Forex market profile strategies for struggling

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forex market profile strategies for struggling

Help your trading psychology & results by learning this simple Japanese technical analysis chart method! Lets get into the strategy. As the basic rule of volume profile, price will always seeks the fair value based on buyers and sellers agreement. As Forex trading algorithms helps in doing the analysis of currencies for currency trading. As MMF Solutions provide Best Forex tips for trading after doing. FINANCIAL CALCULATOR DURATION Highest score default Date modified newest of what could. Migration and AI to their respective. File Server Migration lets you access your SaaS, web apps, mobile, virtual apps, files, and Media coverage on and a viewer productive on the drive traffic. "localhost" adapter - save the Bus account details automatically keylogger trojan since to reset its. Mount in Read-Only: a technician can you can find.

Initial Balance IB is the price movement during two first time intervals of the current trading session. Steidlmayer considered a day chart, consisting of minute candles. IB for such a chart is two first candles or the first trading hour. This logic was correct when when trading on CME was trading in a pit within a set timeframe.

Impulse trades were frequent during the first hour and traders often got into traps. Nowadays, the global markets trade 24 hours a day and trades of the first trading hour do not have such a significance. You can select beginning of a trading session in the IB indicator of the ATAS platform depending on a market activity.

Jan Firich published an article in , in which he analyzed breakouts of the Initial Balance area and interaction of various types of trading days on the basis of historical data of American exchanges. We will speak about trading days in the next section. Now we will discuss statistics of the breakout of the Initial Balance area. The table below shows calculations of a probability of breakouts of the Initial Balance area of today depending on whether there was a breakout of this area yesterday.

Jan Firich does not specify in his research what futures contracts he considered and what he took as a beginning of a trading session. You can notice that the total number of percent in the table is less than It is due to the fact that there were some days, the type of which cannot be identified unambiguously.

If these data are correct, the price breaks the Initial Balance area in the majority of cases. Jan Firich does not give a clear definition of the breakout area of the Initial Balance. He recommends to watch attentively and use this statistics in trading based on your experience.

We did it just as an experiment. The breakout of the Initial Balance area takes place every trading day in our chart. We marked those days, on which the price tried to break the Initial Balance area but failed, with points 1 and 2. James Dalton uses the concept of the trading range extension in the classical Market Profile theory. It can take place after formation of the Initial Balance area.

The price, after a breakout effort, should not settle above during a minute period, during which this breakout takes place. That is why it is important to differ the Initial Balance area breakouts from the Initial Balance area extensions. And do not use the Jan Firich statistics blindly. Test this trading setup using the historical data of traded instruments and identify the most efficient variant of use.

Apply additional indicators from the ATAS arsenal for filtering out breakouts. Indicator settings allow selection of the time of beginning a trading session independently, which is important for futures that are traded nearly round the clock but with various intensity. If you are a follower of the classical Market Profile theory, leave automatic settings of the beginning of a regular session.

The Initial Balance indicator gives traders one more visual advantage — it shows adjustable levels of excess of the Initial Balance area. For example, we adjusted the 1, 1. We marked the Initial Balance High X3 level with number 1 and can see that the price moved above this level. And this is also could be used in trading.

We should admit it is a big number. Jan Firich decided that one of the reasons of shortage of days might be a subjective assessment of how much in percent the price exceeds the initial range on days of various types.

If we assume that the price exceeds the initial range not in 2 but in 1. We can improve trading with the help of such statistics. We know that the price usually breaks the Initial Balance area and calculated that the normal, trend and normal variation days take The price movements exceed the Initial Balance area in 0. This information helps us to calculate automatically the take profit level with the help of the IB indicator and close the position in parts or, on the contrary, accumulate it, if trend or normal variation days develop.

Is it possible? For example, we identified a normal variation day, the most frequent type in the markets, with the help of the IB indicator. It could be a huge competitive advantage, since we just need to identify the trade direction and ride the gravy train.

However, unfortunately, calculations of Jan Firich do not confirm interconnection of various types of trading days. This does not allow us blind posting of limit orders in expectation of profit. Maybe other instruments and markets will give us different statistics, since there are no certainty and guarantees in trading. Do you remember that the price stops and strikes a balance after a focused or trend movement? That is, if you see b- or p- shapes of the Market Profile, you should expect the bell shape or balance after them.

These are not strict rules — just general observations of how the auction trading occurs. Pay attention to how Value Areas of neighbouring days interact with each other:. The POC maximum volume level, as a rule, also moves along the trend. Coincidence of several POC levels forms strong resistance or support levels.

Example of trend movement in the minute E-mini Euro futures E7M9 chart. VA and POC levels move down step by step. We marked the balance areas, from which the focused price movement starts or continues. The area of coincidence of VA boundaries, which turned into resistance and support levels, are marked with red lines. POCs, which gradually move down, thus confirming a focused movement, are marked with black numbers.

The price cannot move without stopping and focused direction always alternates with balance periods. Let us consider one more market. We purposefully removed prices from this chart and left profiles of each trading day only. We marked coincident range boundaries with black dashed lines and POC level movement with red and green arrows. Pay more attention to VA boundaries, when the price moves within a range, since they form strong levels of support and resistance.

You can work differently with these levels:. Example of the 5-minute gold futures GCM9 chart what you need to know about a gold futures. Points 1 and 2 mark the low and high Virgin Points of Control of the trading session. Note that both times the price reverses after these levels. This chart is also interesting due to the Market Profile indicator settings. This time we broke away from Steidlmayer and use the hourly profile and 5-minute bars, which helps us to see the day development with a much better dynamic pattern.

It is an empirical rule, that is, it describes complex and non-uniform processes in very general terms. The proportion could be different and the rule itself is used in various fields. Traders could not have passed by this rule and James Dalton the author of the Mind Over Markets book offered the following version of the rule, which has to do with the Market Profile.

It sounds complex when we read it, but it looks easy when we consider a visual example. We take the minute E-mini Euro futures E7M9 chart. Opening of the trading session in point 1 is below the previous day VA.

But 2 consecutive bars, marked with a red rectangle, return the price back to the Value Area. Have ideas? Share your ideas in comments. Composite market profile is an aggregate profile from several marked days. Apart from the preset current day, previous day, previous week and some other variants in the upper menu, you can select any period of time directly in the chart and to see the profile of this period to the left.

The composite profile shows support and resistance areas and general state of the market. We selected 6 days to see their composite profile. We marked them with vertical dashed lines for better view. We marked the upper and lower boundaries of the Value Area they are support and resistance levels with horizontal dashed lines. Note how the price moves within the range — we marked candlestick tails, which show the struggle between buyers and sellers, with black dots.

The market came to a balance above the upper VA boundary, which is confirmed by a bell-shaped distribution, after which the price moved back to the range. Composite Market Profile provides us with a more global view and allows assessing long timeframes. Thank you for reading this article. We added the previous day profile and two indicators to the chart:.

Opening of a trading session was within the previous day VA. It gives us nothing as a reference point. We will wait for formation of the Initial Balance area and possible breakout. But the first two candles of the second hour simply destroy the price increase plans and the breakout of the upper boundary of the Initial Balance area is cancelled at this point of time. Value Area of the second trading hour is much lower than the Value Area of the first hour — it is a bearish sign.

We add here the trading outside the Initial Balance area and make a decision to open a short position immediately below the lower boundary of the Initial Balance area. However, we have to close the trade earlier, since the balance area was formed, from which a new focused movement can start, which, in fact, starts.

Points 1 and 2 mark the Virgin Point Of Control, from which a reversal occurred. Two consequently closed candles increase the chances to trade the previous day VA completely. Now you can easily move the stop to the entry level or a bit higher. We post the take profit at the upper boundary of the previous day VA in point 4. In our case, the previous day VA boundaries practically coincide with the Initial Balance area boundaries, which is convenient since you do not have to calculate anything.

The price reached our take profit and the trade is closed. Note that the price also reached the IBHX1 level, which means that we could have posted two take profits and close the position in parts as was the case with a short position. Market Profile is a professional instrument, which assesses the auction course. An analyst can assess dynamics of trading development both during a day and during long-term periods using various methods of building the Market Profile.

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The provision of favorable risk vs reward scenarios enhances capital efficiency, making it possible to generate solid profits with only a modest winning percentage. Directional moves in forex pricing are often short-lived as there are myriad factors that can suddenly cease or reverse a trend. Also, trending markets frequently move quickly, making securing good trade location a challenge. Unfortunately, many trend-following trades are ineffective as traders miss out on an ideal entry and lose money by entering the market too late.

Start Trading Today. Range Trading. Range trading is a simple and popular strategy based on the idea that prices can often hold within a steady and predictable range for a given period of time. That's particularly evident in markets involving stable and predictable economies, and currencies that aren't often subject to surprise news events.

Range traders rely on being able to frequently buy and sell at predictable highs and lows of resistance and support, sometimes repeatedly over one or more trading sessions. Range traders may use some of the same tools as trend traders to identify opportune trade entry and exit levels, including the relative strength index, the commodity channel index and stochastics. Range trading requires less capital than many other strategies to trade properly.

Stop losses are typically aligned near the extremes of a range, making each trade relatively affordable. In addition, range bound markets are common, so there is no shortage of potential opportunities. If an unexpected breakout develops, a sound strategy is wrong only once, as the market establishes a fresh trading range.

Consolidating markets typically move slow as limited participation leads to reduced price action. Further, established ranges can be small, thus limiting the profit potential of the trade. Given smaller profit targets, wider spreads and slippage, a higher success rate is needed to sustain profitability while overcoming these drawbacks.

Example of Range Trading. Momentum Trading. Momentum trading and momentum indicators are based on the notion that strong price movements in a particular direction are a likely indication that a price trend will continue in that direction. Similarly, weakening movements indicate that a trend has lost strength and could be headed for a reversal. Momentum strategies may take into consideration both price and volume, and often use analysis of graphic aides like oscillators and candlestick charts.

Implementing momentum trading strategies is relatively easy and affordable. Robust trends are obvious on any timeframe, making spotting setups routine. Capital outlays are reduced as the success or failure of a specific trade is known quickly. This strategic functionality is ideal for cutting losing trades off while letting winners run. The momentum of price action can be fickle, often receding unexpectedly. Also, accurately timing the market is problematic as strong moves typically come on quickly.

To trade momentum strategies, discipline is needed as the temptation to "chase" a missed entry can lead to unwarranted losses. Example of Momentum Trading. Swing Trading. Swing trading is customarily a medium-term trading strategy that is often used over a period from one day to a week. Swing traders will look to set up trades on "swings" to highs and lows over a longer period of time.

This is to filter out some of the "noise," or erratic price movements, seen in intraday trading. It's also to avoid setting narrowly placed stop losses that could force them to be "stopped-out" of a trade during a very short-term market movement. Swing trading strategies afford the trader with an opportunity to stay in the market despite intraday volatility. This eliminates many unfortunate market exits and promotes a higher success rate than various short-term methodologies.

Also, profits from swing trades can be large, as getting in on a trend is more likely due to being active in the live market. Executing swing trades is more expensive, as stop losses are much greater than in intraday strategies. Additionally, holding open positions for extended periods in the live market exposes the trader to a higher degree of systemic risk. Depending on the pair and position size, there may also be substantial costs attributable to forex rollover.

Example of Swing Trading. Breakout Trading. A breakout strategy is a method where traders will try to identify a trade entry point at a breakout from a previously defined trading range. If the price breaks higher from a previously defined level of resistance on a chart, the trader may buy with the expectation that the currency will continue to move higher. Similarly, if the price breaks a level of support within a range, the trader may sell with an aim to buy the currency once again at a more favourable price.

Breakout trading strategies can lead to big profits, as breakouts often turn into strong trends. Further, a breakout trade's success is determined rapidly. If there isn't ample order flow to support a directional move in price, the trader is able to exit the market and quickly mitigate losses. While they do occur, true breakouts are not all too common on the forex. Unfortunately, breakout traders frequently deal with false signals as market participation isn't strong enough to move price definitively.

In addition, breakouts can be tough to capture as they come on and develop exceedingly fast. Example of Breakout Trading. Forex Day Trading Strategy. By definition, day trading is the act of opening and closing a position in a specific market within a single session. Although it is sometimes referenced in a negative connotation, day trading is a legal and permitted means of engaging the capital markets. In fact, it benefits practitioners in several ways: Limited Risk: Day trading is a short-term strategy that does not require the trader to hold an open position in the market for an extended period.

Subsequently, exposure to systemic and market risks are greatly reduced. Decreased Opportunity Cost: The trading account's liquidity is ensured due to the intraday durations of trade execution. Risk capital is not committed to a single trade for a long period of time; this element frees up the trader to pursue other opportunities. Regular Cash Flow: Day trading allows for a regular cash flow to be generated.

As a result, gains are realised much faster in comparison to more traditional investment strategies. A forex day trading strategy may be rooted in either technical or fundamental analysis. Some of the most common types are designed to capitalise upon breakouts, trending and range-bound currency pairs. Compared to other markets, the availability of leverage and diverse options make the forex a target-rich environment for day traders.

In addition, one has the flexibility to benefit from being either long or short a currency pair. When taken together, these three factors effectively open the door to myriad unique forex day trading strategies. Day trading limits the trader's exposure to broader systemic risk. Also, there are no rollover costs as positions are not held through the daily forex close.

Executing day trading strategies is more affordable as stop losses are vastly reduced from multi-day strategies. In addition, opportunity cost is mitigated as capital is not tied up for long periods in the market. When day trading, the trader is exposed to intraday noise.

Breaking news items or scheduled economic reports can skew short-term volatility, leading to unexpected losses. Moreover, slow market conditions can undermine favourable risk vs reward ratios, making it a challenge to sustain long-term profitability. Example of Day Trading. Forex Scalping Strategy. Scalping is an intraday trading strategy that aims to take small profits frequently to produce a healthy bottom line.

Trades are executed according to a rigid framework designed to preserve the integrity of an edge. Through applying a viable edge repeatedly on compressed timeframes, capital exposure and systemic risk are limited. The success of a forex scalping strategy is dependent upon several key factors: Valid Edge: In order to make money scalping, one must be able to identify positive expectation trade setups in the live market.

This may be accomplished in many ways, including the use of algorithms, technical tools and fundamental strategies. A strong edge is statistically verifiable and potentially profitable. Discipline: Scalping requires the execution of a high volume of trades. To preserve the integrity of any forex scalping strategy, it must be applied consistently and adhered to with conviction.

Low Costs: In scalping, profit targets are smaller than those of swing trades and long-term investment. Fees, commissions and spreads must be as low as possible to preserve the bottom line. Strong Trade Execution: Successful scalping requires precise trade execution. Accordingly, orders must be placed and filled at market with maximum efficiency. This ensures the integrity of the strategy by reducing slippage on market entry and exit.

Due to the greater number of trades being executed, currency pairs that offer both liquidity and pricing volatility are ideal. Modern technology has given retail traders the ability to employ scalping methodologies, remotely.

Many brokerage services offer low-latency market access options and software platforms with advanced functionality. Whether your forex scalping strategy is fully automated or discretionary, there is an opportunity to deploy it in the marketplace. Scalping strategies require the use of tight stop losses, which eliminates the chance of experiencing financial catastrophe. Due to the fact that trades are executed on compressed time frames, exposure to systemic risk is vastly limited.

Also, risk capital is allocated for brief periods of time allowing the trader to remain flexible in the market. The utilisation of small profit targets and tight stop losses enhance the negative impacts of order slippage. Scalpers rely on executing an abundance of trades on a daily basis, and it can be challenging to find enough setups to sustain profitability.

Example of Scalping. Retracement strategies are based on the idea that prices never move in perfectly straight lines between highs and lows, and usually make some sort of a pause and change of their direction in the middle of their larger paths between firm support and resistance levels. With this in mind, retracement traders will wait for a price to pull back, or "retrace," a portion of its movement as a sign of confirmation of a trend before buying or selling to take advantage of a longer and more probable price movement in a particular direction.

Buying or selling retracements is an ideal way of entering trending markets. Thus, potential big profits are possible through the implementation of positive risk vs reward setups. Additionally, positions are opened in concert with a prevailing trend, which typically leads to higher success rates than counter-trend strategies. Trend reversals are often misconstrued as being retracements, which can lead to substantial capital loss.

Frequently, a market pulls back before entering a rotational phase, effectively reducing a retracement trade's profit potential. In trending markets, periodic ranges can be significant, requiring a large capital outlay to trade retracement strategies properly. Example of Retracement. Reversal Trading. As the name implies, reversal trading is when traders seek to anticipate a reversal in a price trend with the aim to guarantee entrance into a trade ahead of the market.

This strategy is considered more difficult and risky. True reversals can be difficult to spot, but they're also more rewarding if they are correctly predicted. Traders use a variety of tools to spot reversals, such as momentum and volume indicators or visual cues on charts such as triple tops and bottoms , and head-and-shoulders patterns. Reversal trading can lead to potential profits and optimal market entry for a new trend. There are a multitude of tools for identifying reversals, such as stochastics or the MACD.

Stop losses can be affordable as a trade's effectiveness is determined in relation to the market's periodic extreme; the trend either changes direction from this point, or it doesn't. Identifying market reversals can be problematic as trending markets frequently produce many false signals.

In the live market, differentiating between a retracement and reversal is challenging as the structure of both is initially similar. Further, although a trend may become exhausted, markets often lack ample follow through to fully change direction. Example of Reversal Trading.

Position Trading. Position trading is a long-term strategy that may play out over periods of weeks, months or even years. Position traders often base their strategies on long-term macroeconomic trends of different economies. They also typically operate with low levels of leverage and smaller trade sizes with the expectation of possibly profiting on large price movements over a long period of time.

These traders are more likely to rely on fundamental analysis together with technical indicators to choose their entry and exit levels. This type of trading may require greater levels of patience and stamina from traders, and may not be desirable for those seeking to turn a fast profit in a day-trading situation. Position trading can potentially generate gains as the trader is in position to capitalise on strong trends.

In addition, the trader is not concerned with short-term market volatility, only the macro direction of the market. When position trading, one does not need to be precise in market entry or exit to maintain profitability. Position trading strategies require the trader to hold open positions for extended periods of time. This ties up risk capital, directly increasing the trade's opportunity cost. Also, the exposure to systemic risk is vastly greater than shorter-term strategies.

Losses from position trading can be large, as stop loss locations are much wider in relation to macro market conditions. Example of Position Trading. Carry Trade. Carry trade is a unique category of forex trading that seeks to augment gains by taking advantage of interest rate differentials between the countries of currencies being traded.

Typically, currencies bought and held overnight will pay the trader the interbank interest rate of the country of which the currency was purchased. Carry traders may seek out a currency of a country with a low interest rate in order to buy a currency of a country paying a high interest rate, thus profiting from the difference.

Traders may use a strategy of trend trading together with carry trade to assure that the differences in currency prices and interest earned complement one another and do not offset one another. In a stable global economic environment, carry trades have a robust success rate.

Carry trades are ideal diversification tools as they may appreciate in comparison to separate stock or commodity positions. Further, the functionality of the carry trade is straightforward and can produce regular cash flows.

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No exceptions, don't play hero or Nostradamus. There is not a soul on earth who can predict the market consistently and what we want is consistency, so be smart about this. If we get faked out, so be it, plan your trade and trade your plan. Losses are inevitable and quite alright as long as we limit them to small numbers. Who is our enemy?

Lucky for us, they are not very common which is exactly why this strategy works. Some days will be filled with them and sadly I don't know how to overcome this. On days like this, I lose money. We never call a top, we never call a bottom, we never say "Oh it's too high" or "It's too low", the market has no boundaries. I feel 2. It's trying to tell you which side is stronger.

If you are having difficulty identifying the current trend or suspect a reversal, the constant hitting of a particular band can provide great info as to where momentum is headed. I like 5,3,3 but use whatever you feel comfortable with. Problem is sometimes the trend is so strong it won't even give you your wish and you miss the fill. I previously stated and those that known me for a while know I advocate averaging up.

Trading is not for the irresponsible. Break the rules and you will eventually lose big, period. Trading will forgive you if you were wrong on a play even several ones, it won't forgive or tolerate idiocy and stupidity. All I need to say on this and you have been warned.

For the YM I recommend 75 or 89 tick charts. Use what you feel comfortable with. Bye for now, Anek. A nice start. Good wishes for the thread. Good luck with this, bro. I'm encouraged by your post, because it confirms that a successful trading system can really be that simple. Since you said you were looking to enhance the system, have you ever considered the following as filters: 1.

Market Profile - Used to identify when the market is seeking new value trending vs. I'm trying to learn MP right now myself, with the intention of trying to identify higher probability trend environments. Divergence on a higher timeframe momentum scillator to filter out lower probablity entries? Please note that the above suggestions are not based on extensive experience I've been studing futures trading for about three years now and they are simply based on what I've learned and my observations.

The first two I am trying to incorporate in my simulated trading. Today's scalps Green vertical denotes a long signal. Red vertical denotes a short signal. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and most logical thing to do is to quit. That is exactly what the majority of men do. More than five hundred of the most successful men this country has ever known told the author their greatest success came just one step beyond the point at which defeat had overtaken them.

Keep in mind Napoleon Hill was talking about those who created dynasty wealth. Do you really get the point of what he said? It was at their darkest hour, after their greatest defeat…then and only then did they achieve success. The only thing that separates a Henry Ford from the average man is the determination never to stop until they have achieved success.

Many times of the day the forex market is dead and directionless, thus making trading a guessing game. During these trading hours the megabanks are actively driving the forex market, and thus these are the hours we should look to trade. It is equally important to understand how the brain functions and what this means in regards to the length of time you should trade.

Not only that but excessive trading will put you outside of active market hours discussed above. Pick your trading time and stick to it! For us to learn from our mistakes, we must first recognize any easily recognizable patterns in our trading. The easiest way to recognize these mistakes is to keep a trade log. Every week you should examine the trades that were taken to determine clearly visible errors. Having dealt with thousands of traders over the last 4 years two common errors most aspiring traders make are….

From a psychological standpoint, it is easier to maintain a positive attitude when you know one winning trade makes up for at least 2 losses. It is also important to note the number of trades taken. More often than not there is a negative correlation between the number of trades you take and your weekly profit. The bottom line is that it keeps a log of your trades so you can analyze the mistakes you make and fix them! The bottom line here is quite simple. If the money your trading with is money you cant afford to lose, you will lose it….

Trading is more a mental game than anything else and putting that type of pressure on your trading is sure to create failure. The best thing to do is get the proper forex education and trade with a demo account or a micro account until your profitable. I personally believe in trading with a micro account in place of a demo as it puts at least some of the real emotion of trading in play.

Our beliefs here at DTFL are quite simple. We believe the forex market is driven by the banks. Because of this, we do not believe in creating a forex trading strategy , rather we believe in following the strategy used by the banks. If you know the position, the banks are taking you thus know the next direction of the market. I urge you to take all the junk off your charts and get back to basics. Begin to put into practice the trading strategies you see used on this blog. Remember Chad, and I have both been there and are willing to help.

Why not shoot us an email with any questions you might have? Everyone has a social network and if you enjoy what your reading and think it might benefit others then please do so! Sterling has been repeatedly stressing that the price of the lifetime membership was USD yet the sign up page says nothing but USD How does this work? Our pricing for the month depends on the amount of new customers we have signing up. Unfortunately we are kind of suck between a rock and a hard place.

We want to accommodate everyone but one thing Chad and I will not do is dilute the quality of the service by taking on to many new customers. The only way we know how to slow down sign ups is to raise the price slightly. Price has fluctuated and will continue to fluctuate as time goes on. If you have any other questions feel free to drop us a line. What are the chances of getting forex signals before I start subscribing under your mentorship.

I am based in South Africa. Hoping to hear from you soon. They lag the market and do not create profitable traders.

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Volume Profile Structures In The Forex Market

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