Marriotts spirit to serve basics of investing

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marriotts spirit to serve basics of investing

The company certainly found itself in some dead ends: investments in a travel agency, a cruise ship company, theme parks and home security systems. Yet Marriott. The Spirit to Serve, Chairman and CEO J.W. Marriott Jr.'s management book who owned both types of hotels had to invest in both systems. “Spirit To Serve Our Communities Day” will enlist , employees in over 2, locations in 58 countries to deliver needed community services through. DEFINE SHARE PRICES Join Date Dec reseller, not more site will receive program which makes. Like this: Like not appear, try You May Like. Then no need and webinars that use webinars tools by Gmail, so. The original full hard drives without в socket, vhost-ovs.

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Marriotts spirit to serve basics of investing why does forex need passport data

This two-year-old initiative will involve 15 Marriott lodging brands and businesses.

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Binary options trading plan Skip to main navigation. Pathways to Independence — provides training and jobs for people on public assistance. Marriott, Jr. But once the company returned to growth mode inits executives started to believe that happy days had come again and for good. But Marriott had another, earlier Armageddon in mind.
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marriotts spirit to serve basics of investing

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Marriott, son of the founder "When you cut to the chase of what growth in all it's dimensions is all about, I think the quote I selected to kick off this chapter sums it up well: 'The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and preserve change amid order. Marriott, son of the founder of Marriott Corporation, which later became known as Marriott International. Like every other great corporation, it had it's small beginnings. They then changed the name of their franchise to The Hot Shoppe.

They started opening up these restaurants in different places in Washington, and then others states. They began to get into airline catering, then opening their first motor hotel, then another hotel, and then another I checked the statistics today online and apparently they are the world's largest hotel company with over properties, 1. I think what someone could glean from this book is counsel on how to be a good manager.

He is known as a hands-on manager. He touts the philosophy of Managing by Walking Around in this book, and details what that means. One example, he would travel to all the hotels and get on his hands and knees and check under beds, kitchens, even broom closets! He also would take time to shake employees hands individually and showed he generally cared for them. One quote on management that I highlighted: "After more than forty years in business, I've concluded that listening is the single most important on-the-job skill that a good manager can cultivate.

A leader who doesn't listen well risks missing critical information, losing or never winning the confidence of staff and peers, and forfeiting the opportunity to be a proactive, hands-on manager. He describes himself as a workaholic, but, the time he realized he needed to change was when he had 3 heart attacks in a row! He says this was the result of him being a typical walking stereotype of the workaholic executive who has "too little exercise and rest, too much work, and too many heavy dinners too late at night.

He said this was hard to do because he knew that he could get things done faster; however, he acknowledges that overtime, delegation became much easier. If you want to know how a large hotel chain started, grew, and the lessons learned along the way, then this is the book to read.

Great management advice in this book, business growth strategies and hard lessons in balancing work with play. Jan 31, Bryon Brandt rated it it was amazing. Frequently I see that too many management skills are an impediment to being a good leader, as those Management skills are often used to maintain the Status Quo, rather than be the foundation that Continuous Improvement is built on.

The importance of balancing Management and Leadership, that in my experience too often tips to the over management side. Sep 16, Bob rated it really liked it. Based on a suggestion by a colleague at work, Ali. Overall the book seems to be more of a manifesto of Marriotts current way of operation, rather than a historical path showing why and how they came upon this design.

Because hospitality industries need to focus on customers, but don't have too many changes, unlike a lot of industries in SV, the philosophy is appropriate. What I found amazing about Marriott is his hands-on approach. I have found that managers who become people managers and are Based on a suggestion by a colleague at work, Ali. I have found that managers who become people managers and are not willing to get their hands dirty, typically work well in slow moving companies.

Marriott does exactly this. He goes on unconventional ways of gathering information like secret shopping, reaches down all the way down the beauracracy, goes and personally interviews the customers even though he is the CEO, puts thorns on the his own company. What I found amazing is his philosophy, is his ability to cut his own losses, sell off companies to somebody more motivated and talented to run some parts of his business, ability to live the uncomfortable life, when he could have just had a very smooth sailing life living off his fathers wealth.

Haven't heard many people being able to do that. I am also no sure how true this narrative is, given that its written by Marriott and could be a marketing propaganda. The importance of systems: What he means by systems can also be called automation. SOPs etc are important for efficiency purposes. This is very true in age old industries like the hospitality industry, where there is no much technological disruption happening.

In a podcast with Tim Ferriss, he discusses that he set up elaborate SOPs and systems to operate based on in his company. After a while, there were so many manual SOPs and systems to work through, that nobody smart enough wanted to work there. So there were systems without people to work through the systems. In order to overcome this issue, he basically went to the other end of the pool, where there are very few systems in Netflix's culture, he pays the people way higher than normal, but also has a extremely higher barrier to entry to only allow the people who almost have the CEO personality to get things done.

I am guessing the reason for this is probably because, NetFlix is fighting very established incumbents like Disney etc, and they need people who are that independent and don't necessarily follow rules. Most startups need that kind of people only at the beginning, but it maybe that NetFlix needs that kind of independent CEO types even as it scales way past the initial stage.

This is probably why it has been able to scale so fast, despite incumbents trying to beat them. Treat your employees well: Its interesting that because Marriott is a hospitality industry, it places high emphasis on employee well being, and recognizes employees who do their job well and create that sense of belonging.

They take care of the kids of their employees, when they are sick, listen to their employees, make their employees feel heard etc. Even when they have to layoff people, they make sure they are secure and have future options. This motivates their employees to take care of their customers.

This is way of doing business seems to be very similar to how software businesses run. Perhaps, it comes down to that in both these industries you are dealing with individual customers. Even though, it seems software is a highly technical problem area, and it is, most software is fundamentally designed for a single end-user, not another robot. As such, customer service is a unstated job description of software development, and the people who become great fundamentally understand this.

Most software companies do offer a wide range of facilities like child care, free food etc. Netflix on the other hand offer very high compensation packages, and high flexibility, but doesn't necessarily take care of your kids etc. This kind of flexibility in job description only works for a very selected group of self-driven people, not for the majority. NetFlix thus selects only these people by eliminating everybody who doesn't fit the needs of the culture.

Its also probably a marketing tactic to distinguish itself, as I can't think of a company which won't need a combination of both. Perhaps, because business customers tend to be much more logical than individual customers. As a result, b2b industries such as hardware companies or enterprise software companies tend to do the exact opposite and place the customer first. This is also probably why few talented people want to work in them, and why individual customer oriented industries tend to be leading edge and growing much faster these days.

So, the conclusion from this maybe that even though in the short term, for b2b companies, it maynot matter too much whether they take care of their employees or not, if they don't take care of their employees in the long run, they will leave and thus suffer as a whole industry.

The challenge however is the tradeoff between short and long term business profits. If you really put employee first, your performance will drop. Then your competitor who places customer first will win in the short term. The solution to this could be whole sale automation, and only have NetFlix-type employees. Listen well: pay attention to not only what is being said, but also to the body language of the speaker.

Even if you listen well, sometimes it hard to really understand. You have to go around finding facts, and also take action. He mentions that he gives an equal time to everybody. What Marriott is probably doing is that he is listening to not only to his direct reports but randomizing whom he is listening till the bottom end of the ladder, which maybe why he is able to make good decisions. Its actually a very good open ended question, and I came upon this as well in my own journey.

It doesn't ask whether the idea is right or if the idea is wrong. It just asks somebody to go on a open ended rant on the idea. As a result, people tend to be more open to criticizing your idea, which is great. Why should I not do this? Its much harder to see the negative aspects of your decision, and people usually hate telling you why an idea won't work, because people don't like disappointing other people, especially higher ups whose approval they need for promotion etc.

Success is a team sport: As a big slow moving company, you probably depend on a lot of people. People who can get things done, are creative also come with larger egos, independent thinkers. If your company is not growing as fast hospitality industry has been growing at 2. There are some people who want a stable job, who may be a better fit for your org. I think, Marriott Jr, never had to growth the company like his father did. Its very easy to get caught in your own idea and not get feedback from other people about the downsides.

It gets more treacherous because if you are a manager with direct reports, your direct reports are probably not going to say anything against your idea, unless the culture actually encourages it. Listen to your heart: If you are a big business, you will have to make a lot of decisions. However, you shouldn't spend a lot of time obsessing over these decisions.

He seems to be very good at realizing what type of business is a good fit for the culture of Marriott, and if its not a good fit, he is fine with finding somebody in the company to lead the company and let it be its own unit. Its probably hard to have 2 business units which have completely different needs or modes of operation. Marriott views itself as a full service hospitality outfit so more than just hotels but also a significant food arm as well as managing retirement properties, time shares and its franchised off shoot brands for budget travelers, business travelers and long term travelers in the form of Fairfield Inn, Courtyard Inn, and Residence Inn.

Overall if you are looking for a solid business book from organizations that manage large volumes of employees there are some great lessons here as well as interesting look at how this hotel chain evolved. I found this book in a box of old stuff, so I read it. If you own a hotel I don't. It didn't. View 2 comments. Jul 13, Anjali rated it it was amazing. Follow The Word Vibes for more Reviews.

It is not the trumpet-blowing history of the company, but about the mistakes, the organization has made, the opportunities they perhaps should have taken and the importance of keeping true to your original purpose. Every chapter of the book is well crafted.

Bill Marriott tries to put each core value that helps an organization grow and sustain. Not only this, he even teaches us the value of teamwork; how being a hands-on manager can help you achieve new levels of experience and spot new ways of improving your business, and many more. Besides his professional life, we also get to know a little about his personal life, a lot about his father and his success and failures, and about the basic fundamentals of life too. At some points in the book, I felt like the author is bragging about Marriott and himself, but when I went through the actual events, I found them all genuine and a lot more than it has been mentioned.

And I hope the principles are carried on in the near future too, so that we all can enjoy the great services of Marriott! It cannot be underestimated or underestimated, but the price must be included in the image used for the community. Stakeholder theory has its roots in the management literature and was developed as a response to the need to meet the objectives of stakeholders with decisions that have a rational basis for successfully carrying out strategic processes in the context.

Later he added other groups to include the competitor, government, consumer advocate, environmentalists, special interest and the media Bailur, Freeman argued that this was a better way to explain the complex interaction between different interest groups and companies. This theory namely stakeholder can be used to analyse the management strategies involved in a project, such as those taken for the merger of Marriott and Starwood.

Marriott International has a CSR strategy known as "Spirit to serve our communities," which is a social approach to stay ahead of the competition and ensure the required compliance of stakeholders. Marriott International is dedicated to helping addresses some of the biggest social, environmental and economic problems in the world in the world. With its size and global scale, it is well positioned to be part of the solution, whether that means reducing the environmental footprint; addresses unemployment by investing in job training; construction and operation of sustainable hotels; supporting communities in times of natural disasters; or advocate for human rights throughout the company and beyond it Report Serve , The macro-environmental analysis using the PEST tool provides clear guidance on how different strategic business units SBUs from companies in each industry can compete.

PESTLE is an important planning tool used to examine the impact that project, economical, political, economic, social, technology, environmental and legal can have. This indicates that an organization considers the external environment before commencing the project.

It's the right way to make sure that someone has captured all the potential risks and problems. Marriott operates in more than countries on five continents, so it is influenced by many political, economic, social and technological factors.

Therefore, senior managers need to analyze and understand the different environments in which the business exists to succeed. The PEST analysis is important for the hotel industry to identify, analyze and explain the key factors that can affect the hotel industry, especially after the Starwood-Marriott merger. The biggest threat here is terrorist attacks or military battles that can disrupt international air travel or make people afraid to travel.

Investors plan their investments without hesitation. This happened in Venezuela, where the government, where it failed to curb inflation, flipped the national currency, so Marriott limited investment in Venezuela and eliminated three of its profits. Lack of exchange rates. This is an area with rapid economic growth. Although Marriot is the largest hotel in Africa after buying Protea hotels, it plans to add 40 properties in 13 African countries by , while it has implemented 35 projects in Latin America.

O S Sanni Olawale Author. Add to cart. Table of content 1. Political factors - Major political issues that may affect Marriott are the dangers of violence, international relations and political climate in popular tourist destinations. Economical factor - Inflation: this occurs when prices of goods and services increase, which decreases the value of money Economic Times, Sign in to write a comment. Read the ebook. Five Forces Analyse in Vorbereitung f Die Five Forces nach Porter und die P Branchenstrukturanalyse der Sportarti Anforderungen an die Five Forces nach Die "Five Forces"-Branchens Analysis of the Automobile Industry i Anwendbarkeit Porters Five Forces in Porters Five Forces.

Innovation throu Analyse der Fitnessbranche anhand des Airbus A Porters Five Forces. The fast food industry in the UK. Analysis of the German Long Distance Publish now - it's free. Excerpt from 15 pages.

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Marriott: Hospitality and the Spirit to Serve (OCTOBER 05 2014 PART 1)

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