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Forex trading bears intrinsic risks of loss. You must understand that Forex trading, while potentially profitable, can make you lose your money. Never trade. Share ideas, debate tactics, and swap war stories with forex traders from around the world. need help to "array out of range" message. The Forex Array Signal indicator for MT4 is a profitable trend system indicator that works similar to a moving averages crossover system. Free download. FOREX VIDEO GAMES Bug Server for. Suppose you want the Address Book Citrix Workspace app, but I came the category Software utilities with subcategory. Remote group login If exploited, this vulnerability allows attackers with the advent.

To help further, the indicator then signals those currency pairs approaching an overbought or oversold condition in the ranking table. And in addition the Currency Array gives you an instant warning of whether the currency you are focusing on is being bought or sold universally. In other words, a heads up to risk. And last but not least, you can check all twenty eight pairs across all the timeframes within seconds.

No more missed opportunities. No need to have hundreds of charts or multiple screens. It is all here. Compact, elegant, instant and clear. The complex sea of forex sentiment that ebbs and flows second by second, all beautifully displayed on one chart.

So why not add the Quantum Currency Array to your trading tools today, and sail smoothly through your trading day with low risks and high profits. The forex market is like the sea. The numbers are simply overwhelming, and with screen space at a premium it is an impossible task. Even more difficult is identifying the change of sentiment, as it moves from trending strongly in one direction, then into calmer waters before reversing and trending once more.

This is the cyclical price behaviour we see in all timeframes. But seeing these changes quickly, and profiting from them is challenging. This is where the Quantum Currency Array indicator steps in. This indicator has been developed to identify and display these trends quickly and easily, allowing you to see instantly, those currency pairs which are trending, and those which are not — and in all timeframes, with just one click.

All 28 pairs are arrayed before you, giving an instant visual description of those pairs that are trending strongly, those in congestion and those about to develop a trend, all in your chosen timeframe. The Quantum Currency Array indicator displays all the 28 currency pairs derived from the 8 major currencies as featured in the Quantum Currency Strength Indicator namely: US dollar, euro, British pound, Swiss franc, Japanese yen, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, and the New Zealand dollar.

In displaying all the pairs in an array, this gives an instant view of their relative trend strength and reveals this relationship in a visual and intuitive manner in three very powerful ways. First, the indicator displays the 28 currency pairs in a ranked list, ordered by the strength of the trend. The currency pair with the greatest momentum and steepest uptrend appears at the top of the list — in other words the most bullish.

The one with the greatest momentum and steepest downtrend appears at the bottom — in other words the most bearish. All the other pairs are then ranked accordingly, and color coded from red at the bottom through to yellow and into green at the top of the ranking table. Currency pairs in congestion appear in the middle of the table and are colored yellow.

Alongside the ranking list is a second column. This signals whether a particular currency pair is approaching an overbought or an oversold state, thereby providing an opportunity to profit from any trend reversal, and get into a strong position early. These states are signaled in two ways. First that a currency pair is approaching such as state , and second when it has arrived at the extreme. These are shown as follows:. Once any of these signals appears beside a currency pair, it is flagging the potential for an impending change in direction of the trend, which can then be considered further by analysis of the chart.

Time to check this on the charts. In other words, the stronger the trend, the steeper the line. What you are seeing on the array is the directional momentum of all 28 currency pairs on one indicator, and in any timeframe. And as you would expect the currency pairs moving the most and with momentum, also display the steepest upward or downward gradient on the array. Currency pairs with little movement, and therefore in congestion, are found closest to the 0 level of the graph and appear horizontal or with little gradient to the line.

This is immensely powerful, and will give you the confidence, not only to take a position, but then to hold it to maximise your profits from the trend. In addition, you will instantly see those pairs in congestion with a flat trend line in the array, which may be preparing to trend, or about to join a move of sentiment which has already begun in the complex.

And this leads on to the third aspect of the Currency Array indicator which is this — it will give you an instant heads up to divergence across a currency complex. When a certain currency filter is in effect, the currency pairs that include the selected currency in the table appear in color. Meanwhile, all currency pairs that include the selected currency in the array are the only ones displayed.

Divergence And this leads on to the third aspect of the Currency Array indicator which is this — it will give you an instant heads-up to divergence across a currency complex, and the easiest example here is with the Japanese yen which is the counter currency for the major and cross pairs. On the array we should expect to see all the currency pairs on one side of the mid point or the other.

After all, if the flow of sentiment for the Yen is universal, then we would expect to see all the currency pairs aligned accordingly, whether selling or buying the Japanese Yen. If not, then we have some divergence, and the flow of sentiment is not universal. If you are trading a pair which is perhaps counter to broad sentiment, then this is a high risk proposition. The Currency Array will tell you this instantly and visually and across all the timeframes with a single click and on ONE chart.

No need to try to scan 28 charts. It is all here for you. Dynamic graded color coding One of the coolest features we have introduced across all our indicators is the dynamic graded color coding, found in both the ranked list and the graph which makes analysis intuitive and fast. You can probably see instantly just from the images how easy it is, but here is a walkthrough.

The currency pairs appear as a color in the range of a green-yellow-red gradient in that order. It can either be positive or negative but trails the numbers closest to 0. The same color gradation applies on the array itself. It is important to note the yellow levels are not precisely in the middle of the list rank 14 of The gradation of color is dynamic and hence the transition of colors will depend entirely on the steepness of the trend of each currency pair as explained above.

As with all our other indicators, this is dynamic and is constantly shifting in real time to reflect the ebb and flow of sentiment across the timeframes. Getting Started Here are some further details on the Currency Array indicator to help you get started: - Your Quantum Currency Array indicator can be applied to any chart for any currency pair. The chart does not influence or affect the appearance or performance of the indicator.

The indicator will display in an identical way on each chart. We recommend expanding the indicator vertically to get a complete view. Currency Dashboard By itself, the Quantum Currency Array indicator is a powerful trading tool for identifying trading opportunities, quickly, easily, and on ONE chart. However, it was developed as part of what we like to call the Quantum Currency Dashboard which consists of the following indicators: - Quantum Currency Strength Indicator CSI - Quantum Currency Matrix - Quantum Currency Array - Quantum Currency Heatmap These four indicators then provide a unique and compact insight into all the various aspects of strength and weakness for both currencies and currency pairs, from trend and momentum to overbought and oversold.

What is unique is that using four charts, you are then able to monitor the myriad combinations of strength, weakness, momentum, congestion and divergence across the entire forex complex at a click of a button. And even more powerfully, giving you the confidence to get in and stay in for maximum profits.

No more missed opportunities, no more struggling with multiple charts, and no more trader regret, whatever your trading style or approach. Release Notes: Implements the new Pine Tables update. Release Notes: Fixed Pine referencing length issue. Release Notes: Adjusted optimization variable. Invite-only script. Author's instructions Please send us a message here in TradingView to learn how to access this indicator.

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