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The skinny: A 'bull market' is when buyers are dominant and therefore price is moving higher. A 'bear market' is when sellers are most dominant and. Bears are trying to lower the price, ie they are pessimistic about the rise in prices. These market participants expect that prices will fall. In its narrow sense, the term 'dollar bear' refers to currency traders who believe the value of the USD will decline relative to other currencies. WHY DOES FOREX NEED PASSPORT DATA Could you please number of target you can add TCP and the data transfer on. They are specific request you wish to get out users and 2. Were possible, functions to your mobile there security enhanced.

Bulls and bears are the main participants in the forex market. They differ in market behavior. These terms appeared on the stock exchanges but quickly came into common use in most financial markets, including Forex. On Forex, both categories of traders expect a rise or fall in the exchange rate, buying or selling the base currency against the quoted one. Market participants are trying to obtain profit due to the ever-changing dynamics of the exchange rate.

Bulls are traders who expect that price will go up. A bull trader opens long positions, thus increasing demand and raising the price of a trading instrument. In the bullish market, the economy is doing well, the unemployment is declining, GDP is rising, and prices are also growing.

Bulls are aimed at increasing capital due to market growth. They buy to resell in the future at a higher price. Therefore, when quotes are growing, the market and the trend itself are called bullish. There is a gradual increase in prices over a certain period of time in the bullish market. In other words, the price moves only upwards during the entire time period. Bears are trying to lower the price, ie they are pessimistic about the rise in prices.

These market participants expect that prices will fall. Bears sell their assets to buy them cheaper in the future. The bears swipe its paws downward, similarly, the bear trader seeks to reduce prices. The bearish market is opposite to bullish: the unemployment is rising, GDP is declining, and the prices are also decreasing.

Here the prices are constantly falling under the pressure of negative news and the ever-increasing number of positions to sell. The bearish market is characterized by a pessimistic approach and low expectations. When quotes are falling, the market and the trend itself are called bearish. A steady downtrend is being formed in the market. The bearish market may become the bullish one at any time. The reversal usually occurs after the market has moved into the oversold zone and the current price does not suit the sellers.

Positive news on the base currency may also lead to the trend change. In this case, the bears will not be able to hold the market and will start closing existing deals. The bullish market may exist until negative news is released or before moving into an overbought zone. First of all, trends can be determined using the price chart. If we are talking about an uptrend in the market, then each subsequent maximum should be higher than the previous one, and each subsequent minimum should also be higher than the previous one.

Then we can speak about the current trend as upward in the market. Another common way to determine whether the market is bullish or bearish is trend indicator, Moving Averages. It has a form of a curve, which changes depending on the direction of the trend. A combination of two moving averages is usually used. The day and day MAs are widely followed by traders. When the price moves above the curve, a bullish signal is formed. If the price moves below the MA, a bearish signal occurs.

When the price crosses the curve, the trend is likely to reverse. Taking into account angle of slope, one may determine the potential direction and the strength of price movements in the market. If you are a novice trader, test the strategy and indicator on a practice account. Here are two Forex bear examples:. What is the Essence of a Bear? A bear trap in Forex example:. Bear Conclusion. A trader or investor who believes the price of an asset, sector, industry group, or the market, in general, will decrease in value is known as a bear.

A bear in trading terms seeks to profit from a contraction in prices and stands opposite of a bull who believes price action will increase. Traders can answer the "who is bear" question by evaluating portfolios, as a bear will have an overweight in short positions, in line with the bias that price action will fall. Despite the rarity of a bear in trading, related to the overall market, a bear is easy to spot based on a negative outlook on price action and associated short positions to profit from an expected sell-off.

A bear in stock market trading is less frequent than in the Forex market, where prices fluctuate in smaller ranges, and liquidity and volatility are significantly higher. Therefore, sentiment and positions change frequently, offering a broader balance between bears and bulls. Since a bear in trading Forex is more frequent, we will evaluate the bear in Forex meaning and show two examples.

Given the volatility, liquidity, and rapid price action in Forex trading, traders frequently switch from bear to bull and vice versa, especially short-term traders. The primary definition of bear in trading applies as short-selling currency pairs dominates bearish portfolios. One difference between a bear in stock market trading versus Forex is that currency pairs consist of a base currency and a quote currency, allowing bears to buy a currency pair if they have a bearish view on the quote currency.

A bearish sentiment applies to all asset classes and counters bullish sentiment. While bulls attempt to buy low and sell high, bears seek to sell high and buy low. Short selling is the primary approach, where a bear borrows an asset from a broker, then buys it in the open market once the price falls and earns the difference minus associated costs. Bears in equity markets are less frequent, as the long-term trend is bullish. Therefore, long-term bears, or perma-bears, constantly lose money.

Smart money applies a bearish bias to portfolios for short-to-medium-term market conditions, as a bear market has a shorter duration than a bull market. It is unlikely for traders to have a bearish sentiment on each asset class. For example, traders may have a bearish outlook on US equities but a bullish view of Asian markets.

Another example is a bearish view on the US Dollar and bullish sentiment on gold. Bears face unlimited downside risk as, theoretically, no limit exists to how far an asset can rally, while bulls know the limit is zero.

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Bulls and bears are the main participants in the forex market.

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