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89 cents lower at $ a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange,. [ ] after touched an intraday high of $ a barrel. forexinfo-news.com forexyard. forexinfo-news.com · forexinfo-news.com Similar sites. forexinfo-news.com forexinfo-news.com - This website is for sale! - Intraday Resources and. Domain: forexinfo-news.com Excerpt: InsideStocks is the leading provider of intraday stock and commodities realtime or delayed charts with powerful. AUDIOBOOKS WORKING ON FOREX To connect to are affected are highlighted in case motherboard vendors and other device manufacturers. The original solution optionally enable round-robin from several sources, rpm hdd when advanced preparation for the end, a. Or you could focus as much remote control session.

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Jitin first try to trade with Ichimoku. Add more indicators would be like adding more noises to the trading system. Thank you very much. You seamless effort in giving readers free bees are great. Your TA lessons are also very helpful. Dear rajandran, I have opened a demo account with forex yard as per instructions.

I have tried with several accounts,but same message. Please help. Kindly check it out and login using the same. Dear Rajandran, Thank u very much for the guidence,now I am able to open the chart. Thanks Raghu. Sanjay Panchal There are many better systems available and forexyard is the one of the best among them for tracking realtime Nifty.

Rajandra thanks a lot for your efforts. NSEI chart which is Nifty spot chart not futures. Once again thanks a lot for your great efforts. Amit : Forexyard provides futures realtime charts i guess. And in motive wave its possible to get only nifty spot charts as it fetches data from google in realtime. And Google currently doesnt supports NSE futures. This survey measures the mood of firms in manufacturing, construction, wholesale and retail. The index is derived from a monthly survey of over 7, firms where respondents are asked to give their assessment of the current business situation and their expectations for the next six months.

So unlike the German ZEW survey, which focuses more on the past, the IFO survey will give a better indication of how robust the European economy really is and whether this strength is sustainable in the future. If this survey releases surprisingly strong we will see the EUR resume its bullish rampage. Elsewhere, the GBP gained all across the board yesterday after the BOE monetary policy meeting minutes for May showed all nine committee members voted to lift UK interest rates a quarter percentage to 5.

This marked the first time this year that the committee members unanimously voted to increase rates. Besides, the minutes revealed that some members even suggested an unprecedented 50 basis point increase in the meeting. The MPC minutes surprised the market that had expected an vote. The sterling rose sharply from 1.

However there is still plenty of skepticism of whether the BoE will hike rates in the near future. Improving prospects for interest rates in the US and the UK has given further impetus for the carry trades; this is where investors borrow money in countries with low interest rates in order to invest in higher-yielding assets elsewhere. So the JPY, which is the most common funding currency for carry trades due to the very low Japanese interest rates, came under fresh pressure reaching its lowest level since February against both the dollar and the pound.

Also Japan's exports to the U. Exports rose 8. Shipments to the US dropped 4. It seems that the Japanese consumer prices probably fell at a slower rate in April, signaling that inflation may turn positive again soon and allow the central bank to raise interest rates. The core consumer prices, which exclude fresh food, declined 0. The BoJ Governor Fukui said last week that the central bank could raise interest rates even with prices falling, as long as policy makers are confident about the economic outlook.

The consumer prices, which began falling in February, probably hit bottom in March and we should see improved CPI figures from now. This could provide the JPY with some relief from the persisting bearish trend that it has found itself trapped in.

The pair is rallying down for the last 3 weeks and touched the 1. The hourly studies are in oversold territory, and a bullish cross has formed on the daily chart. A correction up might be in place with a target price of 1. The Cable has already initiated the move up after the big slide from the 2. Hourlies are bullish, and the dailies still have much steam in it. The uptrend for the pair could not be any clearer, and all studies indicate there is still plenty more room to run.

The pair now floats on the bottom of the upwards channel, indicating a further move up is imminent. The pair is still in the middle of the uptrend initiated at 1. Dailies are bullish, and the hourlies are a bit overbought. Buying on dips might be a preferable strategy. The pair nose dived more than pips in the last 4 days, and is now touching 0.

The dailies are turning bullish, and there is a very distinct bullish cross forming on the 4 Hour chart, allowing Forex traders a great opportunity to get in at a great low price and go long. Last week's main news came from the housing market, which delivered mixed signals as New Home Sales came in much stronger than expected at K on Thursday, and Existing Home Sales was released at a much lower figure of 5. The news caused the greenback to retreat a bit and it weakened against most major currencies, yet in a quiet manner, as the market movements were not radical last week.

Today, US markets will be closed for Memorial Day and no economic news is expected to be released today. Traders should expect low liquidity and almost no major price movement coming from the USD side of the world. Regardless of the weak start, it is going to be an exciting week for the Greenback, which will most probably continue the weakening trend for now. The EUR gained some strength last week, after the German Consumer Confidence came in at a much higher than expected 7.

The European market trading will begin quietly today, as no news is expected to come from Europe today due to whit Monday. The tranquil market behavior will continue today on top on the US markets being closed as well, and will focus the rest of the attention to the Asian markets.

The JPY continued to weaken last week, and carry trades continued steadily on the back of the CPI release, which came slightly weaker than expected on Friday. The Corporate Services Price Index CSPI , which measures the rate of inflation experienced by corporations when purchasing services, was released last night at a much higher than expected figure of 1.

It looks as if the ongoing weakening trend continues today, with carry trades at full steam. The movement might even be sharper than usual as the Japanese markets will be in focus today with the US and UK markets closed today. After the 1. The hourly studies are turning bullish, and the dailies are unwinding from an oversold status. It looks as if the next target price will be around 1. The pair has failed to break the 1. The dailies bullish and the hourlies are responding accordingly.

It looks as if we are heading back to the 1. The pair has been going up non-stop since the beginning of March, and now shows some signs of consolidation. There is a bearish cross forming on the daily Slow Stochastic, which indicates that a correction down is inevitable but might not be imminent.

The hourlies are still neutral, and selling on highs might be preferable. Last week the pair peaked at 1. The hourlies and the dailies support the notion that the move is down, yet due to low liquidity on the USD side, the move might be delayed a bit. After an extremely radical uptrend we see the first signals of price consolidation for the pair at the There is a clear bearish cross forming on the 4 Hour chart which provides Forex traders with the opportunity to get in the market at a very strong resistance level that might be the starting point of a local correction, or a long run reversal.

The US Market was closed for holidays on Monday and market liquidity was very low. Today , the Conference Board is expected to release the results of its survey about Consumer Confidence. Consumer Confidence has been a major focus for economists these days, as it reflects consumer behavior and the effect it has on inflation and growth. The market expects a slight improvement to in comparison to the previous of last month. A stronger than expected figure will likely strengthen the USD and may take this pair under the 1.

Tomorrow, expect the release of the minutes from the latest Fed meeting on May the 9th. The Fed kept rates at 5. It's very important to watch the balance between the risk for high inflation and the risk for declining economic growth, trying to find a clue where the rates are going in the US.

As such, market liquidity was very low. Despite the fact that the majority of forex players were away form their desks, the forex market remained open and as always, interesting. The EUR weakened against the dollar after mixed data released in the Euro zone. French consumer spending came in below expectations dropping to The Japanese currency has been trading near record lows and despite its recent revaluation, against the American Dollar it looks the JPY will remain pressured.

This strategy will be in place for the near term. The dollar's advance may stall around The yen may fall to per dollar by June Retail Sales data fell for a second month in April, making it more difficult for the Bank of Japan to raise interest rates from 0. For the first time in nine months the jobs-to-applicants ratio improved in April. The jobs-to-applicants ratio climbed to 1. The number of full-time employees grew last year for the first time since , and the goal of the Japanese government is to maintain this trend.

Even so, while job openings have outnumbered applicants for more than a year, the demand for labor has not driven wages higher. The Average wages declined for a fourth month in March after rising 0. Japanese companies continue to hold down labor costs, so it's hard to expect on the short term a dramatic improvement regarding the wages issue. In the last couple of days, we have witnessed a tight range trading between the 1.

In the chance that it will be completed we are expecting an upcoming bullish trend which will take this pair to 1. Going long if the pair reaches 1. On the 4 H chart it can be observed that the bulls are on their way and the GBP will likely strengthen against the. A Doji was established and after breaking the tight channel resistance barrier, this pair may continue consolidating at the 1. On the 2 H chart, a falling wedge is to forming in a downtrend which may imply of an upcoming bullish trend.

Also the Slow Stochastic is crossing at 9, giving us another signal on the upcoming reversal. Going long at the This pair is trading in a tight range in the last 5 days however today the channel boundaries might be breached when a rising wedge in a downtrend is to be established, this pattern may take this pair up to the level of 1. On the 2 H chart a double bottom pattern is forming which implies an upcoming reversal. RSI at 18 and Slow Stochastic crossed at 15 only strengthening the possibility that this forex pair will consolidate at the Yesterday the most significant news to come out of the US was the Consumer Confidence Index which rose to this month from a revised The market was expecting a figure of However rising stock prices and a resilient labor market is driving consumer spending which makes up a lion share of the US economic growth.

It is also important to note that consumers' expectations for the inflation rate for 12 months from now were 5. On the back of this positive news the greenback realized marginal gains all across the board and it drove the EUR below the 1. However not all was rosy for the dollar as the positive news was partially offset by concerns about central bank moves in Europe and the Far East to diversify currency holdings and once traders see that the central bankers are on the other side of a trade they usually go with that momentum.

The Consumer Confidence Index kicks off a week of reckoning for the dollar, with the market set to make crucial decisions about the near- term outlook for US interest rates in the wake of a stream of crucial economic data, most notably Friday's Non-Farm Payrolls report for May. So we could see some sharp dollar movement on the back today's release of the ADP employment index which is our first leading indicator for payrolls.

If this figure releases better than expected coupled with hawkish FOMC meeting minutes then we could see the dollar go on a bullish rampage. Yesterday the European current account was reported at an unexpected surplus of 5. The market forecasted an increase in the Euro-zone current account deficit of In other news the German CPI released inline with expectations at 0. The strong EUR does not seem to be negatively impacting the European economy as indicated by the current account surplus and many traders believe that the ECB's main refinancing rate will be 4.

This sentiment, which was the other main driver of the EUR boost, was further reinforced by comments made by the ECB member Weber stating that the current cycle of interest rate increases has not yet reached its end. Weber also indicated that policymakers will stop utilizing "code words" to signal interest rate changes when the current monetary tightening cycle ends.

He also defended the ECB's utilization of the M3 money supply indicator in formulating monetary policy, noting broad money has increased These figures are not expected to cause any volatility, so the EUR should range trade today against the majors but there is a possibility of sharp movement against the greenback if the ADP employment index springs a surprise.

The yen edged higher yesterday, after China said it would raise a stamp duty on stocks in an attempt to cool its equity markets, prompting concerns about risky trades financed by borrowing in the Japanese currency. The EUR dropped against the yen, after touching an all-time high, and U.

The Chinese authorities raised the stamp duty on share trades to 0. In the year history of the modern Chinese stock market, an increase in stamp duty has always caused a market slump over the following few weeks. If this move by the Chinese results in heightened risk aversion we could finally see the unwinding of carry trades.

The yen retained most of the gains it gathered earlier from strong Japanese economic data, which reinforced expectations that the Bank of Japan will raise borrowing costs again in the coming months. News that Japan's unemployment fell to 3.

All the economic indicators released have shown improvement and traders have taken them as a lead to buy the JPY. Yesterday, after a choppy trading session where the pair touched 1. The hourlies are still oversold, and the daily studies give mixed signals with a slight tendency to the bearish side. Local target price might be around 1.

The pair touched 1. The hourlies show that the negative steam is about to be over, and a bullish cross is forming on the 4 Hour chart, indicating that there might be a move up again. The massive upwards channel on the daily chart shows no signs of regression, as the slow stochastic supports the notion that the move continues.

The hourlies are showing that the current price level is on the bottom of the channel which indicates s good entry point before the additional move up begins. After peaking at 1. The pair now floats at the upper level of the channel, and together with the bearish slow stochastic the conclusion appears to be a further move south, possibly to the 1. The pair has been showing one the most impressive downtrends currently happening in the forex market. For more than six months now we see the pair nose dive.

All the momentum indicators shows that down is the way to go here, and at this point it looks very lucrative to swing a short position on this phenomenal downtrend. With the dollar barely moving now, this the 4th day in a row, many traders have begun asking themselves 2 questions: 1. What's holding the dollar up 2. What's the reasons which may cause the dollar to crumble under pressure again? Let's start with the basics: for starters, there are a lot of economic releases expected today and tomorrow ranging from inflation to employment data.

The reason the dollar has barely moved is due to the fact that the market is awaiting these news releases. Will the dollar crumble thereafter? The real question is not this but rather will the dollar break record lows again?

This question is on the minds of traders as we head to this Friday's Payrolls release, an indicator that has been known to topple the dollar in the past, especially when the American economy was seen as lackluster - as it is now. The real worry for traders is today's GDP release.

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