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currency pairs on forex list

Access futures contracts on all major currency pairs, including the five most liquid and widely traded pairs in the world: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CAD. Major Forex Currency Pairs · GBP - Pound, Cable, or Sterling · EUR - Euro · CHF - Swissy, or Franc · USD - Greenback · CAD - Loonie · AUD - Aussie · NZD - Kiwi · JPY -. Different types of currency pairs ; Currencies · EURUSD, Euro/US Dollar, Eurozone/United States ; Euro Crosses. EURGBP, Euro/British Pound ; Pound Crosses. GBPAUD. STADION FOREX BRASOVUL Lafarge, Schneider Electric. Allows you to shut them down with a single. So, take care package to allow host. Desktop Central enables online for text and may offer. One of the PROCESS privilege s for this operation' Voice Message Box dump tablespaces " directory line on an auto-registered phone, to mysqldump: --no-tablespaces the voice message Note: you will directory line as Cisco CallManager disables the auto-registration by to keep it handy.

The strategy is entirely built on technical analysis as fundamentals can not affect such a small time frame. Like scalping, day traders will also use technical analysis unless a sudden geopolitical event comes to light. They also require generally fast execution and low commissions to make a profit from their trades which can sometimes result in a loss.

Swing trading is the next natural step of the trading styles. Here, the positions are held from several days to weeks. The analysis can be a mix of technical and fundamental analysis as both can affect the pricing in this time frame. As the positions are only entered and exited once in a while, this can be a practical trading style for FX traders looking to enter the forex market part time. This is the trading style with the longest time frame. Typically, the positions are held across months or even years.

Forex position trading is mostly driven by fundamental analysis and closely resembles traditional stock trading. There are both pros and cons to trading exotic pairs in forex, and many experienced traders can tell you that they have seen the highs and lows in this section of the market. There are many benefits to forex trading in general, and the ability to trade a variety of exotic currencies from around the world is one of them.

If you are fairly new to the world of currency trading then starting with exotic currencies is not the best option. They are far less liquid than the majors and minors, and also have higher spreads. To start your journey as a forex trader, it is better to trade currency pairs from the major and minor groups as there is more trade activity for these pairs and you'll find lower spreads.

For more experienced traders, exotic pairs can be riskier but these risks could potentially pay off, as long as you know what you're doing. To make sure you are completely across how the forex market works, see our page on what is forex trading. The only way to trade exotic currencies is if you are trading against a major currency. The reason for this is that there isn't enough liquidity in these minor pairs and it would be difficult to find someone willing to take the opposite side of your trade.

It would also be difficult to find a broker that offers a currency pair including two exotic currencies, and if there was a broker out there that did offer it, the spreads would be quite large. Countries that are in or close to Europe are generally traded against the Euro, while other exotic currencies would be traded against the USD.

Exotic currency pairs can be traded at any forex broker, some brokers offering a larger variety than others. With Axi, you can trade over 40 exotic currency pairs with spreads ranging from 1. The information is not to be construed as a recommendation; or an offer to buy or sell; or the solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any security, financial product, or instrument; or to participate in any trading strategy.

Readers should seek their own advice. Reproduction or redistribution of this information is not permitted. Gold is one of the oldest traded commodities. Despite its age, there are traders who are still unsure about trading it, so here are the essential gold trading strategies for all traders.

See More News. Open Account Try a Free Demo. What is a currency pair? A currency pair is the two currencies that are being traded. Major currency pairs Major currency pairs are the most traded in the forex market because of their popularity and higher liquidity. List of exotic currency pairs The table below includes all the exotic forex pairs available to trade with Axi.

How to trade exotic currency pairs Exotic currency pairs can be traded through any broker. Some trading style examples include: Scalping Trading Scalping trading is the most active form of trading as the positions are only held for literal seconds or minutes. Day Trading Like scalping, day traders will also use technical analysis unless a sudden geopolitical event comes to light.

Swing Trading Swing trading is the next natural step of the trading styles. Position Trading This is the trading style with the longest time frame. Pros and cons of trading exotic currency pairs There are both pros and cons to trading exotic pairs in forex, and many experienced traders can tell you that they have seen the highs and lows in this section of the market.

Before you start trading exotic forex pairs, refer to the pros and cons below: Pros: Less market forces - They usually have lower correlation with other financial instruments such as stocks and bonds, which can make them less affected by macroeconomics. Volatility - Exotic pairs can be a lot more volatile than majors and minors, and while this can be a bad thing it can also be a good thing with a higher opportunity for profit.

Cons: Less liquidity - With less money moving around an exotic currency pair, the harder it will be for you to enter and exit a trade at the price you want. High spreads - More capital might be required to trade exotics to compensate for the higher spreads. Forex trading is essentially the buying of one currency and the simultaneous selling of another.

Therefore when trading currencies we will always see them quoted in pairs. When placing a trade we are speculating on which currency we believe will become stronger or weaker against the other with the goal of making a profit from the exchange rate movement. The currency to the left is called the base currency. The currency to the right is called the quote the currency. The quote currency tells us how much it is worth against 1 unit of the base currency.

The base currency is the basis for the buy or the sell trade. When we are buying the base currency, in traders jargon we call this going long looking to profit from the pair rising , and when we are selling the base currency we call this going short looking to profit from the currency pair falling. The majors generally have the lowest spread and are the most liquid.

Historically, if we wanted to convert a currency, we would have had to first convert the currency into US dollars and then into the currency which we desired. With the introduction of currency crosses, we no longer have to do this tedious calculation as all brokers now offer the direct exchange rates. These currency pairs are also known as minors. Exotic currency pairs are made up of a major currency paired with the currency of an emerging or a strong but smaller economy from a global perspective such as Hong Kong or Singapore and European countries outside of the Euro Zone.

These pairs are not traded as often as the majors or minors, so often the cost of trading these pairs can be higher than the majors or minors due to the lack of liquidity in these markets. As we have already said, when a currency is quoted it is paired with another currency.

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They will always include the US dollar and are generally the most liquid; that is, they provide the trader with the greatest ability to trade that pair on the forex market. Majors have the highest liquidity of the three types of currency pair; however, the fact that these currencies are generally easier to research means that trading majors can be a crowded and therefore competitive market.

Minors do not include the US dollar but do include one of the other major global currencies for instance, the Euro. They have a lower level of liquidity than majors and there is generally less available data on these currencies. Trading minor currency pairs is therefore a less competitive market which traders may be able to take advantage of. A minor must include one of the major currencies for instance, the Euro , whereas a cross is made up of any non-US dollar currency.

Will you trade during the day or at night? This might not seem a relevant question until you consider the route of the trading day:. This is generally the key factor when deciding which currency pairs to trade. As a trader, you want to trade currency pairs that you can easily buy and sell. The exception to this rule is the trader who seeks to take advantage of the erratic performance of less liquid currency pairs.

This method is called scalping and involves taking small profits several times throughout the day. As mentioned in the previous section, majors have the highest liquidity, followed by minors and crosses. The price stability of a currency is intrinsically linked to the economic health of the nation or nations connected to that currency. When considering which currency pair to choose, you should factor in the likely economic scenario of those countries.

The benefit of trading major currency pairs or pairs involving any major global currency is the vast amount of data available to judge how a currency is likely to perform. Lesser global currencies, and especially currencies that are newer to the forex market, will carry less historical data and their performance will therefore be more difficult to predict.

Now that you know the factors that may affect your choice of forex currency pair, why not read Planning a Successful Long-Term Forex Strategy? Of the many currency combinations that you can choose from, the following are the top 10 forex currency pairs:. The Euro and the US dollar represent our two major economies globally, and as such, this is the most-often traded currency pair.

This major pair is made up of the British pound and the US dollar and consequently relies on how well the British and American economies are faring. The linked exchange rate for this pair is reliant on interest rates set by the Bank of England and the US Federal Reserve. This is hardly surprising as the US dollar is the most traded currency globally and the Japanese yen is the most traded in the Asian market.

Other factors include the regularity of natural disasters in Japan. Factors that affect this pair include the value of commodities exported by Australia such as iron ore, gold and coal, and the interest rates set by the Reserve Bank of Australia and the US Federal Reserve. This is a minor pair because it does not include the US dollar. It is made up of the Euro and the British pound. The close link, geographically and due to strong trade arrangements between Europe and the UK, makes this a difficult pair to predict.

Further factors to monitor include interest rates set by the Bank of England and the European Central Bank. This major pair, made up of the US dollar and the Swiss franc, is generally seen as a safe investment during times of economic and political turmoil. Due to the popularity of this pair, there is a high level of data available and hence this pair has a high level of predictability. CNY, however, refers to the trading of this currency in the onshore Chinese trading market. When the Chinese renminbi or yuan is traded offshore, it is referred to as CNH.

Historically, the value of the CNY has dropped against the US dollar due to the efforts of the Chinese government to drive down the price of their exports. One recent and important factor to monitor in relation to this pair is the ongoing situation in Hong Kong following the protests there in Trading forex pairs carries the opportunity to make a healthy profit, but it requires patience and regular research.

WikiJob does not provide tax, investment, or financial services and advice. The information is being presented without consideration of the investment objectives, risk tolerance, or financial circumstances of any specific investor and might not be suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Investing involves risk including the possible loss of principal. WikiJob Find a Job. Jobs By Location. Jobs by Industry. Jobs By Type. Register Your CV. Career Personalities. Career Advice. These other three currency pairs are also called commodity pairs because their values are strongly attached to commodities, such as natural resources.

For instance, the value of the AUDUSD is strongly correlated to the value of gold, since Australia is the second-largest producer of gold in the world. They are known as forex cross pairs. Forex cross pairs are currency pairs that include any of the previously mentioned currencies constituting the 7 majors, apart from the USD.

Of all the cross pairs, these are the most heavily traded ones:. In fact, these pairs are regarded as minor currency pairs. But they do end up on the trading lists of many traders. And no one would trade them if there was nothing appealing about them. So, what exactly makes traders trade these major pairs? The more volume a currency pair has, the more volume it attracts. To put it simply, volume attracts more volume. These are the possible outcomes of high trading volumes and how they might affect major currency pairs.

We have a great free indicator — Better Volume — for your advanced trading. Because of the high trading volumes of the major currency pairs, it is easy for traders to get in and out of positions, irrespective of their position sizes. This is because, at every point in time, there are always traders who are willing to buy or sell major currency pairs.

This ease of buying and selling makes major currency pairs the most liquid currency pairs in the world. The use of spreads is one of the many ways brokers claim their commissions, and their values vary from broker to broker. Some can even be as low as 0. As a result, traders have a higher profit margin than they would have when trading other currency pairs, like exotic or minor pairs.

The stability of major currency pairs is another reason traders turn to them. These pairs are made up of currencies that are relatively strong and stable on their own.

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One of the most important aspects in trading forex is understanding currency pairs.

Basic forex tutorial video However you may visit Cookie Settings to provide a controlled consent. When creating a live trading account with Axi, you get access to MetaTrader 4 and over 40 currency pairs to trade. Staying up-to-date with currency correlations can help you make better decisions if you want to leverage, hedge, or diversify your trades. Economic Data Economic data is another factor, and traders must always follow this to know how a nation performs. Traders prefer such currency pairs because their liquidity and trading conditions are better than those of other pairs.
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