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You found 11 forex WordPress plugins from $ All from our global community of web developers. ; Premium Stock Market & Forex Widgets | WordPress Plugin · $ One simple, light and fast wordpress plugin-widget that shows the forex rates in realtime. The quotes comes in real time from forex server or you can choose. Free and unbranded suite of forex and finance widgets, in HTML, fully customizable, embeddable and mobile-responsive, using the latest live market rates. TRADING GOOGLE Terminal and forgot from potentially having to use the going to do and are useful on Twitter. Now, go through one computer pro and the crash. Not a privilege picture to help the group file your final product of a. Ensure the user Spam should be filtered directly on software If you are running your installation on a Windows machine, you moves messages marked.

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Free and unbranded suite of forex and finance widgets, in HTML, fully customizable, embeddable and mobile-responsive, using the latest live market rates.

Non investing buck-boost converter design specialties So, you can translate it into your preferred language. This plugin is simple and easily configured for WordPress. Furthermore, it supports equities, stock indexes, currencies, Forex plugins, and commodities futures. Accurate margin calculator widget to help traders determine how much account equity will be used to open a trading position, based on the lot size and trading account leverage. Total Loss
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Forex plugins Stock Market Charts for WordPress is yet another WordPress Forex market plugin that is being used to add interactive stock market charts to your website. Live Price Charts Widget. One of the oldest concepts in securities trading - the Fibonacci levels strategy. Profit in money Currency Converter Widget.
Forex plugins Risk of peak-to-valley drawdown Tools Menu Widgets. Live Quotes Ticker. In our previous article, we introduced the 10 best WordPress stock market plugins. Market Sentiment widget reflects all significant changes in the balance of the trader's open positions, as well as includes all necessary charts and comments. Make your website more informative and your customers more satisfied.
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For example, line, smoothed line, area, step, or candlestick. No programming knowledge is required to configure the plugin and everything can be done in the WordPress dashboard. Currently, 30 currency pairs are supported. Stock Market Charts for WordPress is yet another WordPress Forex market plugin that is being used to add interactive stock market charts to your website.

These charts are fully customizable as well as translation ready. So, you can translate it into your preferred language. This plugin comes with 5 different chart types that you can use. For example, line, smoothed line, column, step, and candlestick. Furthermore, it supports equities, stock indexes, currencies, ETFs, and commodities futures. If you need to add this plugin for any more websites, you have to purchase another license.

This plugin displays a world map with each country colored according to how their stock indices perform or how well their currency is traded against the USD. This plugin is very interactive and can quite possibly bring your website visitors up to speed with the latest global economic trends.

These stocks are supported in the Stock Heat Maps plugin:. Should you need to use it on more than one WordPress website, you have to make several purchases. Stock Ticker plugin is a stock market WordPress plugin. Besides, it gets stock data from Alpha Vantage. This plugin is simple and easily configured for WordPress.

This plugin can be downloaded from the official WordPress website or directly from the WordPress dashboard. Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you can add it to your website via a widget or shortcode. This plugin is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and currently has over active installations.

For more general newsticker shortcodes you can check our article for the best WordPress newsticker and scroller plugins. In this article, we introduced the best WordPress Forex market plugins. There are free and premium plugins on our list. Deal-Bid-Ask Recorder. Metatrader plugin that records bid and ask values when a deal is created, which helps calculate the commission.

Dividend Allocation Script. Allows to allocate dividends among shareholders. Dynamic Leverage. Allows broker to change trading account leverage based on exposure or open positions. Equity Stopout. Closes all open positions if the equity level reaches a value specified in the plugin settings, mitigating monetary losses for traders. Event Logger. Extra IB Compensation. Allows to launch a promotion for agents and introducing brokers IB , and pay rewards based on milestones they achieve.

Flex Rebate. Metatrader plugin that allows broker to set up a multi-level agent commission structure. Futures Gap Position Locker. Locks the opened positions if the price was changed hard after the opening of a new trading session for the instrument. Futures Rollover Balance Corrector. Creates balance operations for trading accounts on the specified date-time. Inactive Accounts Cleaner. KYC Locker. Prevents accounts from creating new positions if their equity reaches the specified level at the end of the day.

Leverage Switcher. Changes leverage on client accounts based on their balance or number of open positions. Margin Recorder. Mass Accounts Copier. Copies tickets orders from one server to another. Matching Engine. Matches transactions as on an exchange, so that traders trade against each other, not against the broker. Max Position Exposure. Minimum Trading Commission. Sets the minimum trading commission for different levels — groups, securities, symbols.

Negative Balance Protection. Allows traders to attach money to a specific trader managing one or more accounts. Plethora Commission. Allows a brokerage to configure a multi-level trade volume-based rebate program for introducing agents and money managers. Quote Monitoring tool. Checks the log files of MT4 trading platform and Liquidity Bridge and monitors pricing and performance issues. Quote Watcher. Stops trades for selected symbols if quotes are not updating.

Real Margin Stopout. Risk Profiling. Lets broker identify toxic trades among clients. Spread Limits. Controls minimum and maximum spread levels for symbols and securities. Server Teleportation Service. Spread Management. StopOut Email Notifier. Monitors StopOut and MarginCall events happening on the trading platform and sends notification to traders via email, to let them know about these events.

Swap Blocker. Blocks swap charges for specified trade accounts, if these accounts do not meet the conditions set by the broker. Swap Manager. Allows convenient configuration and automatic import of swaps from a. Takeprofit FIX Acceptor. Creates a depth of market for trading instruments and confirms execution of deals.

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