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The ForexGrail is a Windows application that shows the relative strength of an individual currency. When EUR/USD is rising there is at least one. THE FOREXGRAIL Outlining an easy to use trading system that can be used with the AccuStrength for ForexSnap currency strength chart. The ForexGrail. Written by: Thomas Yeomans The FOREXGRAIL Method with the AccuStrength A simple yet powerful Forex Trading Method designed for currency strength charts. BROKER FOREX ARAB SAUDI EMBASSY After setting up see only what you need to. Terminals also includes the switch receives a configuration, it to picking up. I can not Customize settings.

Once I think I have properly assessed that currency, I move along to the next. When I have completed every one of the major currencies that I am interested in for that day, and saved the setups and themes, I have several pair combinations. I use the accuchart and a regular pair chart side by side to see what each combination looks like from both angles. I match up my trendlines or horizontal highs and lows on the AccuStrength.

If a currency is very high and has been that way for a while, look for a bounce. If another currency has hit rock bottom, then it is due for a rebound as well. I make a note of these potential opportunites. I use a strength number of 2 and 8 as my guide lines. My goal is to find a few currencies I think will be getting stronger and match them with currencies I think will be getting weaker. Following the trending patterns of individual currency strength while using common sense, is just basic.

I simply match a currency strengthening towards the number 8 with another currency weakening towards the number 2. Trading with strength charts is old hat for me. I don't use candles or bars. Just lines and a couple of moving averages. Other than that I don't rely on much else than reading news items and keeping my ears and eyes open for anything that may affect the currencies I have in play.

Have a terrific month ahead! Tags 4x , currency strength , currency weakness , forex. November 22nd, , pm. The currency strength meter started out years ago as the tool I needed when I began trading. There was nothing that could measure individual currency strengths so I made my first spreadsheet meter around Going on seven years later, the AccuStrength is exactly what I to have by my side whenever I sit at my trading console.

Look at percentage gains on your money, not dollars or pip values. Knowing how to effectively put your money to work is a full time job in itself. Train yourself now. Not later. Hope that helps a bit. Tags currency strength , forex currency strength meter , leverage , trading capital.

August 17th, , am. AccuStrength 4 has been rushing along with new updates and extras averaging about one a week. Our new launching system on Version 4. We have implimented an auto-detect which will free our clients of installation and uninstall nightmares. Launching from a special webpage, the AccuStrength software checks our server for new releases everytime it's launched.

If there is a new version, it is automatically installed. No hassles. Special thanks to Jackie for this great improvement. Tags charting , currency strength. March 30th, , am. I am going to post a few of the great email letters I have gotten from real traders who have found the currency strength meter an amazing tool.

These are real Forex traders who have profited enormously from using the currency strength meter. All these emails are kept on file. For that purpose I find the currency meter an indispensable tool. The Strength Meter gives me clarity when things might not otherwise be so clear, and the bottom line is that since I've been using it I keep way more PIPS in my account. The currency meter has become the "can't live without" tool for my trading. It's made trading FUN again.

I liken my trading without it to driving my car without headlights. With it I can tell where i need to go. Knowing which currency is strong and which is weak shows me which pairs to trade, knowing how strong and how weak tells me which trade will be successful. The meter has removed the guess work about a currency moving up or down, and has helped make me a profitable trader.

The Currency meter shows a view of the markets people seldom think about, and a view that no other indicator can Real Time strength and weakness. Turns a simple system into a money maker. With Tom's tool you can make those systems that only worked some of the time The currency meter is a true innovation and a key to your Forex success.

Jeff N The Guiding Light. My day starts with the Grail. It is the guiding light to identify which currencies I want to follow that day. I will monitor the meter for at least 1 hour before I begin to look for entry and exit points. Many times the currency meter has kept me in trades that started badly only to turn positive over the next minutes.

Couldn't trade without it! Thanks a million Don I want to thank you for coming up with something truly useful in Forex trading. I have tried umpteen "Forex trading systems", spent thousands of dollars in the last 7 years of my Forex trading endeavours and have never come across anything like the currency meter.

Forex trading has never been so effortless as with the currency strength meter. Keep up the excellent work. But since I bought the currency strength meter, my trading has really improved. This is the best tool I have ever seen in trading currency. With this tool even a 10yr old child can spot a developing trend.

This is the best tool I have seen. It is very easy to use, easy to understand and very easy to comprehend. I have been able to make profits using the meter. The beauty of the currency meter is that I can trade at midnight also. Again, I say this is the best in Forex world. Richard F I hope these emails convince those who are sitting on the fence trying to decide if the meter will change your trading.

Tags currency strength , currency strength meter , forex. July 28th, , pm. Currency trend is already established as a fact among major world currencies. The changes in intraday strength we see using tools like the currency strength meter are based on changes in trends during the smaller time periods.

Tools like the currency strength meter measure changes in the determination of a particular currency to continue on its way I didn't need the meter to show me large trends. I can see those for myself by looking at a dozen line charts. What I needed to see was the smaller changes in strength within the big trend.

I didn't want to pour through a few dozen charts every few minutes and try to figure out if the currency I was looking at trading that day stood a good chance of continuing on its way according to its behavior prior to me looking at it. This is where a software program rather than a tick by tick spreadsheet became a necessity.

To determine true strength of an individual currency isn't all that difficult. Its time consuming, not complex. Common sense rules apply in measuring individual currency strength as well as anywhere else. Pick the currency you want to measure. Open as many pair charts as you can find that contain that particular currency.

Mark down the price of each pair and wait X amount of minutes or seconds to mark down prices again. Repeat step 1. After years of measuring currencies individually, I have noticed that the changes observed intraday represent an enhancing of currency strength or weakness rather than change in long term trend. These days, with the long range view I have, the USD is getting weaker compared to many other currencies.

I will leave it up to the experts to tell us what that means for the world economies. As a highly leveraged speculator, I don't concern myself with long range trends except out of personal interest. Business day mornings, barring a huge difference in reported economic numbers, the trends of currencies overall are quite steady. At one time they would fly all over the place following surprise reports, but that's less likely to happen these days. Currencies are like ocean liners. It takes quite a bit of time and distance to change direction.

This must be combined with the correct selection of strong and weak currencies according to the strength chart. Find an entry using a regular Forex pair chart using one that contains the two currencies you have selected as strong and weak candidates. If you see that the Euro dollar has been climbing on the strength chart and the economic news is pretty good, then you match it with a weak and weakening currency.

Once the 50 crosses price, wait for another six pips to make sure it isn t just grabbing a few orders and coming back. Whatever you feel comfortable with is fine. The market may be slow or fast so adjustments have to be made.

Your exit is when the 7 or 5 SMA simple moving average crosses the price line. The faster moving averages allow you to see when the micro trend is over. Not days or weeks. Our trading decisions should only be based on what is most likely to happen for the amount of time are involved in the trade. Your objective is to win more trades than you lose. This system, with a fairly bright person using it is capable of very high win ratios.

Don t let the simplicity fool you. No candles or bars Use the line chart. No bars or candle views. When I talk about a crossing of lines, I am referring to the price line crossing the moving average line. Not the crossing of moving averages themselves. Sometimes, coincidentally, all three lines may cross. This simple system is about consistency. It doesn t really matter what time frame of chart you use as long as you are consistent. Don t float around.

Become familiar with one timeframe and don t keep changing. The major difference between the two timeframes 37 P a g e. If you are highly leveraged and you use a four hour time frame, you can t keep your eye on your account balance. As always, I suggest going with minimal leverage if your account can handle 20 to 1 or less. Watching every tick on a highly leveraged trade will drive you crazy and the need to drill down to a smaller time chart can t be stopped. The less leverage you use, the better.

Those who are using hundreds to one leverage can t afford to use four hour charts unless they have nerves of steel and a huge trading account balance. Later you may want to fine tune with other settings but for now, use the simple close price line and color it blue.

I like 7 and 5 depending on the time period and market action. Not all crossings of the two SMA s have potential or have the currency strength chart parameters. You must have confirmed strength meter readings to go with this simple entry system of 2 moving averages.

For example: If you see that the CHF and EUR are moving away from each other on the strength chart and they appear to be moving steadily, open the corresponding currency pair chart from your broker and apply the 50 and 7 SMA to it. Maybe is it not about to happen so you pick another pair and see if the system conditions match the strength chart. Not every currency will work every time.

You must look for both conditions to line up before attempting to trade it. This isn t a race. Take your time and wait. Just because you happen to be ready to trade doesn t mean the market will whip something up for you. It usually takes time to see a few potential setups taking place.

Start your session looking for currencies getting stronger and weaker: Find a few potential strong and weak candidates. Keep your eye on them for an hour or so. You will begin to feel the various trends developing. Don t stare at charts. Just keep the strength charts going while you go about your business. When the conditions show themselves you will be ready.

Some days the setups are seen more often than others. You need to find the sweet spot for the amount of time you are in the trade Most mornings I usually see two or three. Evenings here in North America I can expect at least one good setup. You must get used to observing all the various pairs for this to work. Do not just wait to see if one or two of your favorites will work.

You can t have favorites in this business. It is important you select the correct pair of currencies for the trade. Some time periods result in more profit than others. What moves the Forex market? We are in the world s most competitive environment. The foreign exchange has the best people in the world trading against us most of the time. I will assume that everybody knows the basic terms in forex, such as pip and currency pairs.

If not, you can refer to your broker s manual to get the mechanics or definitions. The way I trade does not encourage using anything but a line and two simple moving averages combined with the currency meter. Take a good hard look at your broker agreement. As you will see, they do not guarantee stops. They try to get you out. But there is no assurance other than their claim that they did their best and couldn t.

So, in effect, a stop order isn t worth beans when you need it the most. Unless you are away from your machine and need something that gives you some illusion of safety, don t set your stop too close. Your exit should be the five or seven SMA crossing into price, so try to guesstimate how many pips from there you need a stop order.

I suggest pips. Professionals with low leverage routinely set pips on intraday trades. Instead of relying on a set figure for a stop or close out, we use the 7 or the 5 SMA to tell us the trend is most likely over. Of course, during your trade a bit of economic news may have an effect of the currencies you have in play so, In that case, just take the trade off and wait it out.

Don t make this profession more of a gamble than it already is. Learn patience and wait till all the ducks line up before jumping into a trade. Do not play with scared money! This means that you should never trade with food money. If you can t afford to lose it, don t risk it. Either go to a demo or get the heck out of a business you obviously can t afford to be in. If you have ten thousand dollars or more and you have established credit, use a proper broker you recognize and trust.

Until then stay on demo. Those to 1 accounts blow out small accounts in the first couple of trades. Using a reputable broker that has been operating for many years and qualified to carry most of the regulated market instruments, should be your first priority.

Trust and reputation will become very important as you begin making money. Your goal must be to accumulate enough money to open a proper trading account with a regulated and reputable brokerage. Two moving averages on a five minute chart will give us potential entry and exit points. I suggest not messing around with the settings at this point. Don t try to reinvent the wheel. They work fine, so leave them alone. The technical part of the system is fine so leave it up to correctly assessing the currency strength chart.

A five minute line chart should easily display 2 days worth of data. That s usually enough for day trading. The objective is to trade with your eyes ahead, not backward. What the chart did prior to you opening a trade has no significance. The past is past. We are trading the future. The market will show you a variety of patterns in hindsight, but base your decision on what it is most likely to do in the minutes ahead.

It doesn t matter where it has been or where it may be going tomorrow. Look for the trend. I do not recommend you become a robot. We all know those magic systems don t work. You need to apply common sense and a little sprinkle of intelligence.

If you don t have that, get out now! The smart people will eat you alive! Predicting the future market direction of one world currency is enough of a task. Two is even harder. Using this simple system, I suggest you go with the flow instead of fighting it. We only need to know which currency is moving toward or away from a long term trend. It shouldn t matter which currencies you trade. Only that you see a clear trending direction developing over a variety of time charts.

Messing with one indicator after another brings nothing consistent into your day. You need habits. Good ones of course. When you can take a look at a chart and say to yourself, Hmm. I have seen this before. I know what to do. You will be on your way to making a living in this exciting industry. The heart of the ForexGrail system is you. If it was the system itself, I could automate it and the money would be in leasing it to banks.

A system is only as good as the person or people following it. It is you that makes this work. Watch the currency meter for a few days in your chosen time period. Get used to seeing trends develop. Forex is speculative trading of derivatives at high leverages. The people most likely to use huge leverage are beginners. Tiny movements are magnified several hundred times. You can lose a thousand dollars in the blink of an eye trading at to 1.

All trading involves risk. You may lose several trades in a row so you need enough money to ride it out. No system is capable of 10 out of 10 wins consistently. It is you who will make any system work. Let s get back to the moving averages; Used on their own, two SMA s simple moving averages on a cross will give you a certain ratio of winners to losers according to what s going on in the market.

It s a gamble. The essential ingredient in this system is the currency strength chart. We are watching with strength confirmation for the cross of the price line and the SMA. Exit when the 7 or 5 SMA crosses with the price line. The 50 period simple moving averages tell me the trend for my time period intraday. It tells me the way the market is trending. Basically, what I want from the fifty line is what the average price has been during fifty, five minute sessions.

The trending direction. Wait until price line has crossed the 50 to enter a position in the same direction as the trend. If the line is slanted up then a buy is likely. I like to wait for at least 6 pips above or below just to make sure it s not a fake out. Think of the moving average in terms of price, not position. See it in a different light by observing it without the price line at all. Do this on your charts.

Make your chart all black except for the one 50 period moving average. Look at the price. You are seeing the actual market direction without noise. Candles, bars. Indicators, colors, are all noise. Just the ups and downs of trend. I m used to them. They re comfortable. They re familiar. This is very important in working any system. Get comfortable with it. Find some consistency. I have come to depend on the five minute chart as my way of seeing differences. Set your pair chart to line mode.

All charts allow you to view price as a line instead of a bar or candle. The forex grail system requires lines to show price as a line. The crossing of price against the simple moving average. Not the two moving average lines crossing. By the time the two moving averages cross, the move is over.

Those are lagging indicators so I don t want entry or exits based on crossing of the averages. It has to cross with price. With the currency meter confirming an entry, we get a jump on the other traders waiting for the cross between the two moving averages. You ll see what I mean now that I mentioned it.

I don t use bars or candles. I am only interested in the averages of price. Learn to see the market in terms of averages. The only way to do that properly is by viewing a line chart. It filters noise and price peaks you wouldn t have gotten filled at anyway.

It displays at a glance the true average direction a currency is going. This picture was taken about 20 minutes after the signal to enter was given by the The price line is white. You must be strong. Make the determination now, that you will follow the ForexGrail trading system with the numbers I give you before trying to make changes. Do not make this out to be any harder than it is. It doesn t matter what charts you use.

They are all pretty well the same. Five minute price line with two moving averages on close. Don t use bars or candles for this system. They will shake you out of a trade too early and cause you to make decisions on emotional triggers. When applying the ForexGrail system, use the price line. Just use a simple line and get used to seeing it. Keeping you focused on the line and it s impartially pointing down or pointing up will let you make better trading decisions.

Enter 6 pips after the crossing of the 50 line and price. This makes sure it s not just noise. It can still go down a bit once you enter. The 50 is showing direction and the 7 will be marking an exit for you once things get going. The picture below shows my entry after meter confirmations on the morning I am writing this. I know it will be like weaning a heroin addict to get you to toss them, but you must not use candles or bars for this system to work properly. Keep this as simple as possible in the beginning.

Make yourself stick to the rules. Get used to making trades with your platform in demo. Absolutely do not start using real money until you have proven to yourself that the system works and you have clearly assessed and discussed the risks involved. Once you get a live trading account fills may not be as good so if you can t make money with a demo, then you will not make money with a live account either. We are trading the difference in price between currencies.

Charts extract the difference in price between two separate and quite distinct currencies and then display the result. The line going up on any forex chart means a rising price for the currency that has first position in the pair. Understanding that we are buying strength or selling weakness of individual currencies, not pairs, is vital to foreign exchange traders. Come on. Pro s talk about individual currencies since they understand each is an entity of its own.

There are countries and economics behind each one. Drill it into your head to think in terms of individual currencies. The meter is perfect for reinforcing the idea that each currency has unique characteristics depending on factors at home and abroad. Strength and weakness is directly tied to price. Price should reflect absolute strength or weakness. The US dollar is gaining strength.

But there is a crucial element involved in the ForexGrail trading system. In the first statement where I said the US dollar is gaining strength when the line goes 47 P a g e. Both are correct. For all I know by watching one chart, the US could be weak or it could be strong or the Euro is weaker.

I don t even know if either currency is doing anything at all without looking at other currencies that may be going strong and weak while pulling this pair along. When you give currency trading some deep thought, you have to admit that in essence, the entire market symbolizes strength and weakness. The ForexGrail system understands what makes currencies work. Ask any banker.

The currency market trends. Trending among currencies is a characteristic acknowledged by all foreign exchange experts. All currencies trend at different times. If you are using a small account with a derivatives only broker, this is your survival tip of the day: You must enter the market with a steady trend that the market maker must eventually follow.

Make your entry following the trend of the real currency market, the same one the broker must follow or lose clients. The idea behind the ForexGrail system is to get in the habit of making a trade with the trend, not the wave within the trend. The true trend.

If you follow the rules correctly, there will be times the market seems to be going against you when in fact, it didn t. You got caught on part of a wave. Do not pick a volatile time to enter. Charts and platform prices often differ. Make sure to look at the prices on your trading platform before making a market order trade. It would be a ring toss trading with just two simple averages.

More is needed. Let s dissect what the moving averages tell us before going on. The two moving averages tell us where to enter and where to exit trades based on a simple idea. The tool I am talking about is the currency strength chart. It tells you what all the other currencies are doing in relation to others. You can get fancy later, just follow the simple system first. It will alert you to the pairs you should be looking at in more detail.

You can alternatively look at all the pair charts if you have multiple monitors. The currency chart sorts out the strong from the weak. The system will require you to watch the trends as they develop for at least an hour after the European, Asia, or New York openings to make sure of a direction to hop onto. It is precisely the tool you need in order to determine when the time is right for making a trade.

The ForexGrail system, takes the work out of looking at more than two dozen charts to see which currencies are weak and strong. You will need to bring up the individual charts for your currency pair choice and fine tune things.

You may find some things repeated. This is a very simple system but several things need to be said several times to show importance. Remember I told you about the ring toss using just two simple moving averages on their own? They can t do much more than tell us during any particular moment in time, when a trend seems to be developing among the common forex pairs. They are very good at letting us see where the trends are Here is how I find the best currencies to trade; 50 P a g e.

Our objective as forex traders is to extract the maximum profit from a deviation between two currencies. We trade the spread. It shouldn t matter what currency you use to make money. Sticking with a particular pair or choosing one currency over another based on familiarity is dangerous. Keep your emotional attachment to a particular currency for shopping. Let s get on to finding a pair to trade.

Wanting to know how your chosen currencies are doing in their interaction with other currency pairs prior to opening a trade is just plain common sense isn t it. In the ForexGrail system, you must trade the currencies that are moving away, or apart from each other at the fast rate. This means your first objective is to find one currency that is trending towards strength, and match it with a currency that is trending towards weakness.

Makes sense eh? We make our money on spread. The difference in price between currencies. New York trading session will usually move the US dollar around faster than the others. If you are trading any of the time periods; Europe, Asia or New York.

You can do this by looking at a wide range of charts if you happen to have several monitors or want to take the time to calculate how each of the currencies involved interact with your selections. Take a look at this picture. It shows the heart of the ForexGrail system. It is just a simple tool, but it pulls everything together. It takes the work out of watching multiple screens to find strength and weakness.

The currency strength chart is simple in operation. It looks at all pairs and uses various weighting calculations to find out how, relative to the others, a particular currency is doing. It measures individual currency strengths by making comparisons with how that currency interacts with others. Strength or weakness is not clear using one chart. In order for you to figure out if the currency is strong, you have to open other charts and see if it shows strength against other currencies.

The currency strength chart tells you at a glance which currencies are moving and which charts you should open to take a look. The chart allows us to narrow down a pair of currencies to trade. Many brokers have various pairs available to trade. This will be my first chart open after seeing the numbers on the strength chart. First glance tells me the trend is definitely in place but the trigger happened a few hours ago. In the picture last page, the blue line is my 7 and the pink is 50 SMA. It doesn t look like the fifty and 7 will be close to each other for some time so I will look at my next candidate since this potential trade could be exhausted.

I am looking for a small piece of momentum in spread just after it starts and before it s exhausted. These should alert you to a developing trend only. They could change. You must watch what the currencies are doing for a time to get a fix on their true strength or weakness. You are looking at the meter to provide you with some clues and save time watching all the pairs.

How will you know if the strength is developing or the weakness is real? Look at the 7 and 50 moving average as guides. I like the one hour view of the 50 SMA to be sure of the long term trend. Going back to the 5 minute view and the general trend on other currencies, I can time my entry on the upward or downward, crossing of the 50SMA. I am not looking to get in as soon as the trend becomes directional. You will find that many times it isn t possible or preferable to get in on the first part of a trend.

Waiting and biting your nails if necessary, until the exact moment and taking a little bite of the apple is the way to consistently make profits. Give your trade some time to work. Don t set ten pip stops with the broker. My hard stops would be more than most people are comfortable with but make yours at least three times the amount you are going to use for a mental stop. Keep stops above 20 with your demo until you get a feel for where to place them.

It takes a bit of ups and down for the trade to work. Take a safe piece of the move. They are too small. A broker makes money on filling orders. Either way. A stop is an order. Keep the stops high on your demo so they can show you what s best for you when going live. I am always looking for the beginning of a trend.

I am always watching for the ones that have already begun for the morning or session. Sometimes the lights turning red and blue on the meter during the beginning of my trading day may be showing peaks and not trends. I want to see steadily rising numbers for my strong choice. High numbers are not what I want to see. I want to see a climbing number or declining number. Just picking the highest number isn t the idea. You want to watch the trends developing and moving towards weakness or strength, You are trading the spread between currencies.

This means you want to see as great a difference between two currencies as possible at an increasing rate of change. That s the profit. Don t get attached to one special pair. Sure, if the signals are there fine, but look around. Experiment with how many pips you can get with other pairs and how much that translates to in your home currency.

Once you have identified the potential candidates for your trade, you need to get into the market as soon as possible or your increasing spread between the currencies begins to slow down. Your personal risk factor is the only thing that will determine how much money you make.

The ForexGrail system can be used in any time period and under most market conditions Even economic reports. It is you who will have to see the trend beginning and take advantage of it by selecting a good counter currency. It s not hard to do using a few simple instructions.

To summarize; You need the currency chart in combination with the two SMA s. On the next page, let s finish this trade. The 7 is being hit and it is time to exit. Anchors are places where prices, on a five minute chart, have a tendency to dawdle. This concept was developed several years ago when a friend and I would make guesses on where the price was most likely to rest, before moving on.

This discovery took a few years to refine but I found that using the OandaFX 5 minute close price chart, I could clearly see the places where price seemed to be magnetically attracted by using a horizontal line. I have them marked as anchor bands.

I do not try to predict anything more than a likely place where price will most likely be drawn to. Anchors are a fuzzy concept and very difficult to explain without showing you in real time how they work. As the image below shows, I begin by counting the amount of times the price seems to hit an area. I have circled the spots below where activity that morning is shown to center. I only want some kind of indication of where price will most likely go based on previous behavior that morning.

I am not trying to go back more than a few hours. I call them Anchor bands and they are not support, nor resistance. Just places where the price has shown it is most likely to go. Then rest. It may go up and it may not. I don t know for sure what is going to happen once it hits an anchor, but I do know with a certain amount of confidence that when price is within one of these anchors spots, it is most likely going to reach that area.

As you can see from the pictures, the price is almost drawn to the anchor band like a magnet. These little jumps can add several pips to a trade in progress and the anchors will let me hang in a little since I know the price is most likely to go to the band.

What it does after it hits the band, I don t know. I just know it s most likely to get there. Anchors allow me to see a good place to get out of a trade. Sure, there is risk. But I am in complete control of the decisions I make concerning my trading money just as I am in choosing where and how to drive safely. Watching charts and trading forex is not my lifestyle. I use it to provide me with a lifestyle. I pick a time when the market is most likely to make a move, and I do some planning ahead of time to get a little piece of it.

The mechanics of making trades is something you will have to wade through on your own using your brokers manual. Each platform is different but they all follow the same routines. I usually make market orders with a huge stop limit and possible take profit targets. A stop is just an order. Keep that in mind. We are trading currencies folks. We try to extract the difference between separate and quite distinct currencies. Spread trading the forex market is something people tend to keep quiet about since their methods and techniques usually involve some indicator 66 P a g e.

Standard charts go up and down; up means good and down means bad. In forex, we can trade both up and down. Currency is not determined by emotions the way much smaller markets like stocks and indices. Most commodities are ruled by the speculators desires and fears. Not foreign exchange. Central banks and professionals determine the price relationship of a currency. What we see on our forex platforms is a contrived market.

There is no single central authority for foreign exchange prices. Professionals and specialists determine the value of a country s currency. We have nothing to do with it. We can only hope to find an opportunity or an edge by understanding how these folks determine a currency value, which is translated into a price. We only have to find an opportunity. Understanding that we buy strength or sell weakness of an individual currency, not pair, is vital if you hope to become successful and last trading this type of market.

Test the ForexGrail methodology on a demo until you have satisfied yourself it works. Always keep leverage low and give each trade time to work for you. Do not bail out too fast. All good trades move up and down. This is normal. Expect to stay in the market a while depending on the time of day. Notes: Don t just jump in right away. Watch for the steady progression of the numbers on the meter.

They will change all the time but still show you strength and weakness. Be careful of upcoming economic announcements. Most economic reports will not move the market out of its prevailing trend unless there is a very big surprise. Years ago, the market would spike frequently on these reports but they rarely do now. The big ones to look out for and you are advised to take your profit and wait them out are reports like Nonfarm payrolls. Big reports can still shake things up. I wish you the very best life has to offer.

Of course, not all your trades will be perfect. However, using the ForexGrail system of entry and Exit along with a little common sense, will result in a much higher percentage of winners than you have been experiencing. Everyone should follow good money management principles and never risk more than you can afford to lose. Start with a low leverage trading account and gradually increase the size of your trades.

That's a common question. You can make as much as the market will give you under the circumstances of the day. Any professional will tell you that the market will give what it gives as often as it feels like. Everyone is different. All trades are usually unique. If they weren't we would know we were going to win or lose would we? It s our unique collection of skills that will determine what you will make trading.

Some people begin with a little money and others have a lot. You have to get the silly notion of making huge amounts of money in Forex when starting out. It s not going to happen. The very small amount of people I know who methodically took the time to develop a good system and ran it several months proving a profit each time ended up staying in the game for years with me.

They found a system, applied good money management, and didn't jump the gun whenever the market moved a bit. Take your time. This is a tough business that can pay off well. If you don't run before you learn to walk. Take conservative trades and never play with scared money. I can usually see at least two setups a morning.

I have often seen a few more at different times of the day on various currencies. I have no way of knowing what's going to be happening. All I can say is that when the correct conditions make themselves apparent, I will be waiting, this is a waiting game folks. You wait for the right conditions or you don't make a trade. Stick to that, and you'll be fine.

The idea here is to adopt a system and stick to it. Sit down and write out your rules for entry and exit. You do it for yourself. You will find that just about any tried and true system will work if people only stuck to it and had an edge. The ForexGrail is a good system. It becomes an excellent system with the currency strength chart added to it. If you can't make it work on paper, you don't stand much of a chance with real money. If you don't have discipline, nothing, even the ForexGrail won t work for you.

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If hypothetical or simulated performance results are used, these have certain inherent limitations. Unlike an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. Also, since the trades have not actually been executed, the results may have been under-or over-compensated for impact. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve the profits or losses similar to any examples shown. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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Copyrighted work.

Forexgrail ebook readers It shouldn t matter which currencies you trade. Day traders have been measuring strength for decades but the introduction of fast intraday time periods made the work too hard. This is a very simple system but several things need to be said several times to show importance. Intermarket Relationships 1 Chapter 4. No bars or Candles The ForexGrail methodology shows you how to adjust the value of the signal for less risk as you gain experience, adjusting the parameters to match the expertise of the trader.
Financial aid summer session If all the pairs containing our currency are affected, then it will get plotted accordingly. We ve always believed that one of the best ways to protect investors is to provide them with the materials they. You will find it on the system notices page near the bottom. June 28th,pm. The changes in intraday strength we see using tools like the currency strength meter are based on changes in trends during the smaller time periods. It takes a lot of the risk and hassle out of trading and More information. Later you may want to fine tune with other settings but for now, use the simple moving average close price line.
Binary options by vadim ozerov I will use an eight single currency example. Don t stare at charts. There are numerous other factors related to the market in general or to the implementation of any specific trading program, which cannot be fully accounted for in 72 P a g e. I usually make market orders with a huge stop limit and possible take profit targets. Lane observed that as prices rise. As foreign exchange traders, we usually watch a chart showing the difference in value of two.

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