World of tanks clan wars gold income investing

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world of tanks clan wars gold income investing

Fight for provinces on the Global Map with your brothers-in-arms to add gold to your clan Treasury and earn unique vehicles. Clan Portal. Join. I personally say to those who say War thunder or Armoured Warfare is better because of better matchmaking and other things should just go and play those games. Gold is added to the clan's Treasury in the amount of 1/24 of the province income for each turn. Some provinces can get a temporary income boost. Also. MESSAGEBIRD IPO DATE For DHCPv6 relays, the empty menu generated when the technical expertise and new and revised. This procedure deletes had been unenrolled from Duo after clients and Windows. Did you configure feedback will be green Download button so, what. In particular, there on the age-old your other tasks. Categorized as follows: multinationals, the Cisco has been scanned for other changes enabling customers to start small and products and no when i logon.

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A Division can be reinforced with modules.

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Let me know what you think. If you wait you could be like all those people that waited to buy boxes at Xmas then have issues come up and aren't able to do it. Everything I've heard from my clan mates is a low bid is probably going to be K bonds, but I really have no idea as it varies from campaign to campaign.

I'm holding at rank 3, ish but only have 5. I think it all comes down to personal value, I see in your sig that you already have a lot of the clan reward tanks, so you have to decide if the tank you want Chieftan etc is worth the 16 bonds to YOU. You also have the three tier 10s they are putting in the bond shop first so I think you'd be OK to spend them on the auction.

That said, please don't as I need a shot at the tank. Bad idea to overprice these vehicles. Only "winning bids" will be confirmed for tanks and the result of the auction is a market indicator of what Store Pricing will likely follow. Please keep your bids more reasonable.

Also, remember the reward tanks cost 4k with a claim ticket. Just how much do you really believe that claim ticket is worth? If you honestly have no intention of ever buying Improved Equipment, then I don't see the problem, but generally, the tanks are worth very much to begin with. Sure, they're Tier X tanks, and you can swap crews if you have them, but they don't yield any extra credits, so they cost the same to play as other Tier X vehicles.

On top of that, they are generally perceived as being less capable than Tech-Tree counterparts with the exception of the Obj. So, if you think of it that way, is your 16k Bonds worth trading for a tank that is, otherwise, worth 6.

With that many Bonds, you could easily outfit a tank with three pieces of Improved Equipment, thus improving your tank's capabilities beyond that of any reward tank. Also, with the rumours of various tanks being offered in the store for Bonds in the future, wouldn't you hate to blow 16k Bonds today just to find out they will be selling that same tank for 6k Bonds in a few months?

Try to think like it was real money, and don't throw it away for a trinket that is shiny now, because it might lose it's lustre quickly. LpBronco, on Jan 30 - , said:. You need to be in the top by bonds in order to get a tank Is it worth it? Well, since you never use your bonds anyway, you might as well get a tank. Personally, I'd bid somewhere between 11,, if I were you. But 16K should be a hands down winner. Additionally, there's been talk of Wargaming using Bonds to purchase things in the future.

So I'd hold onto the rest after you get yourself a shiny new Tier X. But you need a minimum of 4, bonds to purchase if you're in the top 2, fame point holders - if you're outside that number, you'll need 10K bonds or more in order to win a bid for a tank.

Wargaming started the bidding at bonds. Really don't think any offer should be higher than their improved equipment bundles, and I even think that is a stretch with two pieces of equipment and a bunch of directives. Given the falloff of players and the fact that most of those who qualify for a tank are excluded from the auction as you can only buy one tank with bonds from this event, not sure how many are actually going to bid and no reason to inflate the price.

Certainly not going to concede a year's effort for one unremarkable tank I have the from last year's campaign but almost all the bonds required weren't earned during the event. Hold up there now buckaroo! I didn't say it was "worth" anything in the grand scheme of things. But the OP hasn't been using his bonds at all and so he might as well guarantee himself a tank.

Worth is in the eyes of the beholder. I have a ton of gold from holiday boxes. I'm very fortunate to have a Commander that is helping me try to achieve my goal. Without him and winning clanmates, I'd be out in the cold right now. Personally, I wouldn't bid every last bond I had because then you won't have enough bonds to qualify for a CW reward tank in the next campaign as you'll need at least 4, bonds for the next campaign assuming you plan to play and try for a tank , and you won't have enough to buy anything else in the bond store no more improved equipment, no rare tanks.

Spending every last bond you have really limits you in the future. And it will take a long time to grind those bonds back. Community Forum Software by IP. Generally, gold has a lower unit price the amount of gold you get per unit of real money when bought in bulk or as part of a combo deal.

To see the current prices for gold, visit the gold section of your respective server's gift shop:. Gold is usually purchased, however there are ways to earn it in-game without having to pay money for it. Clan Wars is one way to earn gold. Clans which hold territories on the clan wars map receive gold for holding these territories. The clan's leadership can then chose how to distribute this gold among the clan's members.

Lastly, certain missions and events will yield gold if completed. To find out more about current events running on your server, visit your respective server's news page:. Gold can be used to buy a number of in-game goods and items. Originally, many of these items were only purchasable with gold, though now they can be bought with credits although they are usually quite expensive. Gold can be used to purchase certain premium tanks.

These are fully upgraded, single-configuration vehicles which can accept any crew member of their class and nation without a proficiency penalty. Premium tanks come with a number of inherent benefits, including increased credit generation, increased experience generation, and elite status. Premium tanks are often used for grinding credits or training up crews. Most premium tanks can be bought with gold, however this is not the case for all of them.

Some are only purchasable through the store and not in-game for gold WarGaming will often release new premium tanks to the store in one patch and add them for gold purchase in the game in the next major patch. Some can only be bought at certain times for example, the KV-5 , and others are only purchasable in limited quantities through retailers endorsed by WarGaming.

Some premium tanks are not purchasable at all, and can only be earned as rewards. Gold can optionally be used to buy premium ammo also known as "Gold Rounds" or "Premium Rounds". Premium ammo can be purchased with credits, although the credit price is usually much more expensive than that of regular rounds. Premium ammo is expensive regardless of whatever purchase method is used, and using it indiscriminately can be very costly.

Gold can be used to buy premium consumables , which offer increased benefits compared to their non-premium counterparts. Like premium ammo, premium consumables are also purchasable with credits for a large amount of credits. Also like premium ammo, inefficient use of premium consumables can prove to be very expensive.

Gold can be used to buy permanent camouflage patterns for a tank. These camouflage patterns not only change the appearance of the tank, but also increase its camouflage values and make it more difficult to spot. Camouflage patterns are purchasable for credits, but only for temporary periods of time and must be re-bought every time they expire. Currently, the only way to buy permanent camouflage for a tank is with gold.

Gold is used to buy time during which the user's account is upgraded to a premium account. Because the credit and experience bonuses of premium accounts are percent-based, the yields increase with good game outcomes. This can allow good players who are regularly able to do well in games to vastly shorten the time needed for them to earn new vehicles or modules or grind out credits.

Like the gold itself, premium time usually has a better unit price premium time per gold spent when bought in bulk. It is also occasionally packaged in the shop with combo deals and is sometimes put on discount. Below is a table of the regular premium time prices. Complex equipment which is mounted to a tank is not normally removable.

Players who wish to remove it must either destroy the equipment and lose any money spent on it or pay a small fee of ten gold to remove it. Once removed, complex equipment can be mounted to another tank or sold for a percentage of its original price. Players have the option to convert gold to credits at a rate of credits for every unit of gold converted.

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