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forex training in minsk

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If you sell at a lower price than you bought — you suffer losses. Sounds pretty simple. At the same time, millions of people, companies, organizations and even governments are trying to make a profit. This means that prices are always in motion. The bigger the movement, the more volatile the market, which can provide more opportunities for profit. But, also increases the risk.

Trading in financial markets is always one of two ways. A highly organized market passes through the exchange, where participants trade a certain type of instrument. For example, American stocks on the new York stock exchange. Earnings, which is provided by the currency markets - is limitless, you only to acquire knowledge of this author's course.

The course "Forex - it organizes your knowledge and lays the foundation for your success. This course really gives you a winning ticket, as without much effort, you will learn all the basics of financial markets. This course will lay a solid foundation for further professional education and to select individual tools of the trade. In this tutorial we will be going over some of the most frequently used components and some quick tips which will allow you to be up and running on Metatrader 4 in no time.

When you first download and open Metatrader 4 you will notice it consists of 2 major parts which are the charting applications as well as the market watch window which is located over here on the left side. In the market watch window you can see the currency pairs that you are monitoring which is not a comprehensive list. The Navigator here functions as a normal file tree navigation system that you might see in another application where you click the crosses to see more information. The timezone up the top is set to central european time and may not match the timezone that you are living in.

The reason for this is that forex markets are usually closed on Saturday and Sunday depending on your timezone and your charting package you may get small little bars opening on your charts on Sunday afternoon which can really distort your technical patterns. To make sure this does not happen Metatrader 4 is set to Central European time by default which garantees the Mondays session starts with a Monday candle.

You might want to look at some past or historical data on the chart but when you drag the the chart to look at the earlier data you will notice that the chart automatically reverts back to earlier position. To stop this from happening you need to go to the top of the page and turn off Auto scroll and now when you look at the past data it will not automatically jump to the current day to show the current price.

Over on the right side of the chart you can see a price highlighted in black which is the Bid price for the currency pair you are currently watching. We already know in the forex markets there is always a bid and ask price and sometimes we would like to see both prices displayed on the screen.

If we go back to the chart we can see that only the bid price is still visible and that is because the spread is to thin for the daily time frame so you have to choose a shorter time frame in order to see both the bid and ask price. To do this just go to the top of the screen and choose a different time frame and now you can see both prices and the ask price is colored in red. This functionality is very handy for traders as you will be able to see how far away you are from your stoplosses, buy limits etc.

We encounter it everywhere on the Forex, observing rate charts or changes in prices on the exchange. Quotation is an expression of the value of one currency in monetary units of another currency We do not trade Forex with any particular currency, but with a currency pair when one currency is valued using another. It must be remembered that a quotation is the main indicator of the value of an asset in the auction.

Types of quotes: Direct quotation - when the unit value of a foreign currency is expressed in a number of units of the national currency. Indirect quote - when the value of a unit of national currency, expressed in a number of units of foreign currency. Cross rates are currency pairs without the US dollar included. In cross rates, the primary currency will always be the one indicated first, and the quoted one will always be the second one.

Point pip, point - the minimum variation in the change in the price of a currency on the Forex market. For most currency pairs, the fourth decimal place is the point. An exception is any currency pair with the Japanese yen JPY , where there are only two decimal places when quoting. A change in the value of an asset by 1 in the last digit is the smallest fluctuation of a quote.

In the example with the US dollar, it looks like this: 0. Large figure - holds points. I have already presented you 2 training video courses on trading in financial markets. But in both the first and second video courses, I talked about how to trade without using any technical indicators.

It is necessary to master the knowledge of this author's course. The course "Forex - it's simple" organizes your Risk disclosure. The reproduction of the materials placed on the site is prohibited. Any use of materials is allowed provided there is a direct active link to the original address.

Trading in financial instruments entails the likelihood of financial losses. A trader should consider all possible risks and take into account their financial losses. According to the law, to carry out financial operations on the financial markets the participant must be, 18 years of age.

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