Morningstar investing styles matrix credit

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morningstar investing styles matrix credit

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Morningstar investing styles matrix credit who makes money on forex


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On the vertical axis, there are three categories that represent market capitalization: small, mid, and large caps. On the horizontal axis, there are value, blend, and growth categories. Its vertical axis measures credit quality low, medium, or high , and its horizontal axis measures interest-rate sensitivity limited, moderate, or extensive.

Fixed-income securities and fixed-income funds can be evaluated by this style box. By providing an easy-to-understand visual representation of stock and bond characteristics, the Morningstar Style Box allows for informed comparisons and portfolio construction based on actual holdings as opposed to assumptions based on a fund's name or how it is marketed. For example, an aggressive investor might focus primarily on small-capitalization funds or growth funds. Still, a fund's placement in the style box is not only useful in selecting investments.

It is also useful over the long term, where historical style box data can be used to verify the consistency of a portfolio's holdings. The very same style boxes that are used to evaluate mutual funds can also be employed to evaluate individual stocks and bonds; after all, the boxes are already used to evaluate each underlying security in a given fund before the data is averaged to provide a fund-level rating.

Many investors are unfamiliar with this use of the style box; as a result of Morningstar's famous rating system for mutual funds, many other fund companies have adopted the placement of style boxes alongside the star-rating system, for marketing purposes, and this has overshadowed the tool's other uses.

In addition to the domestic equity style box, Morningstar offers two others: an international equity style box and a fixed-income style box. This style box looks exactly like its domestic cousin, with a market cap on its vertical axis and valuation along the horizontal axis. Although they look alike, they use different specifications for determining market caps and valuations. In the international equity style box, market caps are based on the median market cap of assets in a particular fund, with each asset being measured and factored into the whole.

In addition to equity style boxes, there is a style box for fixed-income investments. Like the equity style boxes, the fixed-income style box can be used to categorize investments into one of nine categories. It measures credit quality on its vertical axis, rating investments as high, medium, or low.

The horizontal axis rates interest rate sensitivity , as measured by the duration of the bonds in the portfolio maturity. Duration categories include short, intermediate, and long. Each underlying bond in a fund's portfolio has a distinct credit quality rate and a set maturity date , making categorization easy.

While Morningstar gets most of the credit for the style box, most major North American mutual fund companies and personal financial services firms have adopted the style box, customizing it with their own conventions. For example, in equity style boxes the axes often change the blend to include core, and medium to mid. Proprietary categorization methodologies may also be developed for use in determining market caps, but most methodologies operate within reasonable parameters based on industry standards.

In addition to developing proprietary style boxes, research providers and securities analysts have gone beyond the use of this tool to evaluate mutual funds and individual securities, adopting it to evaluate and categorize money managers. Research analysts use the style box to develop hypothetical portfolios that combine various money managers.

In this manner, high-net-worth investors can be shown how to create a diversified portfolio through the use of individual money managers. Historical data can be used to run a nearly endless variety of scenarios that give analysts, financial advisors , and investors the opportunity to consider the performance results and style consistency that would have resulted from combining various money managers in specific permutations and asset allocation percentages.

The same type of analysis may also be done with individual securities. Beyond investment selection, style boxes also play a role in monitoring whether or not a money manager stays true to its professed style. For example, a core manager that exhibits a tendency to purchase value stock would be labeled "core with a value tilt. Because separate accounts are sold through professional financial advisors, your advisor can easily provide style box information should you wish to see it. Whether you use a style box to review mutual funds, individual securities, or money managers, it is a simple and highly useful tool that will continue to play a role in investment evaluation.

It can also help you determine the overall asset allocation of your portfolio by figuring out where your holdings fit in the box. Even if you never use a style box yourself, you can bet that the investment industry will continue to rely on this time-tested tool to market its products and to guide investors in their decisions.

Accessed July 10, Portfolio Management. Mutual Funds. Company Profiles. Automated Investing. Your Money. Personal Finance. Your Practice. Popular Courses. Table of Contents Expand. Table of Contents. A Look at the Box. How to Use a Style Box.

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