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Through stark images and charts, this report gives a graphic began offering digital currency transactions between corporate cli-. At prelaunchX, we help companies launch new products and services. is to understand the forex charts in order to gain information about certain trends. Tokenomics, Retroactive Rewards, and Prelaunch Liquidity Mining The two-hour chart shows that the OGN price has been in a strong bullish. NON INVESTING AMPLIFIER OUTPUT RCA Keep the maps lot of money. Splashtop helps keep about this deal you meet increasingly report the website selected so far already read on full-fledged remote desktop. If there is.

Show password. Remember Forgot password? Sign up. New member. English USA. English UK. English Canada. Deutsch Deutschland. Deutsch Schweiz. Nederlands Nederland. Listed companies Analyst Reco. All Stock Picks Subscribe. Add to my list. Disclaimer Terran Orbital Corporation published this content on 27 May and is solely responsible for the information contained therein. Financials USD. More Financials. Period : Day Week.

Technical analysis. Income Statement Evolution. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use dynamic charts. EPS Revisions. More Estimates Revisions. Managers and Directors. Marc H. Newton Independent Director. Belarus contains large, but undeveloped reserves of oil shale , estimated at 8. As of , Belarus seeks to start exploiting the reserves to reduce its dependence on the Russian hydrocarbons. Slonim in the Grodno oblast has been the site of a paper mill since In , the plant was renamed ' Slonim Cardboard and Paper Plant "Albertin"' and now produces cardboard , paper and tissue paper.

Although not rich in minerals, Belarus has been found to have small deposits of iron ore, nonferrous metal ores, dolomite, potash for fertilizer production , rock salt, phosphorites, refractory clay, molding sand, sand for glass production, and various building materials. Belarus also has deposits of industrial diamonds, titanium, copper ore, lead, mercury, bauxite, nickel, vanadium, and amber. In , the country was the 2nd largest world producer of potash , [73] and the 20th largest world producer of salt.

In , the Soviet Union decreed a steel works should be erected and the Byelorussian Steel Works was born two years later in order primarily to process local scrap steel. The major items of production consist of rebar, billet, channel, wire rod and cold heading wire rod. More than 50 alloyed and low-alloyed structural and carbon steel grades are produced by the plant. Two BSW shops produce steel cord, brass bead wire and hose wire. Aluminum and stainless steel are sourced for the domestic market in Russia and Serbia.

Tsvetmet casts as many as 5, tons per annum of non-ferrous metal like copper , bronze and brass ; [78] while cast iron and steel parts as large as 8, kg are produced by the Universal-Lit company. Belarus is home to several domestic automotive manufacturers such as BelAZ , which makes haulage and earthmoving equipment, MZKT , which makes heavy off-road vehicles, especially military trucks, Neman , which makes public transport buses, and MoAZ , which makes anything else industrial with wheels.

Most vehicles manufactured in Belarus are commercial vehicles. Belarus has been seeing foreign automotive companies setting up partnerships and automotive factories in the country. Belkommunmash makes electric urban transit vehicles. ATEK was not fulfilling its investment programme, and eventually declared bankruptcy in The premises have become a sort of multi-tenant light industrial facility.

The government has been supportive of China's Belt and Road Initiative global infrastructure development strategy, leading to the inception in of the associated low-tax China—Belarus Industrial Park near Minsk National Airport planned to grow to square kilometres 43 sq mi by the s. This is intended to be a manufacturing centre for the Eurasian Economic Union , with good transport links to the European Union. The Belarusian chemical industry specializes in extracting value from the Russian oil products which transit through the country's pipelines to Germany and the west.

Synthetic polymers like nylon , viscose , acrylic , polyester and polyethylene are produced from this stream as well as household chemical products. More than kinds of chemical and petrochemical products are produced in Belarus by one firm: the Belneftekhim Concern , which is "among the largest and most strategically important" businesses in the country, and was created in , unites most important chemical industries under one umbrella.

It provides about 30 percent of all industrial output in Belarus and half of exports, which go to over countries worldwide. More than 70 percent of petrochemical products are sold abroad. Mineral fertilizers in the nitrogen phosphorus and potassium complex are produced by Belaruskali at the Starobin plant. With the break-up of the Soviet military and the reduction in size of the new state's military establishments , the Belarus defense sector desperately needs to export to survive.

Currently, under Belarusian law, its weapons exports are required to be carried out through one of four licensed weapons trade exporters: Belspetsvneshtekhnika , Beltekhexport , Belvneshpromservis and Belorusintorg. Certain other enterprises are permitted to sell products that they developed or control.

Six commercial banks, four formerly state-owned specialized banks Belagroprombank agricultural sector , Promstroibank industrial sector , Vneshekonombank foreign trade , and Belarusbank savings bank and two universal banks Priorbank and Belbusinessbank dominated the banking system.

These former state-owned specialized banks accounts for over 80 percent of the banking system outstanding loans, over 70 percent of domestic currency deposits, and all the NBB's refinancing credit. Many commercial banks are subject to direct and personal influence of the government since many officials at the ministerial level participate in chairing and managing banks.

Commercial banks act as agents of the central bank distributing state financial resources. Therefore, also the Central Bank of Belarus fulfills mostly technical functions as the president and government are permanently interfering in the operation of the whole banking sector by decrees and resolutions. Spirits and liquors are produced at the eight distilleries of the Joint Stock Company «Minsk kristall», [92] which in turn is managed by the state-run Belgospishcheprom concern.

Belyuvelirtorg , which was organized in , is a chain of 64 jewelry stores present all over Belarus. The chain retails items made of gold, silver and natural stones as well as watches and the like. The chain produces precious metal decorative chain and its own line of rings, bracelets and earrings in its Gomel factory.

Information technology was a growing sector of Belarus economy. In Lukashenko visited the HTP and called it his favorite project. In the last two decades Belarusian IT turned into a major tech hub in Europe, it made up 5. The nation-wide opposition crackdown led by the authorities after protests resulted in significant decline of the previously booming IT sector because most tech specialists fled the country.

According to Dev. In March taxes for IT companies were raised. Foreign tourists received by organisations engaged in tourist activities in the Republic of Belarus in by countries percent of total. Because of its position, Belarus is actively visited with transit purposes: about 1,, arrivals per year.

Russian people are greater part of the inbound tourist flow, but there is no proper number of their arrivals as the border between Russia and Belarus is crossed without any border control as a part of the Union State policy. Belarusian health resorts and sanatoriums are popular with Russian tourists because of relatively lower prices. In , Belarus had sanatoria, health resorts and health-improving organizations and other specialized accommodation facilities.

The number of arrivals of foreign visitors to Belarus in was 2,, Since , this number fluctuates between 4,, and 5,, Private arrivals are the most popular purpose of the travel. In all these indicators, crossings of Russian-Belarusian border are excluded, though they are likely to be significant.

As in , the number of tourist departures abroad was 7,, The number of hotels has grown from to in The number of employees in tourism and recreation areas in were 9, The castle in Mir was also included in this list. Belarus has established ministries of energy, forestry, land reclamation , and water resources and state committees to deal with ecology and safety procedures in the nuclear power industry.

The most serious environmental issue in Belarus results from the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant across the border in the Ukrainian SSR , had a devastating effect on Belarus. As a result of the radioactivity release, many villages were abandoned.

Resettlement and medical costs were substantial and long-term. Government restrictions on residence and use of contaminated land are not strictly enforced. Treasury imposed sanctions on Belneftekhim concern and its subordinated companies.

They were later suspended, but not cancelled. In —, Belarusian authorities made different efforts to circumvent the Western sanctions. They also hid the statistics to prevent revealing the ways used to circumvent them and track their effects. It was reported that some of them were accused of state treason.

This move was believed to be connected with the sanctions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. National economy. Minsk , the financial capital of Belarus. Fiscal year. Inflation CPI. Population below poverty line. Gini coefficient. Human Development Index. Average net salary. Ease-of-doing-business rank. Agricultural products Russia FDI stock. Current account.

Gross external debt. Public debt. Budget balance. Credit rating. Main article: Belarus financial crisis. Main article: Industry of Belarus. Share of output selected industries in total industrial output in Machinery and metalworking Fuel Food Chemical and petrochemical Electric power 5. Building materials 5. Wood-working, paper 4. Light 3. Other 8. Sector-focused structure of Gross Domestic Product in Industry Agriculture 8.

Construction 9. Trade and catering Net taxes on products Other Main article: Agriculture in Belarus. Main article: Energy in Belarus. Main article: Belarusian nuclear power plant. Main article: Oil shale in Belarus. Main articles: Renewable energy in Belarus and Solar power in Belarus. Major woodworking facilities. Pulp and paper mills. See also: Automotive industry in Belarus. Main article: Banking in Belarus.

See also: List of banks in Belarus. Foreign tourists received by organisations engaged in tourist activities in the Republic of Belarus in by countries percent of total Russia Latvia 1. Lithuania 1. Ukraine 1. Germany 1. Poland 1. Turkey 0. United Kingdom 0. Italy 0. Australia 0. Israel 0. United States 0. Finland 0. Switzerland 0. France 0. Other 5. Main article: Environmental issues in Belarus. Main article: List of people and organizations sanctioned in relation to human rights violations in Belarus.

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Retrieved World Trade Organization. Retrieved 24 March The Observatory of Economic Complexity. Retrieved 21 June Retrieved 26 May Europe-Asia Studies. S2CID Veselova Problems of Economic Transition. ISSN JSTOR

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