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Holo is a peer-to-peer distributed platform for hosting decentralized applications built using Holochain, a framework for developing DApps that does not require the use of blockchain technology. The goal of Holo is to serve as a bridge between the broader internet and apps built using Holochain, offering an ecosystem and marketplace in which DApps are easily accessible, as they are hosted on the internet by Holo network participants.

The Holo network will be facilitated using a token called HoloFuel, which is actively being tested and will act as an accounting system to pay hosts for their services. Holo is still in development and is expected to launch for open alpha and beta testing by Holo was founded by Arthur Brock and Eric Harris-Braun, both of whom are experienced contract coders.

The two first started working on the project in December as a part of the MetaCurrency Project, a developer of tools and technology designed to power a future P2P economy. Holo was partially modeled after Ceptr, a cooperative P2P framework for DApps that the two had previously worked on.

Brock has prior experience coding alternative currency systems as the founder of Geek Gene, a company that developed community-building tools, including more than alternative currency solutions. He also co-founded social-enterprise incubator Emerging Leader Labs and founded open-source education "starter kit" Agile Learning Centers.

Harris-Braun started programming full time in and is the founder of Glass Bead Software, a developer of peer-to-peer communication software, as well as co-founder of Emerging Leader Labs alongside Brock. In , he co-founded Harris-Braun Enterprises, a freelance software development and consulting firm. According to its "green paper," Holo is designed to act as a bridge between Holochain, which represents the world of crypto technology, and everyday users.

The project highlights several innovations that it says will "enable a large shift in the landscape of crypto applications and currencies," including the ability to host P2P apps on the internet for mainstream users. The Holo network relies on a series of hosts that provide storage and processing power for DApps built using Holochain.

Hosts either install software on their computer that runs in the background and automatically allocates extra processing power to Holochain-based DApps, or they operate a dedicated machine such as a HoloPort. In exchange, hosts are paid in HoloFuel, a token that is specifically designed for microtransactions. The design of HoloFuel is expected to allow the Holo network to process billions of simultaneous transactions.

The project's business plan centers on building a P2P ecosystem of hosts and applications, comparing its intended effect on app hosting to that of Uber and Airbnb on the taxi and hotel industries, respectively. Holo charges a fee on HoloFuel transactions, so its revenue model is directly tied to growing the number of applications and hosts on the network. Learn about Ethereum , the most popular platform used by DApps. Learn about Siacoin , the token powering the decentralized cloud storage platform Sia.

Want to test out a DApp? Learn how to easily access one from your mobile phone with an in-depth guide on Alexandria, CoinMarketCap's online educational resource. Stay up to date on the latest decentralized platforms and applications with the CoinMarketCap blog.

Holo held an "initial community offering" from March through April Ultimately, Team tokens were not subject to vesting or lock-up periods. In January , Holo stated that instead of being immediately burned, the swapped HOT will instead be kept as a reserve currency to provide liquidity to HoloFuel holders. HoloFuel will have no supply limit. Rather, it is designed to be dynamic and incorporate a credit system, allowing users to have negative balances. The supply will be controlled algorithmically, contracting and expanding in response to demand and as the relationships between users with negative and positive balances change.

Holo intends for this to cause the price of its tokens to remain relatively stable from moment to moment, rather than be subject to wild, speculative price swings. The Holo network acts as a bridge between the centralized internet and Holochain, which does not rely on traditional blockchain technology. As such, it does not rely on global consensus to secure its networks. Rather, each DApp has its own set of validation rules and a local hash chain on which it can store cryptographically signed records.

When data is transmitted across multiple nodes, random peers act as validators, receiving data and verifying that it follows the correct rules. Validators use a gossip protocol to share good data among one another and warn of bad data or blacklist bad actors. According to its development team, Holo is designed to be as decentralized as possible in order to reduce the risks associated with giving any one entity too much power. The connection between hosts and applications is end-to-end encrypted, and Holo uses a globally distributed network of servers.

COM , among others. The project was created based on an idea that everyone can host their apps without any expertise or having any special hardware to run them. The team behind the project wanted to create a place where people can store data, develop dApps and make easy and efficient transactions. Holo runs through peer to peer interaction as anyone can become a host by providing storage and processing power.

The network uses the distributed blockchain model which allows them to host a more efficient network with better transaction speed and scalability. Every node is actually running their own blockchain and they are all connected to the Holochain.

This way the dApps people are creating and using do not overload the whole protocol no matter the amount of transactions happening per second. The network offers its users a framework for creating their own dApss. If you decide you want to take advantage of features which Holo offers you will need to go to their website first. When an app needs hosting your device will provide it to them as Holo runs in the background. To create your own app you will need to install the Holochain and read every feature it provides so you can have full understanding of the process.

To learn more about how you can install the Holochain and all of its features click here. Holo has managed to solve scalability issues by assigning each node their own blockchain. This means that if any of those nodes goes offline there will be no data lost. There is no minting, mining or burning of coins within the network as their internal accounting system records all transactions as a double entry. By serving as a bridge between blockchain and the internet the network promotes peer to peer transactions and the nodes are all different from one another.

We mentioned that the current native token of the Holo network is HOT. As of right now the only value it has is that it will be replaced with the HoloFuel in a 1 to 1 ratio, hopefully in HoloFuel however will serve as a payment option within the network where users will need to pay the hosts in these tokens. HoloFuel is a token backed by the computing power of all hosts within the Holo network so it will prevent the token from being too volatile, according to the network itself.

Also the token provides scalability and transparency in every transaction. The project Holo has started has a lot of potentials, especially since it makes use of peer-to-peer transactions very simple. With all that being said, remember that the crypto world can be extremely volatile so it is no large amazement that experts are divided on the fate of the platform, even though the network believes they have found a way to make their token less volatile.

If you want to invest in Holo, make sure you only invest an amount you are willing to risk. You can buy HOT tokens from any of the major exchange platforms of your choice. Some offer the option of buying them directly for fiat currency while others will offer you to swap another crypto asset for them. Also utilizing the peer-to-peer exchange is a good way of buying these tokens where you will receive HOT directly from one of the holders and send an equivalent amount in fiat currency to their bank account.

As of , the price of HOT is per token. There are currently HOT tokens in circulation, while there are of these tokens in total supply. The network mentions that all HoloFuel transactions will not be higher than 0.

To read more about every fee included click here. When trading HOT tokens on other exchanges expect a trading fee anywhere from 0. Keep in mind that we have seen some extraordinarily high withdrawal fees so if you decide to withdraw HOT from one of the popular exchanges do not be surprised if you see a withdrawal fee of more than HOT. Cryptos have managed to draw a large audience, especially in the last few years due to the spikes in price some have experienced.

Know that some cryptos are also accepted as payment options in some countries and several major e-commerce platforms. However, this doesn't change the way that their legal status varies from one country to another. Click here to check the legality status of cryptocurrencies by country. Since HOT is an ERC token you can store them on any of the appropriate software or hardware wallets, with the hardware ones being more expensive but also safer.

Some people prefer to keep their tokens on one of the exchanges they bought them from so they can constantly trade or exchange them to make a profit, but this option is seen as unsafe by some because your tokens are in possession by a third party. Know that some traders prefer to spread their tokens, so in case something happens to one of their storing options they are not risking all of their tokens. Currently, the best option would be to exchange your HOT tokens for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any of the easily exchanged cryptos.

From there you can simply exchange one of them for fiat currency on any of the major exchanges. This is the option if your preferred exchange does not offer the direct exchange of HOT to fiat currency. You can also use a peer-to-peer trade where your peer sends money to your bank account and you send the said amount in HOT to their crypto wallet.

Holo is continuously used by the crypto community so it is deemed safe enough, also like any other crypto platform they have security measures in place. However, no crypto platform or network is completely secure, so you should do some research on your own on Holo before making your final decision.

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