Destanlarda bozkurt motif investing reviews

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destanlarda bozkurt motif investing reviews

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Destanlarda bozkurt motif investing reviews csinvesting value vault miami destanlarda bozkurt motif investing reviews


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Your custom Motifs are made available to the general user base. Anytime someone buys, rebalances, or adjusts a Motif you created, you get royalties. With low trading costs, the best social interaction in modern brokerage, royalties, and endless customization, Motif has something for every investor. This is what made Motif exciting in its early days. Again, we loved Motifs when they were new, but the deviation from this winning strategy has us scratching our heads. This may not seem like very much, but as some Motifs attract hundreds or even thousands of investors, the Creator Reward Program is a definite perk.

Your custom Motifs become available on the general Brokerage Catalog. The program gives you a visual dashboard where you can see every time someone watches, buys, adjusts, or sells your Motif. When your Motif goes live, you might start to see people leaving comments about it and giving it ratings.

You can make friends with other users, or bring over your own from your friends on Facebook. You and your circles can have private conversations. As described above, Impact Accounts allow users to invest, purportedly without owning shares of companies that go against their values. In a typical mutual fund, an investor might unwittingly be supporting unfair labor practices or pollution.

Still, there are additional services one gets for the price. This is more expensive than some immediate competitor platforms, but Motif users may find that the ethical investment aspect is worth the extra cost. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Motif from the web for quick visual reference. The Motif bundling model was cheap and innovative when it was introduced, but it has been priced out by newer platforms. Motif can still be worth the money if you want to hand-build portfolios or directly observe the portfolio strategies of other users.

This was always where Motif shined. You can create your own motif from scratch, however. You just pick up to thirty stocks and allocate their focus in your motif. I wish they allowed OTC stocks. Maybe soon. Hey Benjamin, thanks for adding that in. Thanks for stopping by! I think this will be a tax nightmare. The reporting on a few stocks is bearable but if you have hundreds of them… otherwise, great idea.

It sounds interesting…. I like the idea of easily being able to diversify, but it seems a little difficult to understand what you actually own…. Hey Money Ahoy, it is a very interesting form of investing. The Motifs are diverse to an extent, but there is that lack of control. Thanks for swinging by! Thank you for all of that information.

I do like that you could give it a try without laying out a huge amount of money…. There are two big questions I have — first one. Thank you for your nice review! Am I missing something? I would think this type of investing is a tax nightmare.

Motif is a pioneer in bringing thematic investing to the general public. Investors who care about causes can align their investments with those causes or themes in what are called motifs. The Motif platform manages portfolios for hands-off investors, allows traders to transact in stocks and ETFs, and has tools to discover an extensive range of new trade ideas. Motif Investing serves a wide range of investors: thematic investors looking to align their invested dollars with causes and themes they care about, IPO investors, fee-conscious investors with smaller account sizes, and hands-off investors looking for an automated investing solution.

Get Started. Perhaps the simplest way to think of a motif is as a collection of stocks or ETFs that you can bundle together under a single umbrella, similar to an ETF, but personalized as opposed to pre-packaged like an ETF. Motifs fall into two categories:.

Professional Motifs are pre-built motifs created by Motif Investing, the company, that require no input from the user to customize. Community Motifs are built by Motif Investing customers, who can bundle a customized selection of stocks or ETFs into a single motif, and even get paid a small amount when other customers purchase those motifs.

Professional and community motifs offer exposure to a wide range of themes, such as precious metals, emerging markets, 3D printing, casino gambling, social media, healthcare, renewable energy, and a host of other areas. Motif Investing serves fee-conscious investors who wish to build a diversified portfolio of thematic investments at low cost. Motif does an excellent job serving fee-conscious investors. When compared to even the cheapest of brokers, such as OptionsHouse , Motif offers a compelling value proposition.

Motif is somewhat similar to Stash in catering to investors who are thematically-minded. If you care about investing in companies who focus on fair labor practices, a sustainable planet, or good corporate behavior, Motif makes it easy to ensure your invested dollars align with your values. Motif has the edge over Stash in terms of the depth of themes available as well as its business model; Motif makes money from transactions whereas Stash charges a monthly fee regardless of whether you are buying or selling.

Motif charges transaction fees for brokerage services when traders purchase stocks or motifs and subscription fees for customers who enroll in Motif Blue, its automated portfolio management service. Open a Motif Account. Motif Blue is an automated investing product that allows users to add holdings to their motifs biweekly, monthly, quarterly or annually without paying additional commissions. Investors considering Motif Blue should compare the service to robo-advisory firms that automatically manage and rebalance portfolios.

Investment in Motif Blue is restricted to professional motifs created by the company as well as motifs you created yourself as opposed to motifs created by others, which is not permitted. For investors who wish to regularly at no cost add to their positions, Motif Blue is a winner, especially when compared to the ongoing transactions costs that would otherwise be charged at a traditional broker.

Motif does offer various innovative products, such as Horizon motifs that are commission-free, professionally built asset allocation models that target investment maturity in a certain time frame while accounting for risk tolerance. However, research, back-testing tools and other features freely available on platforms like thinkorswim are not abundant at Motif. Motif is virtually without competition when it comes to offering investors a low cost way of building a portfolio aligned with a theme or causes they care about.

Transaction fees are low and flexibility exists to invest in fractional shares. Motif also caters to the more hands-off investor who wants an automated portfolio management solution. Self-directed investors may find the tool suite Motif provides to be disappointing but overall Motif earns high marks for its platform and pioneering motif product.

Investors can easily customize motifs that provide exposure to energy, entertainment, leisure, travel, gambling, labor equality, sustainable earth, technology, social media, and a wide range of additional categories. For its automated portfolio management service, Motif has a subscription model that is in line with the fees charged by competitor robo-advisors, such as Betterment. Self-directed investors looking to customize portfolios to themes or causes they care about will find Motif has extensive capabilities to provide a great solution at low cost.

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