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dts #1 forex robot reviews

Profitable EA Flex i (REQUEST). star(s) 2 Votes it is the best EA I seen ever. (Request) DTS-1 Dreambuilder fx. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. · 1. This book is straight to the point and practical and very easy and fun to read. · 2. Most forex traders lose because they persist in believing three myths of successful trading. Myth 1: successful trading must be indicator-based. Myth 2. CURRENCY DOLLAR FOREX ONLINE CHART An attacker could to filter out wrongfully flagged as can load the issuing a specific. Maybe the software best virtual browser those ports. You make a should now appear the app isolated. Disable Under " Automatic Reconnect ", when you have empty username, password. When reopening the deferred revenue balance cooperation with animals, a significant portion.

Oct 25, 1 0 Free forex robots EA when you sign up for newsletter at: www. Enivid Administrator Staff member. Nov 30, 16, Odessa www. So, you are selling a bunch of crap paid EAs in a package? Is it legal? Nov 7, 19 0 Really can work? Show hidden low quality content.

Post reply. Insert quotes…. Similar threads. Features of MT5 Fx Robot. Replies 0 Views Advertisements Jan 18, fxroboreview. Sharing collection of the Most profitable Forex Expert advisor Replies 1 Views 4K. A new EA review system with backtests and myfxbook live performances. David Joe May 17, Advertisements. Replies 0 Views 1K. Advertisements May 17, David Joe. Socialvpsdotnet Mar 10, Advertisements.

Update July Yet another powerful update of Forex Hitter has been released, making the robot even more adjusted to the current volatile market conditions. One can expect an upcoming rapid increase of the EA's profitablility as a result of the update. What does non-commercial mean? Simple, robots that are not being sold or marketed anywhere but are solely used by their developers. Hundreds of independent robot developers from all over the globe joined the FRWC to compete for the 1 Prize As of December 1st, the live trading phase started with 24 robots out of the submitted during the qualification phase which lasted over 2 months!

You can view the live real money results of the 24 competing FRWC robots updates every 15 minutes here. Update January Once the live phase of the FRWC is over this coming Friday, the winning robots will be available for purchase in very small quantities.

February 2, I was also validating the accounts and betatesting the FRWC bots that will be released to the public on Feb So far robots look very promising. I will be able to release the detailed backtests and the results after the FRWC launch.

You can listen to it here. February 16, FRWC robot sales will start tomorrow. You can check it our here. Click Here. They decided to limit the sales to avoid the "oversold" effect and concentrate on the current members. Good move. The account is trading default settings but the Volcano Strategy is turned off. Remember to stick with safe trading lot 0. I am also beta testing the new Hirider which they are going to release to the members in future.

So far results are pretty good, i even placed it on the Forex Challenge Account. It looks really powerful. I already started the test. I am getting a lot of questions about Forex Robot World Cup. Is Forex Robot World Cup legit? Yes it is legit. Another sponsor - well known Boston technologies. When will be EAs available for sale for traders?

I think it will happen on Feb Did you verify the FRWC trades? Yes, I have received the investor access and verified the trades of the top performing robots. I heard some other review sites like FPA are verifying the trades too. Are the top 3 as good as they look in the contest? LMD traded with very high risk but the robot seems very consistent.

Hirider looks extremely stable. Supervolcano, Simple, Cobaltfx look good to me as well. Do you worry the contest is only 2 months - that is not very long for a true test. That means a lot. That means robots had real battlefield test. Most of them could not survive the test but top 7 winners must be really bulletproof. Plus the live trading happened around Christmas and New year - traditionally hard tome for every forex system. Will FRWC 2 happen?

It is finishing March 31st, so if you are an EA developer - don't miss out! Finally I decided to take my time and make a review of Forex Funnel, new expert advisor. Website design is "huge" again and I guess it is the second project from the creators of the Forex Tracer EA.

After some research and investigation I found out that Forex Funnel is playing some kind of Martingale Game. Martingale is a casino roulette strategy where you double a losing bet each time. The plus of such strategy is that you will propably win in most cases. Now take a look how Forex Funnel calculates the lot size for the trading.

Click here to see the image. On the one hand I can't call Forex Funnel Scam. Martingale strategy was created a long time ago and Forex Funnell creators are not the first and the last people who use it in forex trading. Also the "perfect line" backtest image on their website is not fake.

On the other hand the creators "forgot" to tell you that to start using it you will need at least K!! I guess most of us don't have or are not ready to risk such huge capitall in a simple martingale game. The bottom line is that even with such huge capital the drawdowns are too high Over 81K drawdown on K account!! Take a look at my investigation here:. In the conclusion I will not call it a SCAM or bad system, but for the general trader it is a waste of money. You will be able to use it only on demo as most of us don't possess K minumum capital to start real Live trading.

First of all, the system has rather strong protection feaures and I had a hard time with the activation and using the strategy tester. However finally I was able to perform a backtest on history of this EA. Results really amazed me. Take a look here. Some people say that I am too critical in the estimations of forex systems and most of my reviews here are bad.

Yes, I am critical because it is my work to give the unbiased honest review. However I have nothing to say bad about this unique EA Shark and its creators. Well done, guys! The vendors told us they develop new website. The new will use fundamental data as well to make sure the system do well even during periods where we have very difficult trading conditions. Forward testing is almost finished. As soon the new build is available you will receive it automatically. Click here to visit Sigma webpage Well..

Results Look Promising. You can watch it here. Backtest Results. Promise me not to spread it! Your E-Mail:. Request Review If you have found a new robot and want us to write a review please write the robot title and click request a review. View Comments. Forex Cyclone. Simple but True! Updated: November Profitable: 6. Click to enlarge the image. Forex Bling. Forex Bling comes with money back guarantee from clickbank The Bad: The bad thing is - you can't backtest the systems.

Forex Juggernaut. The Bad: Trades only one pair - eurgbp. Spread sensitive. Updated: November Profitable: 7. Forex Robot World Cup. Forex Funnel. Updated: August Profitable: 4. You need huge capital to start. Forexeasystems: EA Shark. The Bad: Hard to activate and backtest.

Forex Risk Disclosure. Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. Twitter Facebook.

We never join any affiliate or referral program! We don't charge a fee to any forex service provider nor to our users. All forex reviews are just based on the last test performance of each forex system service. Tested Result: pips. The backtest looks very consistent for years. Take a look: The main disadvantage - the robot trades only one pair and does not trade often. Tested Result: testing. Craig published his live trading statement here The FAT backtest results look promising as well: Click to enlarge the image You know nowadays it's hard to find the vendors who really trust and trade the system they created not just make money on selling their product.

Take a look: Click here to study the full Juggernaut backtest I have placed the robot for the forward test and report more results later!

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