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Volga Business Club. -. CFD, FOREX, BINARY OPTIONS CFD, FOREX, BINARY OPTIONS and Financial Spreadbetting International Association of Forex Traders. The security is listed on a foreign exchange located within a FTSE World Index recognized VGAS, VOLGA GAS PLC CLUB, TOWN SPORTS INTERNATIONAL. Russian Central Bank has revoked the licenses of four Forex brokers. Forex Club and Trustforex did not comply with the requirements of. PICTURES ABOUT FOREX When you record the command always Thunderbird Country Club to beautify the are available free spend 10 hours. I'm not here Fixed a problem flame war, but viewers connected, and the community have events even after. Show the images China build up added to the that no one Mail section of the program, so will not show. License Type: Type by g You phone uses to your WordPress.

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Previous Article Next Article. Recent Economic Developments. Author: International Monetary Fund. Download PDF 8. Abstract Full Text Related Publications. Abstract This paper reviews economic developments in the Russian Federation during — Russian Federation: Basic Data. O verview 1. Figure 1. A Source: Russian authorities; and Fund staff estimates. Download Figure Download figure as PowerPoint slide. Figure 2. A Sources: Data provided by the Russian authorities; and Fund staff estimates.

Figure 3. A Source: J. Morgan Emerging Market and Russian bond indices, and Fund staff estimates. Figure 4. A Source: Russian authorities; Fund database; Fund staff estimates. Figure 5. A Source: IMF database. Figure 6. A Sources: Goskomstat. The Zenith of Expectations, January—September Figure 7. Figure 8. Figure 9. A Source: Fund staff estimates. Figure Russian Federation: Moscow Times U. A Source: Moscow Times. The August Crisis The Post-Crisis Period D omestic E conomy A.

Output and Expenditure Overview Table 1. Russian Federation: Selected Indicators of Economic Activity, Annual percentage change Gross domestic product A Source: Goskomstat. The main components of demand: —98 Table 2. Sectoral developments Table 3. Table 4. Russian Federation: Gross Industrial Output by Sector, Annual average percentage changes Total Labor Market Trends Table 5.

Table 6. Table 7. Table 8. Table 9. Table Okrug Oblast 1. Population in millions. Urban As a percent of total population. Rate of population growth Percent per annum. Life expectancy at birth Years. Infant mortality rate Per 1, live births. Literacy Percent of population. Share of gross domestic product. In percent of GDP. Nominal GDP in billions of rubles. Real GDP percentage change.

Consumer prices percentage change, period average. Enlarged government finances. In trillions of rubles. Money and credit end-period. Ruble broad money in billions of rubles. Ruble money velocity level. Balance of payments. In billions of U. In many countries IBKR also offers trading in liquid small cap shares. These are shares with free float adjusted market capitalization of at least USD million and median daily trading value of at least USD thousand.

More countries will be added in the near future. Where stamp duty or financial transaction tax is applied, currently in the UK 0. The taxes are levied on buy-trades, so each time you open a long, or close a short position, you will incur tax at the rates described above. The amount of available leverage also significantly impacts returns.

To illustrate, let's assume that you have 20, to invest and wish to leverage your investment fully. Let's also assume that you hold your positions overnight and that you trade in and out of positions 5 times in a month. The table below shows the calculation in detail for a UK security. The calculations for France, Belgium and Spain are identical, except for the tax rates applied. The following table summarizes the reduction in return for a stock investment, by country where tax is applied, compared to a CFD investment, given the above assumptions.

EEA area residents who are retail investors must be provided with a key information document KID for all investment products. CFD Contract Specifications. CFD Product Listings. CFD Commissions. CFD Financing Rates.

CFD Margin Requirements. CFD Corporate Actions. Liquid Small Cap stocks are also available in many markets. IBKR does not widen the spread or hold positions against you. In addition, you may also receive price improvement if another client's order crosses yours at a better price than is available on public markets. IBKR establishes risk-based margin requirements based on the historical volatility of each underlying share. Retail investors are subject to additional margin requirements mandated by the European regulators.

There are no portfolio off-sets between individual CFD positions or between CFDs and exposures to the underlying share. Concentrated positions and very large positions may be subject to additional margin. In the event the underlying stock becomes difficult or impossible to borrow, the holder of the short CFD position may become subject to buy-in.

IBKR will generally reflect the economic effect of the corporate action for CFD holders as if they had been holding the underlying security. Dividends are reflected as cash adjustments, while other actions may be reflected through either cash or position adjustments, or both. For example, where the corporate action results in a change of the number of shares e. Where the action results in a new entity with listed shares, and IBKR decides to offer these as CFDs, then new long or short positions will be created in the appropriate amount.

There are no exemptions based on investor type to the residency based exclusions. You need to set up trading permission for CFDs in Client Portal, and agree to the relevant disclosures. Once the set-up is confirmed you can begin to trade. You do not need to fund the F-account separately, funds will be automatically transferred to meet CFD initial margin requirements from your main account.

If your account is with another IBKR entity, only the permission is required; an additional account segment is not necessary. It is therefore necessary to have market data permissions for the relevant exchanges. If you already have market data permissions for an exchange for trading the shares, you do not need to do anything. If you want to trade CFDs on an exchange for which you do not currently have market data permissions, you can set up the permissions in the same way as you would if you planned to trade the underlying shares.

How are my CFD trades and positions reflected in my statements? You can choose to view Activity Statements for the F-segment either separately or consolidated with your main account. You can make the choice in the statement window in Client Portal. If you are a client of other IBKR entities, there is no separate segment. You can view your positions normally alongside your non-CFD positions.

There is no pre-set limit. Bear in mind however that very large positions may be subject to increased margin requirements. In exceptional cases we may agree to process closing orders over the phone, but never opening orders. These regulations further require that all securities transactions be effected and margined in the securities segment of the Universal account and commodities transactions in the commodities segment.

Given the regulations and policies which direct the decision to hold positions in one segment vs. Outlined below is a discussion as to the cash sweep options offered, the process for selecting an option as well as selection considerations. You may then select the radio button alongside the option of your choice and select the Continue button.

Your choice will take effect as of the next business day and will remain in effect until a different option has been selected. Note that subject to the trading permission settings noted above, there is no restriction upon when or how often you may change your sweep method. Determining Buying Power Buying power serves as a measurement of the dollar value of securities that one may purchase in a securities account without depositing additional funds.

Broker As a U. The security is listed on a foreign exchange located within a FTSE World Index recognized country, where the security has been trading on the exchange for at least 90 days; 2. Interactive Brokers Customer Service. Excess Margin Securities The term "excess margin securities" refers to margin securities carried for the account of a customer having a market value in excess of percent of the total debit balance in the customer's account. These securities are in excess of the securities held in a customer's margin account that are pledged by the customer as collateral for the margin loan and can be used to support the purchase of additional securities on margin Example : A customer whose account equity consists solely of a cash balance of USD 10, on Day 1 purchases shares of stock ABC at USD 50 per share on Day 2.

Topics covered are as follows: I. Frequently Asked Questions Risk Warning CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Professional clients are unaffected. Comparison Between CFDs and Underlying Shares Depending on your trading objectives and trading style, CFDs offer a number of advantages compared to stocks, but also some disadvantages:.

Cash Sweeps Background. Underlying the IB Universal account are two separate sub-accounts or segments, one for the securities positions and balances which are subject to the customer protection rules of the SEC and another for the commodities positions and balances which are subject to the customer protection rules of the CFTC.

This Universal account structure is designed to minimize the administrative overhead that customers would otherwise be exposed to were they to maintain two distinct accounts e. Do not sweep excess funds — under this election, excess cash does not move from one segment to another unless necessary to:.

Minimize a cash debit balance and therefore interest charges in a given segment. Note that this is the default option and sole option for account holders having only one of securities or commodities trading permissions.

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This paper reviews economic developments in the Russian Federation during —

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Forex trading advisor create Tax collection efforts slackened and large tax offsets were permitted. Moreover, a new wave of political uncertainty was unleashed with the dissolution of the Kiriyenko government on August Although the authorities made some progress in these areas, stabilization was only partial, and many of the goals of the reform process were not met, particularly in terms of institutional reforms and enterprise restructuring. Please carefully review the current positions within your account and adjust the portfolio accordingly. From early, this exposed some banks to margin calls, forcing sales of assets which further depressed financial markets and added to the pressure on bank balance sheets.
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Forex session indicator mt4 bias By early the fragility of this policy mix was well recognized, both by outside observers and within the government. Information Management. Interbank transactions virtually ceased, and the payments system was paralyzed for over a month. Women's Studies. Also, in the chaotic post-August 17 environment, even nonmonetary transactions were temporarily disrupted.
Marriotts spirit to serve basics of investing Adding to the fiscal problems, the Chechen war is estimated to have cost at least 1 percent of GDP. CFD Corporate Actions. Although the authorities made some progress in these areas, stabilization was only partial, and many of the goals of the reform process were not met, particularly in terms of institutional reforms and enterprise restructuring. Labor Market Trends Note that the account holder must have permissions to trade securities in order to select this option. From late onward, other developments also turned negative. Finance, credit, insurance, real estate operations, science and research, housing, geology, subsoil resources, exploration, meteorology, computer services, others.

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In , Quadro Capital Partners acquired a minority shareholding in the Forex Club group of companies, the amount of the transaction has not been indicated. According to Finmarket information agency data, in Forex Club ranked among the three Russian Forex brokers with the highest number of clients and monthly turnover volumes. At that time, the number of active clients of the company was 71, people, representing In January , Forex Club organized the project Living Collection of Private Investments at its customer service office, [10] an interactive exhibition on the history of investment and disposition of private capital.

According to company representatives, after resolving certain formal observations, a new application was submitted to the Central Bank. According to the National Foreign Exchange Centre of the Belarus Stock Exchange, the company ranks first "in terms of the volume of transactions of customers with non-deliverable over-the-counter instruments of customers on all underlying assets among the foreign exchange companies included in the register of the National Bank of Belarus ".

In January , the Russian government revoked the license. In June Forex Club launched the trading platform Libertex. In the company began to actively promote the Libertex trading platform in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. In the years —, Pavel Teplukhin headed the board of directors of Forex Club. Company management explained that the license capital is frozen, and that the company was trying to keep it at the minimum acceptable level.

Finally, it was increased by 1. In , the National Futures Association NFA charged the company with violations such as failure to maintain internal controls, keeping financial records, running an adequate anti-money laundering program in the area of finance FinCEN and OFAC , and CEO Peter Tatarnikov was charged with failing to supervise the company's operations and staff diligently.

According to Reuters and FinanceMagnates. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is an orphan , as no other articles link to it. Please introduce links to this page from related articles ; try the Find link tool for suggestions. September Retrieved 28 March There is no fixed commission on these products, although in each case, there is a minimum deposit. In particular, on the Libertex account, a trader will have to pay 0.

Alpari does not provide access to cryptocurrency trading. As we can see, Libertex compares favorably with Exness on the majority of positions, but it is still difficult to compete with Binance. Noteworthy, the customers of the exchange trade real cryptocurrencies, while with CFD brokers, the customers trade derivatives on the cost of cryptocurrencies. Non-trading commissions on Forex Club are average. In particular, the broker does not charge a deposit fee, and compensates payment system fees with bonuses.

Money payment systems. Unfortunately, there are some serious questions about the reliability of Forex Club. The broker is managed by Forex Club International Limited, a legal entity. Hundreds of brokers from all around the world, many of which are rather dubious projects, are registered here.

Forex Club does not provide a scanned copy of the state registration certificate; the number of the license is also unknown. Forex Club offers negative balance protection. Stop Out is enabled, if the balance of your account is zero. The broker is not a member of a deposit guarantee fund.

Up until , the broker provided services based on the license for financial activity, issued by the Central Bank of Russia. There was also information about the license of the Cyprus regulator CySEC in open sources, but a check by the number showed that the document is now held by a different company. To specify information about the license, we contacted Forex Club customer support.

We were told that the license for financial activity is not required in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, where the managing company is registered. Summing up the information that we gathered, we can conclude that Forex Club does not hold a license. This is a big drawback for the broker, as the organization cannot provide any guarantees of the legality of its operation, reliability and protection of customers.

In addition, the choice of currency pairs is quite good. There are CFDs on cryptocurrencies as well. In reality, the biggest drawback of Forex Club is absence of possibility to work with real assets. As a reminder, CFD is a marginal product with high risk of losses, which is why trading such contracts should be approached with caution. It is also advisable to observe the strict rules of risk management in this type of trading. Market diversity on Forex Club is rather high compared to the competitors, primarily through availability of derivatives on ETFs and cryptocurrencies.

The broker also offers a wide choice of trading instruments. By the number of available currency pairs, Forex Club compares favorably with its competitors, for example Exness and Alpari. Forex market is well represented on Forex Club.

Also, a large number of cross rates are available. In particular, the broker offers the following trading pairs:. The total number of cross pairs is 23, which is considered a good indicator. You will also find exotic pairs on Forex Club. The broker offers trading pairs with the following exotic currencies:. The total number of currency pairs is 50, which is much more than many Russian competitors offer.

The broker offers many trading instruments and they are diverse, providing the traders with freedom of choice. Cryptocurrencies and ETFs are an additional bonus for Forex Club customers, as the competitors do not offer these options. For example, the choice of CFDs on stocks definitely cannot be considered big — positions. The list mainly includes the giants of the American, Russian markets and also EU countries. The total number of derivatives and cryptocurrency pairs is Their choice is not as wide as, for example, of cryptocurrencies, but the very fact of their availability is a definite advantage for the Russian broker.

In particular, you can work with the derivatives on such ETFs as:. The total number of trading instruments of this type is The choice of this type of instrument can be considered average by the industry in general, but good compared to the other Russian brokers. Forex Club provides access to six types of commodity assets. In particular, the following are available:.

In particular, you can trade the following types of instruments here:. The number of Commodities on Forex Club exceeds many competitors. For example, Exness provides access to only 12 types of instruments. The procedure for opening an account on Forex Club is simple.

It is fully automated and takes no more than 5 minutes. The broker provides its customers a free demo account, using which a trader can test new strategies and learn to trade. Verification is not mandatory on Forex Club, but the broker may request documents, if there are doubts regarding your identity. The company also provides a large number of trading accounts. However, Forex Club also has certain drawbacks. In particular, only three account base currencies are available here. There is no ECN account.

There are no requirements for minimum deposit on Forex Club. You can start trading from USD 1. Many brokers do not have requirements for minimum deposit, including popular ones. Forex Club includes two companies — Russian and international one. The Russian branch provides access to trading only for the customers from Russia.

As for the international company, customers from Russia cannot work with it. Forex Club also does not provide services in the countries marked by FATF as jurisdictions with high level of risk and the states under sanctions. Verification is not mandatory on Forex Club. You can trade and perform financial transactions without confirming your identity. However, in some cases, the broker may request documents confirming your identity.

In particular, you may be requested to provide the following types of documents:. Forex Club does not offer the option of uploading documents directly. The broker may request them by contacting you via email. In this case, you will need to send photos or scanned copies directly via email. The company specifies that the verification requests can only be sent from email accounts with fxclub address.

Forex Club offers its customers five types of accounts. They vary depending on the amount of your deposit and traded volume. The peculiarity of the broker is that the trading conditions change depending on the type of the trading platform you are using. The account types allow only to gain access to specific analytical services, learning and support. For example, traders can use the services of a personal analyst on Forex Club, and also obtain access to direct communication with the chief dealer and chief analyst.

These functions, however, are only available to the traders, who opened Diamond or Exclusive accounts. Holders of Gold account receive access to Trading Central instruments, and users of Platinum trading account and higher can use market player mood indicator. Only the traders with the status Gold or higher can receive the full version of the basic learning course.

Forex Club offers access to a demo account for its customers. This feature is free. The users are not required to set up an account on the platform in order to work with the demo account. The customers are provided a demo account on Libertex platform, while other platforms are available to the customers only on real accounts.

However, they may differ, depending on the chosen trading platform. You can learn about the conditions of different terminals in the Contract Specification section. Below is a short review of the conditions. The procedure of opening an account on Forex Club is elementary.

The first stage is providing registration information. Noteworthy, the registration forms differ in the Russian and English versions. When filling out the Russian-language form, you need to specify the following information:.

In the English-language version, everything is even simpler. You need to only fill out two boxes:. To begin trading, you need to deposit funds on your account. The user is given the status of Silver account by default, but as soon as you deposit a certain amount, the status will change.

Right after the registration, you will see a Welcome screen, where Forex Club will offer you to deposit funds on the account. After you press Fund It, you will be redirected to the Deposit form. You need to:.

The list of base currencies on Forex Club is quite limited. In particular, the following currencies are available for trading:. Overall, the list of base currencies on Forex Club can be called standard for the Russian brokers. For example, Alpari offers its customers three base currencies. However, compared to Exness, Forex Club is lagging behind. Firstly, Exness supports 7 base currencies, including the world's popular currencies. Secondly, the broker has the support of cryptocurrencies, while FXClub does not.

Forex Club offers a wide selection of deposit and withdrawal methods. The broker supports Russian and international payment systems, which enables traders from foreign countries to work with the broker. The company allows to deposit and withdraw funds via a wire transfer. Also, Forex Club processes payments via electronic payment systems. The company works with e-wallets of six operators:.

For Russian traders, the broker offers additional payment methods. In particular, Alpha-Click and Promsvyazbank online banking are available to the customers. Forex Club policy in regards to commissions and fees can be considered a drawback. Firstly, the broker charges deposit fees, which is a rare occurrence these days. The broker compensates for the fees only giving the bonuses you cannot withdraw. There is either no withdrawal fee or a small fee. The exception is the wire transfer, where the fee is fixed and rather high.

Forex Club offers about the same big number of options for depositing funds as Alpari, but also the level of fees for transactions is quite comparable. Exness has fewer supported payment services, but the broker does not charge deposit fee. Forex Club offers its clients a wide selection of trading platforms. The broker primarily provides customers services via Libertex platform.

In addition, Forex Club offers access to other trading platforms:. The broker provides access to trading platforms for all types of devices, including online platforms, software for Windows and Mac PCs, and also Android and iOS applications. Forex Club offers special options for traders preferring automated trading. In particular, the users can download trading advisors. You can also build your own trading bots.

The trading conditions on Libertex and other trading platforms differ substantially. For example, the commissions on MetaTrader 4 are much higher than on Libertex, which could pose a problem for customers, who prefer classic trading platforms. Forex Club has more trading platforms than its competitors in the Russian market.

As for Alpari , the broker also has 4 trading platforms, but does not have a proprietary one. The MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and Rumus platforms of the broker are standard, without any modifications. That is why we will review the Libertex platform in more detail.

Unfortunately, the broker does not have a sophisticated security system. The account is accessed with login and password. Two-factor authentication is not available; there is also no secret question. Libertex trading platform looks as follows:.

When setting up the chart, you can also choose the timeframe. The company offers a choice of the timeframe from 1 minute to 1 month. You can also view charts in full screen mode. The broker offers 42 indicators for technical analysis and also 50 different drawing and template instruments. As for the choice of trading instruments, the broker offers an interesting solution.

The instruments are categorized not only by types, but also by the movement of quotations. For example, the following categories are available:. There is also the Popular category, where you will find the most liquid trading pairs and trading instruments. The list of trading instruments can be found in the right part of the trading platform. If you are interested in simple search by groups of instruments, you can choose them from the pop-down list All Instruments in the top right corner of the platform.

There is also a Search option here, where you can search for currency pairs or CFDs by name or exchange ticker. You need to select the amount and the lot. Also, you can set Take Profit and Stop Loss orders. On the right side of the platform, you can find information about your balance and opened trades. You can view your account balance, profit, funds in use.

Also here, you can view the details on your active trades. In addition, there is Favorites menu here, where you can add the most interesting trading pairs or instruments. Trade automation is another option Forex Club offers. The broker provides its customers an opportunity to trade using trading advisors. Forex Club offers analytics for the traders, but it is not very extensive. Traders can use them both on real and on demo accounts. As for the fundamental analysis, the broker provides reviews of its own experts, information about the current key rates of central banks and also an economic calendar.

However, there are generally not enough materials for a fundamental analysis. There are no diagrams and analytical calculations, no analytics on specific assets. That is why analytical materials on Forex Club can be considered basic. Forex Club provides trading signals. They are fully free and are provided to users with any type of account, including the demo account. Trading Central provides the trading signals to the broker. You will find them on Libertex trading platform.

To use the trading signals, you need to choose an asset on the platform with a corresponding mark — a megaphone sign. Over the chart, you will see a button with the description of the trading signal. The options can be as follows:. By pressing a button, a menu of the trad will open. You will see a button Sell by signal with a downward or upward arrow. You will also see signal probability and signal profitability indicators. However, it is unknown, which indicators are used to make the forecast.

The News section can also be found on Libertex platform. The button is located in the upper part of the platform. The news for Forex Club is provided by third-party sources, including Investing. Noteworthy, the newsfeed is regularly updated. On average news items are published per hour, and even more than that during important events, press conferences, etc. There is, however, one drawback. In particular, you can filter the news by assets.

Forex Club also provides access to Libertex TV. News in the format of a short video review, around 1 minute long, are published here. The video reviews can also be found in the Libertex news section. Forex Club publishes market reviews on its website. The experts also publish announcements of the global events for the next day. Forex Club also specifies forecast accuracy of each expert. The issue with the reviews is the same as with the newsfeed — it is impossible to sort the forecast by the types of assets.

In addition, it is impossible to subscribe to the experts, which can also be considered a drawback. There is, however, a search by assets and company experts. Forex Club provides education for the beginners. The conditions differ depending on the type of the account. The users that open Silver or Gold trading accounts receive only basic information, while traders with a Platinum or Diamond account will be granted full access to beginner courses.

The organization provides both online and offline courses.

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