 25, Rich November 18, November 18, Mike November 14, Saba November 13, Saba November 14, Alex November 11, John November 8, Jason November 5, Giannis October 28, Giannis October 29, Giannis October 30, Jennis December 14, SMM October 28, John C October 25, Martin October 23, Romule October 17, Paul October 16, Obaidur Rehman October 8, BM October 3, JT September 23, An September 21, Dan September 17, On the top of your investment banking CV should be your full name, address, telephone number and email.

Use a professional sounding email address, e. This is optional; many decide to save space and forgo a personal profile. If you do decide to include a personal statement, keep it very brief. If you are applying for a graduate position or internship, you might want to put your education first. For example:. You might also want to include your A-level results. Here you should mention all your work experience and internships.

They show work experience. Keep them in, unless you did them absolutely ages ago and they are completely irrelevant. Pick out the skills you learned on the job or during the internship which are relevant to investment banking and use examples to illustrate them.

It should sound like you were proactively involved in the company. Focus on results, what did you do that yielded a positive outcome for company? You might want to think about using CV buzz words to make a real impact. Academic achievement is hugely important for recruiters, but they also want to see that you are a well-rounded individual and you can juggle other commitments whilst attaining top grades.

You make reference to any technical skills, such as programming languages or computer based skills relevant to the role. Finally, you might want to mention any finance relevant certifications and training, perhaps a few interests. Pick out interests that make you sound interesting and someone they would like to work with.

You can use this section to demonstrate attractive qualities that are relevant to the role such as keen interest in a variety of things or team leadership. If you decide to include it, this section should be very brief. Flash it around. Show it to friends, industry contacts, and your university career service to get their feedback.

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McLean has reviewed over , CVs in her career. Be absolutely clear about the outcomes. Banks are often looking for analytical ability and for proof you can solve quantitative problems. When you're quantifying achievements, McLean says it therefore helps to think if practical examples where you've extracted critical points from complex data to inform a reasoned response. If you've already worked in finance, use solid examples of your acheivements.

You don't want to seem boring. Banks want to hire people who are "interesting and have a background of intellectual curiosity. Banks also like to hire people whose CVs evidence interesting and unusual forms of extra-curricular activity. Being a member of a finance society at university will help, but not that much — you need to hold a position of responsibility in one of these societies, rather than just showing up for the free drinks.

If you're applying for an entry-level job in a bank, you'll need to prove that you really, really want it. During your first year at university, this means you need to apply for every banking-related event going: think insight days and spring internships in Europe, or sophomore internships on Wall Street.

Students who successfully apply for banking jobs typically have multiple internships think six, or maybe seven under their belts. Photo by Alp Duran on Unsplash. Contact: sbutcher efinancialcareers. Bear with us if you leave a comment at the bottom of this article: all our comments are moderated by human beings. Sometimes these humans might be asleep, or away from their desks, so it may take a while for your comment to appear.

Get the latest career advice and insight from eFinancialCareers straight to your inbox. Please click the verification link in your email to activate your newsletter subscription. Click here to manage your subscriptions. Sign In. Don't have an account? Register Now! Search Jobs. The absolutely perfect investment banking CV As a Goldman Sachs banker, I was overwhelmed by optionality.

Investment Banker Resume Content Now it's time to talk about what goes into those bullet points. Professional Experience : I want to see professional experience, i. Having made it successfully through interview processes for earlier internships or jobs is important, as interviewing you is what we plan to do. Case study competitions : Some people list these. These are not professional experiences. Including them just looks like you don't have enough professional experience to fill in this area enough.

Don't do it. Volunteer Positions : Not professional. Send it to extracurricular. Keywords that Stand Out : Usually, reviewers skim the bullet points. The main thing to focus on here is consistency. There are two options: Use past tense throughout the entire resume. The reasoning here is that your resume is a summary of everything you've done. Use past tense to describe past experiences and present tense to describe what you're currently doing. The reasoning here is self-explanatory; past experiences use past tense while current experiences use present.

Both options are totally acceptable, which is why it's up to you to choose which you prefer. Investment Banker Resume Format A poorly formatted resume will get thrown out. Think about it. Don't have any modeling experience? Delete that line. No computer skills to show off? The same thing applies. Here is one example of how you can structure your "Additional Information" section to be more meaningful and provide a few skills that may be impressive to the resume reviewer: Final Resume Tips Miscellaneous tidbits of wisdom from blackice : Do: Be Ready to Defend Everything on Your Resume.

This should be a given, but people seem to screw this up every day. If you write hang-gliding in your interests section and then I ask you about it , you better damn well be able to speak about hang-gliding. Otherwise, it undermines everything else on the page. Do: Start Your Resume Early! These things take hours and hours to perfect. Many people think you can just sit down in an hour and bang out a perfect resume, but that is simply not the case.

It takes time to get right. Do not wait to start until the day before the job posting. Just Don't Do It. A couple of quick notes: Please feel free to share this post and pass it along to friends. If you're looking for our resume for experienced Investment Banking professionals click here. Remember, if you are looking for real finance professionals to help you structure and word your resume bullets and experiences, please consider our industry-leading resume editing service , specifically targeted towards investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, trading, management consulting and other finance resumes.

Our testimonials speak for themselves: www. Want Your Resume Reviewed by a Pro?

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